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Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Finale, Cast, and Synopsis

Peaky Blinders is a historical crime series based on the structure of England, the show revolves around Tommy Shelby, he and his family are involved in illegal business in order to gain wealth and reputation. Tommy is the middle child of the family but handles and leads the business instead of his brothers Arthur Shelby and John Shelby. In the series they are considered an infamous gang and they call themselves Peaky Blinders. The story is fictional but the gang Peaky Blinder existed in the late 19th century and this story is inspired by the actions of the gang.

The main plot of this series begins when a detective, Chester Campbell is given the case of bringing the infamous gang but there was no proof but movement found from the gang. He then sends one of his workers, Grace, to work with the gang and leak information about their plans and whereabouts. Further in the series Grace ends up having feelings for Tommy and stops providing information and also ends up marrying Tommy.

The major plot in the series begins when Grace is murdered by rival gang and Tommy goes into a depression stage. By season 4 he joins the business again and in season 5 he is shown as a soldier and plots to take down Mosley. In season 6 fans are expecting to see how Tommy is going to accomplish this.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date

Peaky Blinders season 6 has been announced to release on 10 of June 2022 by Netflix.

Who are the casts of Peaky Blinders?

The protagonist of the show is Cillian Murphy, he is an Irish actor and singer, he is part of a rock band called The Sons of Mr. Green Genes working as a lyricist. He plays the role of Thomas Tommy Shelby in the show.

The main characters are played by Paul Anderson, he is an English actor best known for his roles in The Relevant and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, he plays the role of Arthur Shelby the eldest brother in the Shelby family. Joe Cole, he is an English actor best known for his roles in Skins and Offender. He plays the role of John Shelby as the youngest brother of the Shelby family. Finn Cole, he is an English actor who has starred in several shows and films such as Animal Kingdom, Dreamland and Slaughterhouse Rulez, he plays the role of Michael Gray in the show.

Natasha O’Keeffe, a British actress best known for her roles in Misfits and Jekyll and Hyde, plays the role of Lizzie Shelby in the show. The other casts include Harry Kirton as Finn Shelby, Kate Phillips as Linda Shelby, Helen McCrory as Polly Gray, Sophie Rundle as Ada Shelby, Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons and Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden.

What to expect from Peaky Blinders Season 6?

The series has already begun premiering on BBC channel in U.K, fans living there have been avoiding seeing spoilers to watch the season entirely on OTT platform. As shown in the previous season, Michael had betrayed the Shelby family just as Tommy had expected and asked him to recover all the damages he caused to the Shelby Company. Further Tommy plots the assassination of Oswald Mosley but regrettably fails.

Since it has been many years and Tommy has come out of the depression stage caused due to Grace’s death, in season 5 he marries Lizzie and raises her daughter Ruby and Charles who was Grace’s son together. With the motive of stopping the unethical business that Mosley was doing, Tommy was plotting the murder. In season 6, Tommy is roaming the streets of Birmingham with a gun in his hand, he still has his ideology straight, expanding his gang and stopping unethical business in the market.

The series is more about a political aspect and said to be a revenge against every person against the Shelby company. This season is the final season of Peaky Blinders after its nine year premiere, McCrory who played the role of aunt Polly passed away in early 2021 due to breast cancer, the season is a tribute to her.

Who are the creators of Peaky Blinder?

The creator of Peaky Blinders is Steven Knight, he is a British screenwriter and director best known for his works in Dirty Pretty Things, Closed Circuit and Eastern Promises, he has also contributed in writing Locke and Hummingbird. He was previously nominated for the Academy Award for Writing.

The producer of the show is Katie Swinden, she is a British film producer best known for her works in Fifty Fathoms also the movie Marvellous. She has previously won the British Academy Television Award for Best Single Drama. The production companies involved are Tiger Aspect Productions, Caryn Mandabach Productions, Screen Yorkshire, BBC Studios.

Peaky Blinders season 6 Trailer

The trailer of Peaky Blinders was released on 1 of January 2022, the trailer shows us the exciting gist of Tommy and Michael and all the chaos among the matters.

Where to watch Peaky Blinders?

The show can be streamed on Netflix entirely as well as the season 6 on BBC channel airing each week.

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