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Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 is based on another manga about levels, killing monsters, and a gaming system. Like a lot of cliché manga on this theme, the male character is troubled in life and struggling in all walks of life before they get admitted to the gaming system, where they are the best player.

Read on to learn more details about this system of towers and players.

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Storyline

Player Who Can't Level Up Chapter 79 Storyline
Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Storyline

Kim Gi Gyu received the invitation to “The Tower” at 18 years of age. He was a one-of-a-kind skill player who had never been in the system before. He thought his struggles were finally over. He worked so hard, and he was also the strongest player in the system. Yet no matter how hard he tried, his level was always 1.

People made fun of him for not reaching higher levels. This went on for 5 years with below-average players rising to higher ranks, yet to his frustration, he was still stuck at 1. He worked as a guide on the lower floors of the tower due to his level not rising. He killed goblins, but it always took him a lot of time, no matter how much practice and experience he had.

One day, he discovered that he had a unique ability. the ability to “link with egos.” After getting a servant in Luo, who told him more about the workings of the world and system, he decided to use it to finally raise his stats. His newfound abilities led him to discover adventures that were unknown and unheard of before him.

Gi Gyu decided to use it to show the world that you can be a great player no matter your rank, and that rank isn’t everything; skill is. In Chapter 79, Gi Gyu tries to visit and see his “vessel” and learn more about his powers. His ego, Lou, keeps instructing him about what to do while simultaneously praising his master as well.

Gi Gyu sees the vessel and is so shocked that he throws up. Lou asks him to calm down and try visiting the egos and seeing them. He sees death at one vertex, different egos at another, and the last corner of the triangle is made of life. Luo makes Gi Gyu aware that he’s very special, and thus he should try to push his boundaries and make contact with “Life,” reminding him that Ella died for him.

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Cast

Player Who Can't Level Up Chapter 79 Cast
Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Cast

The webcomic Player Who Can’t Level Up is based on GaVinGe’s “Level Up Mothaneun Player” web novel series. It has been published digitally by Tapas Media since February 20, 2022, with English translation.

It’s based on the genres of action, adventure, and fantasy. The serialization of the webcomic is done by KakaoPage. The author is GaVinGe, and Park Jeong Jae is the artist responsible for the illustrations.

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Plot

Player Who Can't Level Up Chapter 79 Plot
Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Plot

18 years ago, suddenly a tower appeared in South Korea. Out of it, came many monsters as well. These monsters tried to wreak havoc, but some people emerged at that time, who were very talented and had special powers. They were called the Players, who killed all the monsters and thus, won everyone’s respect.

Players had fame, name, wealth, and a fan following and lived a celebrity life. Even among the players, there were some who had unique abilities. Such people were called “Unique Ability Retainers.” They had amazing skills and could kill many monsters in just minutes. Such players were highly ranked, and they enjoyed idol status in South Korea.

Our protagonist, Kim Gi Gyu, worked in the XX Guild Office Building as a waiter and used to do odd jobs. He had a younger sister, Kim Yoo Jung, and a mother. Their mother was very sick and needed to be hospitalized. His younger sister looked after their mom and home while he worked. On his 18th birthday, Gi Gyu was coming back to his house when he saw on the news Player Yoo Seok Woo, who is a very high-ranking player and also a Unique Ability Retainer.

Gi Gyu came back dejectedly. He also wanted to become a player, but he was not selected for it. When he reached his home, he saw many bills in his post office and entered the house. He looked at his mother sleeping when his sister surprised him with a birthday cake. He was feeling sad because his sister, who spent money meant for her clothes on her brother’s cake, but her sister waved it aside.

She wished her brother luck and was also surprised that he got selected to be a player. Gi Gyu is overjoyed at the news and visits the South Korea Player’s Association the very next day. He receives a surprising welcome when he learns that he, too, has a unique ability. This is overheard by the famous player Yoo Seok Woo, who asks the receptionist to mentor Gi Gyu himself instead of an assigned mentor. He later tells Gi Gyu, all about different types of players.

Gi Gyu’s journey is very disappointing as he is well versed in the lower levels, up to level 4, and guides other new players, but he’s still stuck in Level 1. One day, to escape the Guardian of the 4th floor, he enters Level 5 and discovers his unique ability. That he can link to egos. He named his first ego, Luo, and his life began to change as he could synchronize with his ego’s powers and was quickly going through levels now.

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date

Player Who Can't Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date
Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date

Player Who Can’t Level Up has 400 chapters in total. All of them have been released in their country of origin, South Korea, already. In other countries, various translators are releasing it slowly, but the updates are continuous. Depending on your preferred reading language, the chapter will have a different release date.

Where To Read Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79?

It is available on many manga websites (such as Kako) as well as its official website.

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