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La Cuisine Streaming Details, Cast, Plot & Much More

La Cuisine is a Thai television series by Channel 9. It is a gay-romance series with great on-screen chemistry. The drama is written by May Piangpaitoon Satrawaha, Few of her best dramas are Glarb Pai Soo Wun Fun and Club Friday The Series 12: Jut Jop Kong Suan Gern. The screenwriter is Sadanun Somachriyakul. The drama is directed by Nob Sathanapong Limwongthong. He is well-known for his directions in Sweet Student Boy and Hotel stars.

It is a love story where the two boys are blinded in love with the sweetness of food. Food, the unpaid actor, is the secret protagonist of the television series. The drama is adapted after a novel with the same name. It is also known as The Secret Menu of Kaem Yui and Menu Lap Chabap Kaem Yui.

La Cuisine Plot

La Cuisine Plot
La Cuisine Plot

It is a story of two men who were fated to meet as their share their love for food. The drama revolves are our two protagonists Ram and Lukchup.

Ram is the perfect guy anyone would look forward to, he is rich, handsome, and smart. He is a popular student in the Architecture department of the University. The only flaw in him could be his picky-prince behavior. He does not like ordinary food and faces problems in finding food that, he could genuinely enjoy.

Lukchup is his junior at the same University. He studying Food and Nutrition. He is adorable while his chubby cheeks are the key attraction. He has a crush on Ram but is too scared to confront him. Thai dessert plays its magic and brings them together.

La Cuisine Cast

Pop Pattarapol Wallaphasiri plays the main role in the Thai drama. He is a rookie actor who has made his debut with the drama “La Cusine”. He plays the role of Ram, a third-year architecture student at a University. He is a picky eater and often faces a problem because of this behavior.

Mick Monthon Wisetsin is also a rookie actor who has made a debut with the television series “La Cusine”. He is the protagonist of the drama. He plays the role of a cute little guy, who is a Food and Nutrition student at the same university as Ram. He plays the role of Lukchup. He has a crush on Ram but is too scared to confess.

The supporting actors of the drama are Ram’s friends – Aarch Tachit Promarak as Sky and Ice Dechapat Chairat as Titan. Daisuke Tsukikawa as Jirachin and Nont Naruedol Banthao as Super are a few important supporting cast of the drama La Cuisine.

La Cuisine Streaming details

La Cuisine is a romantic Thai drama originally released by Channel 9. The drama has first aired on Mar 12, 2022. A new episode of the drama is released every Saturday on Channel 9. It is a 13 episode drama, the last episode is expected to release on  Jun 4, 2022. The duration of the episodes is estimated to be 40 minutes. It is a lovely drama to watch after a tiring day.

La Cuisine Trailer

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