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Let Me off The Earth Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and Much More

Let Me Off The Earth is a South Korean Television series by Naver TV Cast and V Live. It is a romantic high school drama. It is a short-length series that can be a quick binge-watch. What if you had boring secondary school life and then hardly graduate and the time goes back to the rookie high school day? That is the story’s plotline. A 17-year-old kid and his companions have been experiencing a similar everyday practice for the 33rd time.

The show is written by Jung Soo Yoon and Lee Ye Dam. They are known for their works Juvenile Delinquency 1-2 and Instant Romance.  Kim Jun Mo and Wang Hye Ryeong directed the drama. Wang Hye Ryeong has delivered the drama Pop-Out Boys!. Kim Jun Mo has previously directed XX. Let Me Off The Earth is a youth romantic series that can give a decent company when you have nothing to do.

Let Me Off The Earth Cast

Let Me Off The Earth Cast
Let Me Off The Earth Cast

New rookie actors that just debuted appear in the drama Let Me Off The Earth. They all have put a great show together in the end.

Cho Han-Gyeol plays the role of Han-Gyeol. He is stuck in a loop of time and has been a high school student for the 33rd time already. He is pessimistic about everything and has no hope or expectations for the future.

Park Ye-Jin appears as Ye-Jin. She is a bright and cheerful person. She also believes in fortune-tellers love fortune. She has been stuck in the time loop 32 times and she has been in a one-sided love for Han-Gyeol all the time. 

Ahn Se-Min plays Se-Min. He thinks that friendship and love are precious. However, these days there is someone that has caught his attention. He always looks forward to his fiances.

Kim Ji-Woo plays the role of Ji-Woo. She seems suspicious. She is a transfer student who appeared out of nowhere. Even the fortune teller could not see her coming there. She is a smart student who won first place in school as soon as she joined.

Let Me Off The Earth Synopsis

Let Me Off The Earth Synopsis
Let Me Off The Earth Synopsis

The main lead gets stuck in a time loop that he went through in high school 33 times till now. He tried to break the loop at any time, but every time the day after his graduation somehow became the entrance ceremony. He decides to give up. He made an online Fortune teller that never goes wrong in making fun of friends. One day, it starts to malfunction.

Park Ye Jin, who had a crush on Han Gyeol, said that she does not like him anymore. Ahn Se Min, who was silent and shy at school, became an influencer and started representing the school. Meanwhile, Kim Ji Woo, a transfer student who never existed, appears and becomes the topper. All these changes break Han Gyeol’s peaceful routine.

Let Me off The Earth Teaser

Where to watch Let Me off The Earth

The drama can be watched on Youtube. The drama aired on Sep 11, 2020. The drama has a total of 45 episodes. All the episodes of the drama are released, Each episode is about 13 minutes long. The drama is a great watch after an exhausting day.

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