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Pastel Memories Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Pastel Memories Season 2 is a Japanese series. It is the adaptation of a video game with the same name produced by FuRyu. When the video game was released, it received a positive response from the audience, and later on, a series was made out of it.

the show is based on a manga genre. the anime television series adaptation was made by  Project No.9. The series was first premiered on 23 October 2019 and was concluded on 26 March 2019. the series comprises 12 episodes in total. The Pastel Memories Series is directed by Yasuyuki Shinozaki and is written by Go Tamai.

Pastel Memories Season 1 is available on both iOS and Android. The show has a score of 5.1/10 on the MyAnime list and holds an IMDb score of 4.6/10. The series wasn’t a great hit so we do cannot say about season 2.

Pastel Memories Season 2 Plot

Pastel Memories Season 2 Plot
Pastel Memories Season 2 Plot

The Plot of the story is set in the city of Akihabara. The story takes place in the future. The city was once called as “Holy land of otaku” which has been transformed into an office town now. The culture of the city was declining and people were losing their memories of anime and manga. Memories were the only thing that remained about manga and anime. there were only a few open specialty shops.

But when the creative world was destroyed by a virus, people lost their memories. It is erased from the material world. That time, a group of girls from the Rabbit Shed Cafe Shop took a stand against it. They decided to fight against the virus to protect the memories of anime and manga. They possessed the ability to travel the world and stop the spread of the virus and return Akihabara to the way it was.

Pastel Memories Season 2 Cast

The characters play a major role in making a show better. If the characters do not play their role properly, the audience loses interest in the show as they cannot connect or enjoy the show. To make a series a blockbuster, characters play a crucial role.

We are here to give you details about the characters who are predicted to be part of season 2. Here is a list of major characters who are expected to be seen in the upcoming part, if it comes by any chance.

Izumi Asagi is a high school girl who is very positive and enthusiastic. She is friends with the manager of The Rabbit Hut Headquarters and a self-proclaimed “in-training.” She can be friends with anybody and everybody.

Ayaka Sakaki is a very smart girl who is full of knowledge. She likes mushrooms so much. She is a first-rate cosplayer.

Kaoruko Nijouin belongs to a very rich family. Her parents are very skilled in her studies. She is good in fine arts as well as martial arts. She is an elite-level anime friend and has a very kind personality.

Irina Leskova is a girl from Russia who can speak fluent Japanese. She loves Japan. She is a very strict and stubborn kind of girl.

Yuina Machiya is a lovable girl and likes pity. She is like a cat, which means to say her actions and character were like a cat. She possesses the ability to become friends with anyone immediately.

Michi Edogawabashi is a mysterious and mature girl, who like to make clothes for her dolls. Her behaviour cannot be read by anyone.

Minami Senju big character, and everyone’s mother role 520 which is not often serious or angry.

Chimari Maiko is a serious, nerd, and historic girl who thinks about everyone and takes a stand in the honor of anyone.

Nao Mejiro is a hot-blooded girl. She loves cartoons and handles everything with full confidence and power. She has a hot but contagious and weak side. She has good physical strength as well.

Rei Kurushima is a girl with very cool character but at times, she is shy also.

Komachi Satonaka is a girl with a smile and is always there to make everyone laugh. She loves to click pictures with her camera.

Saori Rokugou is an optimistic and tender girl. She is a genius doctor and an inventor who invents things that surpasses wisdom.

Nejire Usagi is a talking rabbit with a screw in his head. His nickname is “NejiUsa”

Maya is the main antagonist of the series. she is the one traveling all around the world and spreading the virus.

Pastel Memories Season 1 Ending Explained

Pastel Memories Season 1 Ending shows how the girls fight against the virus. They took a stand against the virus and wanted to protect the memory of manga and anime from people’s minds. Maya is the one who spreads the virus in the world to erase their memory of anime and manga. After the girls found out about Maya, they made a plan to confront the mother virus. At the end of Pastel Memories Season 1, the mother virus combines with all the other viruses to overpower the girl, and just then Maya long with Kaoruko, Komachi arrives and defeats the mother virus and restores the manga’s world to normal. Pastel Memories season 1 end was a happy one.

Pastel Memories Season 2 Release Date

Pastel Memories Season 2 release date is not yet confirmed. After the conclusion of season 1, there is no news regarding the forthcoming season but we are expecting a season 2 shortly. Season 2 might be released by 2023. We are waiting to get the confirmation from the makers of the show about its forthcoming season.

Pastel Memories Season 2 Trailer

Pastel Memories season 2 renewal is not yet confirmed as its response for the first season was not that great. The storyline was also very different so may not be liked by the audience. There is no announcement made regarding the trailer of Pastel Memories Season 2.

Where to Watch Pastel Memories Season 2

Pastel Memories season 2 is available on Crunchyroll

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