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Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Kabaneri of the iron fortress season 2 prequel is an award-winning dark, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic Japanese anime series that has been an active topic of discussion among Anime lovers for quite a long time. The well-acclaimed Japanese original anime series was released in one episode per week mode from April 8 to June 30 in the year 2016 through the popular Japanese television network ‘Fuji TV’. The 12 episodes contained season 1 of this television series was actually presented and produced by Tokyo based animation studio known as ‘Wit Studio’. The Japanese animation studio is quite famous for their notable projects namely ‘Attack on Titan’ (first three seasons), The ancient magus’ bride and Spy x family, etc. And films like The empire of corpses and The Pokémon movie.

Kabaneri of the iron fortress was considered as one of the few Anime series which is not based on a Manga series, but later in the last years of the decade after the series’s release received a manga-based series and as well as several movies.

The series, unlike the other contemporary anime series, was released in the same decade of the 2010s had exposed much uniqueness in content as well as making but still, the series bears many similarities to the modern classic ‘Attack on Titan’ which was produced by the same production company. Thus, the series has been a part of the discussion among fans even though it was released about 6-7 years ago.

The original series was written by Ichiro Okouchi, one of the popular Japanese screenwriters and novelists who has been notable for their contribution to the anime field from the year 1998 to till date. He is known for his works like the ‘Code Geass’ franchise and ‘Planetes’ etc. And directed by Tetsuro Araki, well known Japanese animator, storyboard artist, and one of the directors of ‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘Death Note’ also Hiroyuki Sawano gives the music score.

Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2 Storyline

The Kabaneri of the iron fortress is basically a dark, fantasy and combine with a dystopian and zombie apocalypse-filled future animation series, which is set in the period of the Industrial revolution in Japan where an Island named Hinomoto is finding survival measures amidst population growth, corruption and scarcity of food to fight against the zombie-like walking dead creatures called as ‘Kabane’.

Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2 Plot


The origin story of these Kabane creatures began with the spreading of a mysterious virus during the Industrial Revolution, which turns the infected living people into zombie-like Kabane these creatures are dead and they can move faster and more agile than the stereotypical zombies portrayed in silver screen till this date.

And these walking dead zombie creatures have a shining heart and they are very hard to kill because of they are actually woven with thin iron around them. To fight against this Kabane and to kill them the rifles and swords of the period were not sufficient and they only help in provide some beneficial resistance against the Kabanes. In addition to these, these Kabanes are extremely sensitive to the smell of blood and they can able to move in a flock.

To survive from these Kabanes attacks and for protecting the people left on the island had built high-walled cities which cover the habitats of individuals and their families on the island. To connect the people of the island to the outer world they built armored trains known as ‘Koutetsujou’ from one city to other.

In one of the stations named as Argane station is where ‘Ikoma’, the main protagonist of the series who works as a steam smith man in the station. The regretful event which he experienced in the past makes him to build a weapon to pierce the hearts of the Kabanes which is the power source of the Kabanes.

In the meantime, he was attacked by one of the Kabane and became a new Kabane-Human hybrid. And later he met a mysterious girl named as ‘Mumei’ who gets into one of the Koutetsujou trains and they together begins their fight against the Kabanes.

Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2 Cast

The Cast of Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2 is very interesting which includes ‘Janice Kawaye’ as ‘mumei’, ‘Tasuku Hatanaka’ as ‘Ikoma’ as the major protagonists.

Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2 Release Date


There the story of Mumei and Ikoma continues and their fighting as well. Amidst of its success after Season 1, the worldwide Kanaberi fans are waiting eagerly for the updates of the renewed season which is still on the table. Apart from the three Kanaberi Movies released in between the years 2016 and 2019, which are quite famous and got much more recognition among the Kabaneri fans – ‘The Kabaneri of the iron fortress: The Battle of Unato’. The is actually plotted on the events which took place after Television series.

The film wasn’t exact same but tried their best to satisfy the Kabaneri fans. The film was released as three episode series on September 13 in 2019 as a Netflix original. Apart from the film, there is a Manga adaptation and mobile game based on the series released from 2016 to 2018.

Except for the rumors, there is no other confirmations from the creator’s side and the production houses even from Amazon or Netflix. But still, there are hopes on the corner because of the latest entry – Battle of Unato in Netflix is giving the extreme possibility for another season.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Season 1 Trailer

Where To Watch Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Season 2

The series is available for streaming in both English and Japanese audio with English subtitles on Amazon Prime Video.

The Kabaneri of the iron fortress Season 2, which discusses events that happened soon after the Television series ended is available for watching on Netflix which will help in understanding the story and the plot of Kabaneri of the iron fortress well.

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