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Nevertheless Release Date, Cast, Storyline and Much More (Publish Later)

Nevertheless is a sizzling South Korean television series by JTBC. Nevertheless can arise the temperature of your room by the chemistry of the protagonists. The drama is based on a webtoon named Nevertheless which shows a story of two people who are attracted to each other but are skeptical about love, due to their past relationships.

“Do you wanna see butterflies?” that is how Korean drama fans can relate to the drama, making it the most used pick-up line of the year 2021. The drama is written by Jung Seo as it is the television series version of her webtoon. The drama is directed by Kim Ga-Ram. He has done a great job in the creation of the drama as the scenes move very smoothly throughout the series. He has also directed Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.

The heartthrob Song Kang is back with a bang, another series where he ensures fans are mesmerized in his eyes. He takes the series to the highest level. The drama is an adult romance. This drama does not seem like another adult romance as the scenes are directed in the most passionate way possible.

All the K-drama fans know that most of the shows keep sexual themes or scenarios to a minimum level due to cultural and social aspects. The drama doesn’t shy away at all from including tasteful scenes between Na-Bi and Jae-Eon or talk of a more mature nature.

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Synopsis of Nevertheless

Synopsis of Nevertheless
Synopsis of Nevertheless

Nevertheless is a mature adult romance series that, makes you fall in love with the butterflies.

The drama revolves around Yoo Na-Bi, an art student at Seoul University. She is skeptical about love after an awful break-up. Cheating had greatly impacted her life as she now doubts every man. She is dealing with her heartbreak as she meets Park Jae-Eon, a student of the same university. She develops an infatuation with Jae-Eon, as she feels vulnerable without him.

She comes to notice that Jae-Eon has a bad reputation for flirting with women and never committing to any serious relationship. Na-Bi and Jae-Eon become entangled in an uncertain romance where neither is willing to commit due to their broken ideas about love. Unexpectedly, he falls for Yoo Na-Bi and begins to change. The drama shows the university life of Art students where every day we only see their chemistry getting better.

We see a love triangle in the drama involving Yang Do-Hyeok, Yoo Na-Bi, and Park Jae-Eon. Like any other k-drama, the fans are divided by the love triangle as they need to choose who is better for Na-bi.

Cast of Nevertheless

Cast of Nevertheless
Cast of Nevertheless

Song Kang, an eternal stud is known for stealing hearts at a single glimpse of his eyes. He has shown his versatility by playing roles in different drams like Sweet Home and Love Alarm. He plays the role of Park Jae-Eon in the drama. Jae-Eon has no interest in love and prefers flirting with every woman. He is looks and voice can make you fall for him instantly. He has a kind personality and behaves well with everyone but has no genuine interest in anyone.

Things get interesting when he meets Na-Bi as he begins to find a new interest in his boring life and decides to seduce her. As the episode play, we see him falling in for her. For a change, the more he likes her, the more he wants to destroy her.

Han So-Hee plays the female protagonist of the drama. We all her seen the variations in her acting and admired her for all the roles she played. She has recently played quite opposite role to the character of this drama in “My Name”.She plays the role of Yoo Na-Bi in the series. She is a soft girl with wild thoughts running in her head. She is skeptical about love since her breakup. She makes a promise to never believe in destiny or love anymore. However, she met Jae-Eon who started to shake the promise. She just cannot take her eyes off him even when he kissed another woman.

Chae Jong-Hyeop is gonna appear in the upcoming sports romance 493 Km for you. He plays the second lead the drama. He appears as Yang Do-Hyeok. He is the guy anyone would choose except Na-bi. He is a gentleman who wants to have a real relationship and not a one-sided love. He completes his military service and sees his 10-year-old love, Na-bi. He is filled with joy as he has a chance now but when he sees that she is hurt by her ex-boyfriend, he decides to call it off. Later he notices Jae-Eon and his true intentions.

Where To Watch Nevertheless

Nevertheless is a South Korean television series by JTBC. The first episode aired on June 19, 2021. The drama can be enjoyed on the original network of JTBC for the South Korean audience. While the international audience can view all the episodes of Nevertheless on Netflix. The drama has a total of 10 episodes. This drama is great to watch at the end of a hectic day as it takes you to its magical world.


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