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Move To Heaven Season 2 Release Date, Cast and more!

With the Hallyu wave spreading all across the globe, Korean dramas especially Korean romantic comedies have become a crowd favorite.  However, Move to Heaven is a total 180 degrees, a totally different type of Kdrama from the usual romance comedy series to tickle your funny bones. It’s so much more than that. With drama and melodramatic flair, this Kdrama explores the genre of a slice of life.

Move To Heaven Season 2 is about a male protagonist looking for a job in short, but this has a much deeper meaning than that. Korean culture has been portrayed flawlessly in this Kdrama which will tug at the audience’s heartstrings, make them laugh and cry and that is the beauty of the Kdrama- each and every element has a deeper meaning which can be attributed to it, the story filled with a rich plot with characters with many dimensions and facets.

Move To Heaven Season 2 Release Date


The first season of the Kdrama Move for Heaven aired first on May 14, 2021, on Netflix for streaming worldwide. It’s been hardly a year, and the Kdrama lives fresh in the hearts of the streaming Netflix original series fans of Move to Heaven. The loose ends which weren’t tied in Season 1 of Move to Heaven do hint at a second season for the Kdrama, however, the release date of the second season has yet to be announced by the makers of the show. We as viewers and fans of the Kdrama can only expect and hope that it will be announced soon.

Move To Heaven Season 2 Cast and Characters

move to heaven season 2
move to heaven season 2

The Kdrama has been directed by the talented Korean director Kim Sung-ho and written by equally talented drama writer Yoon Ji-ryeon. Moreover, Move to Heaven Season one boasts of a very star studded and stellar cast who have portrayed their character perfectly. If the series gets renewed, we can expect them to return or maybe a reboot. Either way, Kdramas seldom disappoint, with their heart-fluttery scenes or their melodramatic slice of life moments.

The list of the cast and the characters they play respectively is as follows-


  1. Lee Je-hoon stars as Cho Sang-gu, the male lead’s uncle and convicted criminal. Blunt, and outspoken, he smokes cigarettes and moonlights as an underground MMA fighter.
  2. Tang Jun-sang plays the role of Han Geu-Ru, a young teenage owner of Move To Heaven organization with an autistic spectrum disorder and the main male lead of the Kdrama. Intelligent, he has an incredible photographic memory and is extremely logical. He makes use of these abilities to uncover untold stories about the dead, through the collection of their important personal belongings.


  1. Ji Jin-hee stars as Han Jeong-woo, father of the main lead Geu-ru
  2. Kim Ju-Yeon plays Min Ji-won, mother of the main lead, Geu-ru
  3. Lee Moon-sik stars as Park Joo-taek, Joeng -woo’s friend and a big supporter of his organization. 
  4. Im Won-hee plays the role of Oh Hyun-chang, legal adviser of “Move To Heaven” and partner in this organization.
  5. Hong Seung-hee stars as Yoon Na-mu, the male lead’s best friend
  6. Hongseok plays Park Jun-Yeong, sheriff by profession and good friend of the nephew- uncle duo.
  7. Jung Young-Joo stars as Oh Mi-ran, the female lead’s mother
  8. Lee Jae-Wook plays the role of Kim Su-Cheol, best friend of Geu-ru’s uncle
  9. Park Jung-Won is Kim Su-jin, Su-cheol’s younger sister.
  10. Choi Soo-young stars as Son Woo-rim, a welfare worker helping homeless and needy individuals.

Move To Heaven Season 2 storyline and prospective storyline

Move-To-Heaven-season 2
Move-To-Heaven-season 2

The kdrama revolves around the main male lead, Geu-ru, who suffers from an intellectual disability, Asperger syndrome, which comes under the Autistic Spectrum. It makes it extremely hard for the main male lead to interact with others, to make friends. Poor Geu-ru has also dealt with a round of bad fate, for of this wasn’t enough for his woes, he has to go through the loss of a parent which results in him being burdened with the Move To Heaven responsibility. It’s then that he is approached by his uncle, who did have ulterior motives in the beginning but gradually begins to change.

The kdrama thus, deals with themes of death and moving on, of valuing the morals and beliefs and what’s left back by the dead. An emotional Rollercoaster,  Move To Heaven makes us laugh and yet shed a tear or two as well.

Move To Heaven Season 2 Renewal status- Will we get another season?

As mentioned before, the story still has some unfinished business, some unanswered questions, and loose threads and ends which weren’t tied up back in the first season. This hugely hints at the possibility of a second one, though all we can do is speculate and hope because it hasn’t been officially announced. The South Korean production hasn’t been canceled, so hope still remains on the horizon.

Move To Heaven Season 2 Trailer Update

move-to-heaven season 2
move-to-heaven season 2

The critical acclaim and worldwide success of Move To Heaven has made fans restless for the comeback. With the potential for the same on trend for the large fan base of the Kdrama series, a renewal might be on the horizon. Yet no official statement or trailer update has been released. The trailer of season 2 is much awaited, however fans will have to be patient and wait a bit more for the same.

Where To Watch Move To Heaven Season 2?

Move To Heaven was appreciated by critics and viewers alike. It can be watched on Netflix. The Kdrama was honored with 3 awards in the 3rd Asia Content Awards, including the “Best Creative Award.” Melodramatic and eventful, the drama touches the hearts of the audience as it depicts the struggles of a young boy and then man suffering from the Asperger syndrome, how he deals with the demise of his parent and how he struggles to express himself.

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