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Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and More

Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6: Stone ocean is the 6th season of the Netflix anime series based on the same-named manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, it was published from 1987 to 2004 in the famous magazine named as ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’. The Japanese animation series was aired in 2012 by expanding over almost 5 seasons in prior years which covers the first two parts into one and then one story part in each season.

The series was made on the silver screen by a famous Japanese animation company, David Production which has made several hits in the Japanese entertainment history such as Cells at work! And fire force etc. And from 2012 October too soon before Netflix came in between, the series has been aired and available to watch from Tokyo MX. The very first season of the series has been aired from October 2012 to April 2013 which made huge waves among the manga fans of Jojo’s adventures. The latest season of the series has released in 2019 and has a number of 39 episodes in it.

Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Plot

Jojo's bizarre adventures season 6 Plot
Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Plot

The series follows a plot set located in 1890s London, where Jonathan Joester also known as ‘Jojo’ embarked on a new journey that is gonna change his fate. The story of the animation series talks about a world that existed within this world where supernatural elements such as things and beings. During this time in London Jojo has to meet his family which also makes his journey a bizarre adventure completely.

The animation series is quite popular among fans because of the amalgamations of genres that it follows. A lot of genres, such as fantasy, supernatural, and adventure make the series unique from every other contemporary work that streams around the same time. 

Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Release Date

Jojo's bizarre adventures season 6 Release Date
Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Release Date

The story of the series Jojo’s bizarre adventure has begun in the late 19th century in England where the protagonist Jonathan Joester’s Joseter family is living. There his father lives with his half-brother Dio who has been thinking of taking over the family’s wealth after his father’s death and this time he converts himself into a vampire because his plans and other attempts went failed. And he used an ancient stone mask which gives him several immortal abilities and helps him to find more power to destroy everything and even his family. To fight against Dio and destroy the mask which makes Dio do things, Jojo encounters new allies and learns new martial arts.

But the story goes more complicated further because Dio and Jojo’s fighting comes out of control. There they have to face fate, because later in the 1930s in Germany a group of researchers had encountered an excavation of pillared men and these pillared men had started to give more headaches towards Jojo’s bizarre adventures as being on the side of threat to humanity and the world.

Now Jonathan’s grandson joined the end where his grandfather had stopped and he began to continue what his grandfather couldn’t complete. And later Dio has awakened from the tomb and takes Jonathan’s body from there to continue his works of destruction and death over the world. Now this time Joseph is not alone, he is with his grandson Jotaru Koju. They together set out to stop Dio’s works which somehow they succeeded marginally, not permanent. 

From dealing with ancient shamanism and other devilish works the series now moves into the newest ways which include Mafia, drug dealings, and also serial killing. Still, the connections between the stone mask and Dio are there with the ancient relations. The latest story in this franchise will be Stone Ocean, which covers the story of Jolyne Kujoh- Jotaru Kujoh’s daughter.

She is trapped in a prison by allegedly framing her as a criminal, and this part will follow her struggles and defense to save herself from the prison and to save the world out there which is now facing a greater amount of threats from her great-great-grandfather Dio. With her father’s help as a backup, she is now going for her turn to save the world. 

From the 1800s to recent 2011, the story continues with a number of new characters and their resistance to save the world from the immortal vampire Dio.  

Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Cast

Jojo's bizarre adventures season 6 Cast
Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Cast

The major casts of the series include Kazuyuki Okistu as the protagonist and the heir Joetser family Jonathan Joester, Takehito Koyasu as the half brother of Jonathan Joetser who turned into a vampire Dio Brando, Tomokazn Sugita as the rebellious grandson who follows the way and starts the resistance where his grandfather concluded Joseph Joester, and Diashke Ono as the grandson of Joseph Joester who embarks for the survival game with his daughter, Joatru Kujoh.   

Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Trailer

Watch the trailer of the series here.

Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6 Storyline

The series was come by a well-hyped with greater expectations from fans. When the series was taken over by Netflix, it was sure that the anime series will go higher over the chart hits of the global premiers, and honestly, it did it. As I mentioned the series was based on the manga written in back 1987 and not like many other projects, this show holds more importance because it has been a golden project for Netflix and David productions – a groundbreaking one. 

Recently Netflix announced the release date of Season 6 of the series, stone ocean in November 2021 and has made the first part of the series consisting of 12 episodes available for streaming from December 2021 onwards. One can expect news or an announcement regarding the new season or the second part of Jojo’s bizarre adventures series soon. Because they had released the news regarding the first part of the series without any prior notifications or news.  

Where to Watch Jojo’s bizarre adventures season 6?

The series is available for streaming in English and Japanese audio with suitable subtitles on Netflix.

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