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Murder Comes Home Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, And More

Keep reading to learn more about Murder Comes Home Season 2. Murder Comes Home is a crime story. It is like cancer that spreads all over our body through cells and destroys each cell. Crime and murder are very dangerous psychopath acts that destroy one’s reputation and personality. Betrayal and anger cause people to become the most dangerous and dreaded murderers.

Murder Comes Home “pairs actual CSI crime-scene video alongside a real home video of the same victim, home, and family to set up and unravel an intimate and emotionally powerful mystery.” The release date for season 2 has not been announced get nor there have been any talks regarding its making.

The intriguing crime show has the brain of directors, Lauren J. Przybyszewski for 5 Episodes in 2020 and Elizabeth Gibson for 5 Episodes in 2020 Screenwriter Pat Rogers is credited with 4 Episodes in 2020, and Geoffrey Proud is credited with 1 Episode in 2020. It is executive produced by Elizabeth Gibson for 1 Episode 2020.

Murder Comes Home Cast

Murder Comes Home Cast
Murder Comes Home Cast
  • Craig A Willman as narrator
  • Bing Fu as a detective
  • Alex Javo as Robbie Warwick
  • Matthew Atchley as detective Kent Bauman
  • Grace Asher as Marioara Shand
  • Michael Justice as Jeffrey Helping
  • Daniel Braswell as detective Tom McCann
  • Vinnie Vineyard as Jeff
  • Rachelle as Diana
  • Jill Holder as 911 Operator in lead roles.

Murder Comes Home Season 1 Plot Recap

Murder Comes Home Season 1 Plot Recap
Murder Comes Home Season 1 Plot Recap

The story follows as the real-life home and the actual crime is being paired alongside one another for the show to throb with emotional intimacy and powerful mystery. The show pairs actual CSI crime scene videos alongside the actual home of interestingly the same victim of the crime. It is produced by the production company Lucid Media. The series consists of 6 episodes in total titled the sickness, wild goose chases, red Mustang, stuck in the middle, on her own, and he made me do it.

The series consists of mysterious events happening with people we see in everyday life, more like regular people who are stuck with unnamed and mysterious situations. The first episode consists of a girl Sue Weaver excited about having her own life, having a free and happy-go-lucky nature until that fateful night when a mysterious guest enters her life and turns it in a way she never expected to be before.

The next episode consists of the murder of a mother of three, Marlys Satger who is a working woman and goes missing after a lunch appointment as her parents discover later that she has been murdered. The third episode consists of the murder of another mother of a daughter. She is LeAnne Martinez who fails to pick up her daughter from school which is not like her and her parents doubt their daughter’s whereabouts as they find her red Mustang missing only to find out that she has been murdered in cold blood as they find a shocking scene in her home. The fourth episode titled ‘stuck in the middle ‘ follows the murder the other way round.

This time the other finds her daughter being murdered. Paula Cardwell, a Jolly happy-go-lucky woman turns all silent and intense as she discovers her daughter has been murdered. Thereafter returning from running errands, discovers her twenty-year-old young daughter, Anna Catherine lying dead on the floor. She whenceforth decides to track down the devil.

The fifth episode of the season consists of the mysterious murder of Swede Marioara Shand who was setting out on her own in Taos, New Mexico following a breakup recently. But not all that you dream o happens to you. Sometimes unexpected things happen to most unexpected people. Days after her ship, police find her bloody body inside her new home.

The sixth and finished episode of the crime series consists of Lila Warwick who is a loving grandmother of eight is her little one. Being an extrovert, open and warm that she always has her door open for anyone in need. But the arrival of an unexpected guest makes her doubt her warm gesture towards anyone as the unexpected guest turns her life in a way she never imagined. She discovers that she just opened the door for a monster.

Murder Comes Home Season 2 Plot

Murder Comes Home Season 2 Plot
Murder Comes Home Season 2 Plot

Murder Comes Home was based on crime, and murder, and hence it is likely that the then of the second season is the same just with a different storyline. As if now there has been no update about season 2 but we can still have some hope. The plot for season 2 will likely be a bit more interesting and hopefully, they cut the narration part as it gets a bit monotonous and boring. What attracts us to season one is the investigations carried out by the detectives, the carefully plotted murders, and the analysis of the psychology of the murderers’ brains.

Murder Comes Home Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of the first season aired on 28 January 2020 originally in the United States consisting of 6 episodes in total. Two characters played the most important roles in the first season of Murder Comes Home, enticing the audience to watch.

Where To Watch Murder Comes Home Season 2?

You can watch “Murder Comes Home” streaming on fuboTV, Discovery Plus, or for free with ads on Investigation Discovery.

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