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My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!

For the past three years, fans have been waiting for her My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2. Well, we are here with all the latest updates about it you need to know. “My Girlfriend is Shobitch” is a TV animation work by Diomedea and Studio Blanc. The program first aired in October 2017. The series revolves around various genres such as animation, romantic comedy, and a slice of life. 

The anime television series was written by Hideki Shirane, directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama, and produced by Junichiro Tamura and Takashi Tatezaki.

Boku no Kanojo wa Shobitch, also known as Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shoujo Bitchina Ken, is an anime harem comedy series. Based on the manga of the same name by Namuri Matsumoto. Diomedea adapted this story into his ten-episode anime series. The series premiered on October 12, 2017, to December 13, 2017. The 10-episode OVA aired on March 26, 2018. 

It’s one of those anime series that has equal love and hate for its content.
Many viewers did not like the excessive and hurtful sexual jokes. However, the majority of viewers who love erotic comedies supported his Themes. As a result, fans who loved the series are eagerly awaiting a second installment, but are disappointed by the delay.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Plot

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Plot
My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Plot

This series revolves around the life of an ordinary high school student named Haruka Shinozaki. Since she was in her first year of high school, she has been interested in the beautiful and hard-working class president, Akiho Kousaka. One day when she has nothing to lose, she confesses his feelings. And to her surprise, he accepts the offer. Akiko takes dating seriously. Watch the show to know what happens next! (we try our best not to ruin stuff with spoilers)

My Girlfriend Is Shobitch Season 2 Cast

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 cast
My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 cast

Very shy and kind Haruka is very popular with girls. Another character is Akiho Kousaka, who voices Aoi Yuuki and Kaitlyn Burr. She is a very popular girl at school and a beautiful model sophomore. Shizuko Ariyama, voiced by Tago Takeda and Christina Kelly, is an energetic third-year high school student. She is also a childhood friend of Haruka. Another character is Rina Saijo, voiced by Natsumi Yamada and Amber Lee Connors. Born into a wealthy family, she is a charismatic girl.

With her progressive thinking, she doesn’t hesitate to talk about sex and other topics. Apart from them, Kanata Shinozaki is voiced by Yuki Yagi and Brittany Lauda. Saori  Igarashi is voiced by Juri Nagatsuma and Jocelyn Johnson. Sayo Shizumori will be played by Miki Hase and Juliet Simmons, while Misaki Aikawa will be played by Marin Mizutani and Margaret McDonald.

The role of Seiya Hoshikawa will be played by Arthur Lounsbury and Daman Mills, and the role of Ichika Omori will be played by Megumi Nakamura and Carolyn Johnson. The other characters are Aoi Koshimizu, Fuyumi Kosaka, and Natsuo Kosaka.

My Girlfriend Is Shobitch Season 2 Trailer

The second season of My Girlfriend Is a Shobitch has yet to be canceled after the first season and poor ratings. 2 Get an extension. We’ll update you about it when the trailer comes out.

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch season 2 revival

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch season 2 revival
My Girlfriend is a Shobitch season 2 revival

The anime managed to catch everyone’s attention immediately after its premiere. The series has a rating of 6.26 among her 100,000 members of the MAL group, and he is ranked 802nd in popularity polls. While the premise and gags stood out, the series was also criticized for some over-the-top jokes. Ultimately, however, the series succeeded in accomplishing its primary task of entertaining fans and keeping them in the spotlight.

The series ended after adopting selected chapters from the first three volumes of the manga. So fans don’t have to worry about the source material. so the odds are good for My Girlfriend is Shobitch season 2. However, as the chaos continues to escalate, the odds will gradually drop as well.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Release Date

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch season 2 Release date
My Girlfriend is a Shobitch season 2 Release date

My Girlfriend is Shobitch Season 1 first episode was released on October 12, 2017, and the last episode was released on December 13, 2017. The anime series received the same amount of love and hate for the content featured in the series. some people didn’t like the excessive and crawling sexual jokes portrayed in the series. However, the majority of the audience liked romantic comedies and supported the theme of the series.

After the release of the final episode, an OVA episode was also released. About three years have passed since the release of the final episode of the series. As such, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel. However, they are quite disappointed because of the delay. Boku no Kanojo wa Shobitch Season 2 release status is pending. We have not yet received any information about the release of the new season. 

It remains to be seen if the show will be canceled or extended. The show makers have been pretty tight-lipped about this and haven’t revealed anything. The first season received mixed reviews regarding the content, so we’re speculating that this may be the reason for the delayed release of Boku no Kanojo wa Shobitch Season 2.

Where Can I Watch My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2?

My Girlfriend Is Shobitch Season 2 has not been released yet. No news of renewal or cancellation. Fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2. Season 1 received a lot of love from fans but some negative reviews too. Season 1 was released in 2017 and had 10 episodes of him. All Season 1 episodes are available to stream on Play Pilot, Hive, and Amazon Prime Video.

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