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Project Scard Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Project Scard Season 2: Scar on the praeter also known as Project Scard: Praeter no Kizu in the Japanese language is a 2021 Japanese original anime Television series directed by Shingo Suzuki, who is known for his works such as K: Missing kings and the other ‘K’ projects. It Is produced under a joint venture of GoHands, an Osaka-based animation company team which is famous for their works such as K, K: Return of the kings and Hand shakers and Frontier works, a Japanese animation company.

The series is based on the Project Scard Media Project by Frontier works which come under the mixture genre of crime, drama, and fantasy anime Television series. The show basically it’s not based on any Manga or Video games unlike the other anime TV series but rather than its based on an original project. The series was aired from Jan 9 to April 3 of 2021 through Animism and the series consisted of a total of 13 episodes in one season.

Project Scard Season 2 Storyline

The series is about a near-future Tokyo town that is now a battlefield under siege by some influential foreign organizations. Tokyo is now tainted with violence and greedy mafias and gangs. The city was left with theft and exploitation of people which made the citizens of Tokyo abandon their homes and eventually the city itself.

To overthrow the corporate foreign organizations, the city of Tokyo is now guarded by a group of vigilantes known as ‘Scards’ who have some kind of supernatural abilities which are acquired to them by the divine tattoos printed over their bodies to fight against the outsiders who are now decorating the throne of teared up Tokyo. Tokyo city is now known as ‘Akatsuki special ward’ because of which the city is guarded by these vigilantes.  

Project Scard Season 2 Storyline
Project Scard Season 2 Storyline

Project Scard Season 2 Plot

The series Project Scard: Scar Praeter is plotted in a near future fictional region in Tokyo called ‘Akatsuki Special Zone’ where the city itself is torn apart by violence and greed. The Akatsuki Special Zone’s overall law and order is now maintained by three organizations known as Helios, Artemis and Public safety Bureau which is contained by a group of vigilantes known as ‘Scard’ who wields supernatural abilities given them by the tattoos which possess the power by the ancient gods and beasts covered on their bodies to fight against the mafias and the foreign organizations who controls the city by exploiting resources and disordering the laws and rights.

Thus the city is now covered with bloods and murders where no signs of peace and unity prevails and turned to be a ghost city. And which leads to the own people of the city to abandon the city, those who couldn’t make it out of the city still live in the city by bearing and surviving the attacks and conflicts of the warring gangs.  

Project Scard Season 2 Plot
Project Scard Season 2 Plot

The Akatsuki special zone is now left with starving people, warring gangs and as well as the guarding officials with powerful tattoos known as Scards. Amongst the scards is Eiji Arashiba, the leader of the Scards of Akatsuki who protects from these gangs. The series develops when Yamato Kai, a new recruit, becomes a part of the scard team. One day Eiji confronts a mafia gang along with the new recruit Yamato Kai.

In between the fights, Yamato kai got injured by a bullet by saving Eiji, to save Yamato; Eiji sacrifices his powerful tattoo by giving it to Yamato. The series improves episode by episode on how Yamato can help by restoring peace in Akatsuki and will he do it or not?        

Project Scard Season 2 Cast

The cast of Project Scard: Scar on the Praeter includes titular character such as Arthur Lounsbery as Yamato Kai, Atsushi Kousaka as Eiji Arashiba, Junya Enoki as Kagami Sakishima and Shoya Chiba as Kazuma Arashiba. And associate characters includes Katsumi Fukuhara as Hokuto Kurama, Rie Kugimiya from World witches as Yuki Azusa, Sho Nogami as Jin Karasue, Takeaki Masuyama as Ran Washimine, Taku Yashiro as Koga Tatsuma, Tasuku Hatanaka as Itsuki Torataka and Yoshitaka Yamaya as Kai Minato and many more.  

Project Scard Season 2 Release Date

Project Scard Season 2 Release Date
Project Scard Season 2 Release Date

The anime series has performed below average in the viewership and in accordance with different rating websites as well. This shows a lower possibility rate for a renewed season. But still this anime series has no absolute shortage in cool action scenes as well as fights between amazingly designed characters. It also shows the remaining possibility of resuming the show in future as well. The art style of the series is well articulated with explains mysteries in a good manner. The series has a less number of fan base which is considered as another matter of fact for the delay in renewing a new season, but fans who watched the series are following it only because of the animation works 

But still the confusing part about the Project Scard series is that there are no other source materials available rather than the fact that the series is based on an original story which is so hard to associate or force for a continuation of the series. Although it gained more popularity and hype even before its release, the anime series wasn’t able to meet or satisfy the expectations of fans about the series.

But still the series is about original storylines and this fact is increasing the possibility for a number of Spin-off projects from the creators. But there are still hopes because if the popularity of the series might increase in the near future then there will be a green flag for resuming the productions for a new season very soon.  

Project Scard Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for Project Scard is not released yet, until then you can watch the trailer of Project scared Season 1 here.

Where to watch Project Scard Season 2?

The Japanese anime series Project Scard: Paeter no Kizu is available to stream in Japanese as well as in English audio with subtitles in Funimation. 

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