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Now and Then release date, cast, plot, and more!

Now and Then is an upcoming Spanish English web series based in Miami, it is a crime thriller with Spanish and a mix of English. The series is based on five students who were involved in a bad incident that happened to their friend and hid the crime and fled. Fast forward to the future wherein all the kids are now grown up living successful lives and living each day without remembering the incident which occurred.

Suddenly, everyone involved was sent a text message 20 years later which included threats about the incident, this led all of them to the reunion held for all the alumni of their high school. After they gather at the reunion, they realize everyone received the threat. The series focuses on these five people and their dark past and how they deal with this problem which has again come into their lives.

Now and Then Cast

Now and Then Cast

To begin with, the main character from 20 years ago, Alicia Jaziz, she is a Mexican actress widely famous for her role in the series Ingobernable and has starred in Amarres recently and Como Novio de Pueblo, she plays the role of young Ana. Dario Yazbek Bernal, is a Mexican actor best known for his role in the Netflix series The House of Flowers, he plays the role of young Pedro.

Alicia Sanz, is a Spanish actress and producer who has contributed to several shows such as El Cid, The Devil Below, and Killing Sarai, she plays the role of young Sofia. Miranda de la Serna, is a Spanish actress, who plays the role of Daniela. Jack Duarte, is a Mexican actor and singer in the pop band Eme 15, he plays the role of young Marcos.

The adult versions are played by Marina de Tavira, she is a Mexican actress massively popular for her role in Roma for which she was nominated for an Academy Award, she plays the role of Ana. Jose Maria Yazpik, is a Mexican actor who previously starred in Narcos, Polvo and Everybody Loves Somebody, he plays the role of Pedro. Maribel Verdu, is a Spanish actress known for her roles in Lovers, Y Tu mama Tambien and Snow White, she plays the role of Sofia.

Soledad Villamil, is an actress and singer from Argentina, who previously won the Carlos Gardel Award twice as well as the American Grammy Awards, she plays the role of Daniela. Manolo Cardona, is a Colombian actor who previously starred in The Snitch Cartel and Who Killed Sara, he plays the role of Marcos. The other characters include Rosie Perez as Flora, Zeljko Ivanek as Sullivan, and Jorge Lopez, who plays the role of Alejandro, the victim in the series.

Now and Then Storyline

Now and Then is a crime thriller genre series that focuses on Ana, Pedro, Sofia, Daniela, and Marcos. The story first begins by showing the last part of the high school and they celebrate it on the beach side. The main plot of the story is Alejandro, he was also involved in the party and they all have fun drinking and taking pictures. Soon, Alejandro does not feel very good and ends up collapsing due to some reason, his friends try rushing him to the hospital while trying to wake him up but get into an accident which causes his death.

In order to save themselves, they lie about Alejandro being normal and they have no hand towards the accident during the police investigation. Flora, the officer in charge suspects the five of them but did not find any evidence or proof to support her suspicion. Further, the story shows us 20 years later, all of them as adults living their luxurious life but everything seems to be going down after they receive threats from an anonymous person.

They all gather at their high school reunion and discuss the matter but decided to ignore it. Soon a few incidents happen to them and the case goes to Flora, they confess about the blackmails they were receiving to her and yet Flora suspects them for the death of Alejandro since why else would they be receiving such threats. The series will follow the storyline while showing what happened previously and how things are going on in the present.

Now and Then Creators

The creator of Now and Then is Glenn Gordon Caron, he is an American director, writer and producer widely famous for his works in Moonlighting and Medium. He has previously won the Outstanding Television Writer Award, the Writers Guild of America Award as well as been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award four times.

The producer of the series is Henry J. Bronchtein, he is an American director and producer best known for his works in The Sopranos by HBO. The executive producers are Glenn Caron and Ronald L. Schwary, he is an American director and producer who previously contributed to Ordinary People, Scent of a Woman, Sabrina, Havana, and Random Hearts. The production companies involved are Paramount Network Television, CBS Productions, and Picturemaker Productions.

Now and Then Release Date

The series has been announced to be released on 20 of May by Apple TV.

Now and Then Trailer

The trailer of the series was released on 19 of April 2022, it showed the gist of the story. First showing what happened 20 years ago and then what happens 20 years later along with the police investigation.

Where to watch Now and Then

The series can be streamed on Apple TV+.

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