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One Piece Chapter 1060 Release Date, Plot, Characters, and More

In October 1999, Fuji TV broadcasted the international debut of the Japanese animated television program One Piece, which was created by Toei Animation. One of the longest-running anime series to date, it has since released more than 1000 episodes over 20 seasons. The narrative centers on Monkey D. Luffy’s antics and his allies as they look for “One Piece,” the greatest treasure in the world, in order to become the Pirate King, and is based on the manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda.

As Shonen Jump was postponed by one day this week, Chapter 1060 of One Piece debuted on September 19, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. Every Sunday, a new chapter of One Piece appears in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Leap magazine.

We watch the crew’s reaction as Luffy reveals his Dream to them at the beginning of chapter 1060. Sabo keeps the dragon on the line. He claims to have been in the Lulucia Kingdom and to have witnessed someone occupying the vacant throne. A map of the Lulucia kingdom is shown with Imu holding it. The skies over the Lulucia Kingdom begin to darken, and lightning strikes left and right.

The Plot Story of One Piece Chapter 1060

The Plot Story of One Piece Chapter 1060
The Plot Story of One Piece Chapter 1060

The title of One Piece Chapter 1060 is “Luffy’s Dream.” With the crew, Luffy Gear 5 graces the cover of Shonen Jump. Robin begins the chapter by sharing breaking news from around the globe. The crew learned about the global situation while they were at Wano Kuni (Cobra was killed by Sabo). Sabo only wants to set everyone free, according to Luffy, thus the newspaper must be wrong.

When the Straw Hat Pirates read the news, they learn that Sabo is accused of killing Nefertari Cobra. Robin agrees with Luffy when he shouts that he doesn’t think Sabo would do such a thing, explaining that the World Nobles, not traditional rulers, are the Revolutionary Army’s enemies. Additionally, Luffy demands that a course be immediately set for Arabasta after learning that Vivi has vanished. Zoro argues that it is useless because Vivi was last seen in Mary Geoise, but Luffy just suggests that they go there instead as he kicks over a chained-up barrel that is holding Caribou.

When Zoro informs Luffy that their enemy’s base is in Mary Geoise, Luffy calls him a chicken and Zoro responds that they need more details. While Chopper bemoans the loss of her father, who was kind to them back in Arabasta, Usopp concurs, and Sanji weeps over Vivi’s health. Jinbe remarks on how chaotic the Lively was, and Nami is concerned for Vivi’s safety as well. Franky and Brook assert that they do not think Sabo murdered Cobra, with Brook noting that he has never met a person who disapproved of the sand kingdom.

At that point, Nami starts crying and Luffy shouts that they need to save her, but Zoro orders everyone to calm down. He questions Luffy about if he recalls telling them that Ace had his own adventures and that he was trusted to take care of himself until he was in dire need of assistance. As a result, he believes Vivi ought to be treated equally because he is aware of her resilience. But when he responds that he can’t stop them from worrying about her, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji start calling him names, which results in another altercation between him and Sanji.

While they were in Wano, Robin claims that a lot happened, most notably that the Seven Warlords of the Sea were disbanded, which caused Buggy to become Emperor and sent Crocodile, Buggy, and Dracule Mihawk back to the sea (which Luffy correctly deduces was due to a mixup). When Robin asks Luffy if he wants to learn more about the other people listed in the paper, he replies that he will leave it in her care and asks her to let him know if anything significant needs to be kept an eye on and she agrees.

Once more, Luffy lies on his back and asserts Sabo’s innocence. He also shares his desire, which was for no one to ever have their freedom taken away like it was when he was a child. Reminiscing about the day he, Sabo, and Ace took an oath, Luffy tells everyone what he told them. Everyone is astonished, and Usopp declares that what Luffy wants is impractical despite his convictions. Luffy then realizes that he only said that at the conclusion of his dream, about what he desires. But he never actually told them what he told his siblings and Shanks.

Plot Story of the Previous Chapter

Plot Story of the Previous Chapter
Plot Story of the Previous Chapter

In the previous chapter, we saw that Amazon Lily was recovering from the recent invasion as Marco makes his way back to Sphinx with the help of the Red Hair Pirates. With the intention of arresting Boa Hancock and the Blackbeard Pirates who are invading to take her devil fruit power, the Marines unleash their newest Pacifista model, Seraphim, during the invasion. Blackbeard almost kills Hancock, but Rayleigh arrives to arbitrate the conflict, saving Hancock. Koby is currently a prisoner of the Blackbeard Pirates, according to a newspaper that was recently published.

The Cast Of One Piece Chapter 1060

The Cast Of One Piece Chapter 1060
The Cast Of One Piece Chapter 1060
  • Monkey D. Luffy, Rorona Zoro, Nico robin, Tony Tony Chopper, Franky, Brook, and Jinbe as Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Jewelry Bonney as Bonney Pirate
  • Caribou as Caribou Pirate
  • Im and Five Elders as World Government
  • Monkey D. Dragon, Sabo, Emporio Ivankov, Belo Betty, Karasu, Morley, Inazuma, Koala, and Hack as Revolutionary Army
  • Seki and Komane as citizens of Lulucia Kingdom
  • Nefertari Cobra (Flashback), Nefertari Vivi (Flashback) as citizens of Arabasta Kingdom
  • Portgas D. Ace (Flashback) as citizen of Goa Kingdom
  • Buggy (Flashback), Crocodile (Flashback), Dracule Mihawk (Flashback) as Cross Guild

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1060

Both Viz Media’s Manga Plus and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ will have access to the chapter. Fans are advised to use these platforms—which are the official ones for the show—in order to give the show their direct support. Previous chapters of One Piece chapter 1060 are also accessible to read on Shonen Jump Plus if you’re curious about what happened earlier.

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