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Luck And Logic Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Much More

Luck And Logic is an anime show directed by Koichi Chigira (Last Exile). In this blog, we will share all the information that is available on Luck and Logic Season 2.

The anime is about teens facing demons and all the actions that take place in the alternate universe. The show takes place in the way that teens fight with demons in their way in an alternate universe. It is a media franchise created by Bushiroad with five other companies: Bandai Visual, Doga Kobo, Nitroplus, Lantis, and Yuhodo.

An interesting fact about the anime is that on the 28th of February, a card game based on the Luck & Logic TV series was released. The game demands two players that take turns using the abilities mentioned on the cards. Two win conditions are possible in the game.

Luck And Logic Season 2 Cast

Luck And Logic Season 2 Cast
Luck And Logic Season 2 Cast


  • Yoshichika Tsurugi is voiced by: Kenshō Ono.
  • She is the main protagonist of the series. 
  • Tamaki Yurine is voiced by: Risa Taneda 
  • Chloe Maxwell is voiced by: Sora Tokui 
  • Mana Asuha is voiced by: Inori Minase 
  • Veronica Ananko is voiced by: Risa Mizuno 
  • Yukari Nanahoshi is voiced by: Aimi Terakawa 
  • Olga Breakchild is voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka 


  • Athena is voiced by: Sumire Uesaka 
  • Venus is voiced by: Nao Tōyam Bryn Apprill 
  • Valkyrie is voiced by: Chiaki Omigawa; Sarah Wiedenheft 
  • Artemis is voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa; Heather Walker 
  • Nemesis is voiced by: Izumi Kitta; Natalie Hoover 
  • Quetzalcoatl is voiced by: Ryū Nakatani; Chris Guerrero 
  • Lucifer is voiced by: Kōsuke Toriumi; Seth Magill 
  • •Other Characters 
  • Utsutsuno Jarni is voiced by: Hozumi Gōda; Chuck Huber 
  • Director of ALCA.
  • Shiori Tsurugi is voiced by: Ai Kayano; Jill Harris 
  • Pieri Saotome is voiced by: Kana Ueda; Kristi Kang 

Logigraph is voiced by: Suzuko Mimori; Caitlin Glass 

Luck And Logic Season 2 Plot

Luck And Logic Season 2 Plot
Luck And Logic Season 2 Plot

Yoshichika Tsurugi is the main character of the Luck & Logic anime. He is missing his logic from a past tragedy. He has had a past tragedy and has a backstory. One can tell personality-wise that he stands as a true hero. He helps anyone in need be it, strangers or friends, even sometimes going to the extent of sacrificing himself. Yet again proving himself a hero in the true self he is a supporter of justified acts. We can get to know this when he confronts Olga Breakchild for his suspicious behavior. Yoshichika treats humans and Foreigners with equal respect and is even willing to save his enemies.

Appearance wise he is quite simple yet breathtaking with a  tall frame with a slender figure, messy black hair, light skin, and light blue eyes. He wears the standard ALCA uniform. In his downtime, his sports uniform consists of a T-shirt with long black sleeves, a white tracksuit with cyan lines, a hoodie jacket, grey socks, and dark grey, blue-lined sneakers. He later becomes the covenantor of the Tetra-Heaven Foreigner “Goddess Who Rules over Wisdom and Strategy, Athena.”

He can trance and re-trance within short periods, sometimes even spending a total of 2066 hours in trance. We can know about this another entrancing power of his when while trancing with Athena, he can block attacks by transforming his cape into a massive shield, and can also attack enemies by throwing the shield.

Like every hero, he has got a backstory too. He was a logical response to the defense of Hong Kong with his partners Hibana and Rasetsu at that time. He was only 13 then and quite popular among locals. All this lasted well until an unfateful event 2 years before the anime events when Yoshichika entered the prohibited Overtrance technique while fighting off an enemy Foreigner.

Consequently paying off his deeds, he lost his logic, also losing his ability to trance with it. Having no other option nor power anymore, he quit fighting and moved to the city of Nainien with his sister Shiori and his father Rentaro.

Luck And Logic Season 1 Recap

Luck And Logic Season 1 Recap
Luck And Logic Season 1 Recap

What can be more interesting and life fulfilling than carrying out the tasks of God and becoming the partner with God in protecting the world from demons? The story is that the world is full of demons called Meijins and they are on a mission to destroy its people and rule over them. The world has to be protected by its protectors before it’s too late.

Therefore Gids create its protectors called logic who are solely created to carry out the responsibility of ensuring the security of the earth and its people. This power given by God is called logic. The people of the earth must ensure cooperation among themselves to carry out the tasks by becoming teammates with gods in the process. The plot of the story is an alternative to a war-torn world.

Yoshitaka Tsuruga is an ordinary schoolboy who lives in this extraordinary world. His only dream and passion formed after the tragedy of his powers being snatched are to be useful in battles with the demons, but he lacks “logic”. Then as it had to be, pressed by circumstances, he meets Athena who is a Goddess and circumstances force them to, Athena is forced to share her Godly powers with Yoshitaka to fight with the devils.

Luck And Logic Season 2 Release

luck and logic season 2 release
Luck and logic season 2 release

Season 1 was released on 9th January 2016 

Season 2 has not been announced yet officially, though it is much awaited.

But don’t worry fans, it might come sooner than you think. So be positive. As if what we have gathered, we can tell that the theme of the story would of course be the same with a few new characters and resume from where it ended. The show is sure to be exceeding our expectations with perfect action, romance, and fantasy-packed performances.

Where To Watch Luck And Logic Season 2?

You can watch Luck and Logic exclusively on Funimation.

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