Hello, guys are you looking for a comedy anime series Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 that contain an average guy and three aliens comedy anime what a comedy anime with aliens I am so eager after hearing this, and I watched it. I’m pretty sure this was the most amazing comedy series I ever watched and my wish is you too can watch this hilarious comedy anime

Jeff And Some Aliens an adult comedy anime series has a separate fan base this anime is not for children it is basically for adulthood because the humor and themes raised in the series are very far from children.

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Storyline

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Storyline
Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Storyline

Jeff & Some Aliens, created by Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli, is an adult animated sitcom, inspired by the sketch comedy, ‘TripTank’. The story is about the most average person in the world, who inhabits his three alien roommates. The trio is sent to earth to test humans and to understand if humanity needs to be eradicated. The humorous series mostly chronicles Jeff as he faces various problems and his alien roomies step in to help him.

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Cast

  • BRETT GELMAN as Jeff Mahoney
  • Alessandro Minoli as Jimmy / Ted / Sammy
  • Jon Daly as Chet
  • Josh Fadem as Dave
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Zoos
  • Mark Ivanir as Evgeny
  • Alicia Silverstone as Alison, Jeff’s Sister
  • Zack Pearlman as Corey
  • Helena Mattsson as Inga
  • Tress MacNeille as Pam, Jeff’s Mom
  • Richard Kind as Stanley, Jeff’s Dad
  • Natalie Smyka as Linda
  • Hannah Heller as Sally
  • Kesha as Znorla

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Genre

  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Sci-fi

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Plot

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Plot
Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Plot

Meet Jeff, the most average person on the planet, trying to lead an average life However, his simple routine is subject to continuous interference from his three alien roommates. These extraterrestrial beings are envoys from the Galactic Council who are here on earth to judge Jeff. Jeff serves as the perfect sample to test the entire human population. Although the primary motive of the aliens is to pass a conclusion, they often butt into Jeff’s problems, causing more complications and chaos.

So, why is Jeff the proud owner of the title for the most average human? Forever clad in stained clothes and a serial loser, he serves as the ideal specimen for superior aliens to decide if the planet should be saved or destroyed. However, as the story progresses, we see that Jeff is a little bit below average. Usually, all of his actions lead to self-harm. And of course, most of the scenes are uncomfortable. Whether Jeff tries to impress his girlfriend, accidentally murders an alien, or kills an old lady after spitting on her (to avoid an intergalactic war that involves boiling humans into gooey, molten flesh), the scenes echo those perfect elements that include dark comedy.

Accompanied by gross, violent, and sexually inappropriate humor, ‘Jeff & Some Aliens’ does manage to conclude with moral lessons

Previous Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Recap

Previous Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Recap
Previous Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Recap

Jeff & Some Honor Killings
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 1

After Jeff accidentally kills an alien, he is forced to kill a human on Earth to restore the balance and prevent war.

Jeff & Some Energy Trading
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 2

Jeff uses an alien machine to trade his life energy for luxury items to impress his girlfriend.

Jeff & Some Preteen Girls
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 3

Jeff pilots a preteen girl with help from the robots, to convince his niece to pursue her artistic dreams.

Jeff & Some Laughs
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 4
After a serious car accident, Jeff tries to heal his injured father using an alien device that harnesses the healing power of laughter.

Jeff & Some Colonists
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 5
An Azurian orders aliens to colonize Earth and direct their resources toward producing fruit smoothies.

Jeff & Some Confidence
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 6
Jeff uses an alien device that alters his memories to give himself more confidence.

Jeff & Some Jeffs
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 7
With the aliens away on vacation, Jeff accidentally uses a device that gives everyone on Earth his exact personality traits.

Jeff & Some Childlike Joy & Whimsy
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 8
Upset that his childhood best friend “Sauce” is no longer as fun as he used to be, Jeff feeds him a mind-altering chemical that reignites his youthful sense of fun.

Jeff & Some Love
Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 9

The aliens give Jeff an ultimatum: win over his crush Linda within 50 days, or the planet will be destroyed.

Jeff & Some Love Simulations

Jeff & Some Aliens: Episode 10

The aliens try to help Jeff find his soulmate by running simulations with miniature clones

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Release Date

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Release Date
Jeff And Some Aliens Season 2 Release Date

Jeff & Some Aliens Season 1 premiered on Comedy Central on January 11, 2017, and concluded with its 10th and final episode on March 15, 2017. Now as far as ‘Jeff & Some Aliens Season 2 is concerned, it has been officially announced that the series stands canceled after the first installment. It appears that the scripts had been written for a second part, but sadly, the show was not given a green light. Hence, there won’t be a new season on CC, that’s for sure.

However, the series received good reviews from critics and enjoyed a small yet loyal fan base after its release. Therefore, let’s not lose hope yet. Maybe, Jeff and his extra-terrestrial roommates might land on another platform, such as Adult Swim, Hulu, or Netflix. But there is no official announcement yet. We shall update this section as and when we get more concrete news about the ‘Jeff & Some Aliens Season 2 release date.

Jeff’s chances with one prospect are thrown into jeopardy when her doppelganger escapes.

Where To Watch Jeff And Some Aliens 2 Online?

If you haven’t watched Jeff And Some Aliens yet because you don’t know where to watch then just note it down. The series is available on Amazon Prime Video, Apple Tv, and Comedy Central. The show consists of 10 episodes with a running time of 22 minutes.

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