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Listeners Anime Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Here is good news for all the anime fans out there Listeners anime season 2 is going to release. Anime series are quite popular among the spectators and they have a huge fan base than any other big row Series franchise has. These Anime global fan bases are now awaiting an announcement about the renewal of another anime hit which is Listeners anime season 2. The Japanese anime series ‘Listeners’ is basically widely praised for its quality making and delivery which includes the content as well.

The Listeners was created and based on the story by the famous Japanese story-making trio known as ‘Slow curves’ which includes the animators’ Jin, Dai Satou, and Taichi Hashimoto, and directed by Hiroaki Ando who is better known for Anime lovers by his notable works namely ‘the Ajin anime franchise’. The series is produced by well-known Tokyo-based animation studio ‘MAPPA’, the team is quite known for their various projects named as Wolverine, One out in anime series and Satoshi Kon: The illusionist and Tokyo Godfathers in films.

Listeners Anime Season 2 Cast

The Listeners cast list includes many familiar and well-known faces to spectators. This includes ‘Rie Takahashi’ a popular Japanese voice artist and singer who gave life to the character ‘Myuu’ and another voice artist from the Japanese manga and anime industry ‘Ayumu Murase’ had portrayed the protagonist character ‘Echo Rec’.

The story of Listeners revolves around these two major titular characters and focuses on their adventures and experiences with a new kind of music. Apart from Rie Takahashi and Ayumu Murase, the cast includes several supporting characters such as ‘Youko Honna’ as ‘Wendy’, ‘Kana Hanazawa’ as ‘Roz’, ‘Rie Kugimiya’ as ‘Nir’ and ‘Kouichi Yamadera as the ‘Kevin Valentine’.

Listeners Anime Season 2 Plot

The title Listeners Anime Season 2 Plotline itself signifies the story of a dystopian and post-apocalyptic world where the human race is facing threats from a group of shadowy creatures known as Earless. And on the other hand there is a group of tech scavengers known as Players who help in defending the human race from those attacks. The show develops by the way the main Protagonists were traveling around the world looking for experiencing new things and exploring rock music by sharpening their skills to fight against the Earless creatures.

Listeners anime season 2
Listeners anime season 2

The series comes under the genre of science fiction, musical, and mecha anime, and the series finds a special by emphasizing the combination of music and science fiction together.

Listeners Anime Season 1 Ending Explained

The series revolves around a future world where humanity lives without Music, because of some shadowy creatures known as ‘Earless’. Their harm had made humanity seek a new way to resist and thus they created tech-scavengers known as ‘Players’, their only hope to help in fighting the war. They fight the creatures with a special combat weapon known as ‘Equipment’.

The story starts from barren trash land named Liverchester where a few humans are gathering items to use for meeting their needs and living life. There among those people where the Protagonist ‘Echo Rec’ lives picking up good stuff from the trashes to meet his needs. But his dream was to meet a Player and also to be a tech-head who can fight against the inhumane creatures with technical combat weapons known as equipment and become a savior of this humanity and one among humanity’s heroes. Thus he is working so along in the design to make his own combat weapon ‘Equipment’ to join the fight with humanity’s heroes.

One day during the same search party of him to find scraps near to a garbage mountain, he finds a body of a mysterious girl who has attached a mechanical port of an audio input jack at the end of her spinal code in the wrist. Soon after he encounters the mysterious girl he finds out that she is a Player as well as her name is ‘Myuu’ and she suffers from Amnesia.

And together they decide to set out on a journey to find out Myuu’s origin and life and the secrets behind the creation of players and also to use their potential skills to fight for the world and defeat The creatures which harm the humanity and the world ‘Earless’ by bringing back the Music to the world.

Listeners Season 2
Listeners Season 1 Ending Explained

The anime series at the core itself got more popularity among anime lovers is because of the way the series portrayed. Still, the show itself got mixed responses both positively and negatively from critics and viewers. The creators had presented a crucial and important topic such as mecha anime into a musical melody genre and this is considered as a plus point according to the anime critics. Also, the uniqueness in the way of portrayal of animation style and artwork became a reason for honest appeal.

Listeners Anime Season 2 Release Date and Announcement

So as far as the release of a new season is concerned, there is no official confirmation out regarding the release of the second season of Listeners but as per the fandom reports and rumors, one can expect an announcement very soon as because of the discussions are happening around the corner on resuming the series.

In a matter of fact, the low rate of this show on several rating websites might be able to cause a full stop in the decision of a new season which indicates the cancellation as well. After all the production house MAPPA is now busy with new product works and also makes delays in the process of announcing a new season. Even though if they decided to continue with a renewed season it will definitely take a little longer in time.

Listeners Anime Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Listeners Anime Season 2 isn’t released officially yet. Until then you can watch the trailer of The Listeners Season 1 here.

Where To Watch Listeners Anime Season 2?

The Listeners was actually aired through the ‘Animeism‘ channel but the streaming license was acquired by the streaming platform Funimation. The Anime series is available to stream in Funimation with the original Japanese audio as well as the English audio with subtitles.

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