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Napoleon Dynamite Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Plot, And More

Coming-of-age movies and shows have been an old story for ages but nobody does it like Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon Dynamite is a comedy/ indie film. It was released on 11th June 2004. The film starred Jon Heder, Jon Gries, Aaron Ruell, and several other actors. Directed by Jared Hess, the movie was made with a budget of 4 lakhs USD. Despite being a low-budget movie, the movie did remarkably well. It’s a comedy movie but we wouldn’t consider it everybody’s cup of tea. The movie has countless moments that give viewers second-hand embarrassment. Nevertheless, the movie is still iconic with all its irksome moments.

Napoleon Dynamite Storyline

Napoleon Dynamite Storyline
Napoleon Dynamite Storyline

The film Napoleon Dynamite revolves around a teenager, Napoleon. He tries to help a friend win class presidency while dealing with his own dysfunctional family.

Napoleon Dynamite Cast

Napoleon Dynamite Cast
Napoleon Dynamite Cast

The film starred several actors. The cast of Napoleon Dynamite includes:

  • Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite
  • Efren Ramirez as Pedro
  • Jon Gries as Uncle Rico
  • Aaron Ruell as Kip
  • Tina Majorino as Deb
  • Haylie Duff as Summer Wheatly
  • Shondrella Avery as Lafawnduh
  • Diedrich Bader as Rex
  • Sandy Martin as Grandma
  • Dale Critchlow as Lyle
  • Carmen Brady as Starla
  • Emily Dunn as Trisha
  • Trevor Snarr as Don
  • Yuka Ruell as Girl on Bike
  • Bracken Johnson as Randy
  • Nano De Silva as Cholo #1
  • Arturo De Silva as Cholo #2
  • Ellen Dubin as Ilene
  • Thomas Lefler as Principal Svadean
  • Pat Donahue as Farmer
  • Sarah Owen
  • Elizabeth Miklavcic as Renae
  • Walter Platz as Cashier
  • John Swihart
  • Mary Heers as teacher

Napoleon Dynamite Plot

Napoleon Dynamite Plot
Napoleon Dynamite Plot

The film tells the story of Napoleon Dynamite. A tall, awkward teenager, who is depressed and loves to be left alone, he is brought up in a middle-class family. He lives on the outskirts of the town with his brother Kip. Kip, the 32-year-old brother spends most of his time online in chat rooms talking to “hot babes” and taking care of his grandmother. The brothers also have an uncle living with them who has arrived to babysit. Uncle Rico, from the beginning, appears to be a strange man who is out of touch with reality. He is still wishing for a time when he was a football star and had prospects in his life.

As for Napoleon, his life at school is beyond miserable. He is picked up by other kids at school. Somehow, he manages to make a friend finally. Pedro is the only Latino kid in school who becomes Napoleon’s friend. He himself is a shy boy.

Napoleon manages Pedro’s campaign for the class presidency.

Deb is an amateur photographer who also sells handmade key chains door-to-door. Napoleon has a crush on Deb but he doesn’t know how to approach her correctly. Every time he does something for her or to get her attention, it had the opposite result. He’s so inept at this, that he makes Deb go to the prom with Pedro.

The movie ends with Pedro winning the class presidency. It’s revealed that Kip who mentioned earlier in the movie, that he spent his time chatting with “babes” all day, had actually been talking to one woman in particular. Kip’s lady love, that one woman he was chatting with, LaFawnduh, is revealed at the end of the movie. Throughout the movie, Uncle Rico appears as a disturbing side character that has strange schemes of getting “rich fast” or sometimes buying a “time machine sort of gadget”. There’s a mystery surrounding the movie with characters that appear strange and sometimes borderline creepy. But, it’s certainly meant to entertain you if you ignore its strangeness and focus on other elements like the dialogues and portrayal of a teenager who is so socially inept living with a dysfunctional family.

Napoleon Dynamite Release Date

Napoleon Dynamite was released on 11th June 2004.

Napoleon Dynamite Review

Napoleon Dynamite Review
Napoleon Dynamite Review

The movie is funny and real. It doesn’t hide that Napoleon is awkward, a kind of nerd that even other nerds intend to avoid. There’s no intention of making us like him because he is indeed unlikeable. He runs weirdly, his expressions are weird; he is a whole package of weirdness. The movie represents the trials of being a teenager but it doesn’t sugarcoat it. It’s blatantly honest in the way other coming-of-age film fails to achieve.

Napoleon Dynamite Famous Scene/ Dialogues

Napoleon Dynamite Famous Scene/ Dialogues
Napoleon Dynamite Famous Scene/ Dialogues

Napoleon, despite being an awkward teenager was hilarious. Here are a few dialogues from the movie that are absurd yet iconic!

  • “Kip, Bring Me My Chapstick!”
  • “Worst Day Of My Life, What Do You Think?”
  • “I Told You! I Spent It With My Uncle In Alaska Hunting Wolverines!”
  • “Tina, You Fat Lard, Come Get Some Dinner. Tina! Eat The Food!”
  • “Whatever I Feel Like I Wanna Do, Gosh!”
  • “I See You’re Drinking 1%. Is That ‘Cause You Think You’re Fat? ‘Cause You’re Not. You Could
  • “Totally Be Drinking Whole If You Wanted To.”
  • “I Wish You Would Get Out Of My Life And Shut Up.”

Where To Watch Napoleon Dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite is available on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+.   

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