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Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending Explained

Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending Explained is here. Read the article to know everything you need to know. Here you will get everything in detail. This article provides you with all the necessary information.

A passionate conversation between Kisaragi and Kei opens Psycho Pass season 3’s finale. Asuzawa had tricked her into taking part in the accident that Kira and his partner were involved in, which Kisaragi decided to admit to him. In a meeting with Foreign Affairs, Public Safety discusses the Bifrost’s organizational structure when Kunizuka stops by Unit One for one of her documentaries. If you wanna know about Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending Explained then this is the right place to know.

Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending Explained

Psycho Pass season 3 ending
Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending Explained

It turns out that a few Congressmen are in charge of it. Following them are Inspectors, who serve as their immediate subordinates, followed by Foxes, who are merely unwitting people who have been persuaded to work for them. And because these Foxes are unaware of the true situation, their colors are unaltered.

Kogami concludes that the BiFrost is evading Sibyl in some way and that for their evil schemes to succeed, Komiya must be removed from the path. With this, the Foreign Affairs’ investigators began their mission to catch the Peacebreaker. As usual, Arata stands up for Komiya while Kei begins searching for Azusawa. As a result of Komiya’s new immigration policies preventing Kei’s wife from being freed from therapy, some traction develops between Kei and Arata.

Homura detects a hint that Shirogane and Azusawa are teaming up to remove him from the situation. He so assures Kei that he will free his wife in exchange for his protecting him. Without hesitation, Kei agrees, and Komgami doesn’t even suspect his connection to Homura until much later. Soon after, Kei’s wife comes home, and she even makes an effort to diffuse the mounting hostility between Kei and Arata. The series ends with Kogami visiting Akane, and the two of them discussing everything going on in their life.

Psycho Pass Season 3
Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending

A significant storyline twist marks the conclusion of Season 3. Kei Ignatov, who was portrayed in the series as one of its heroes, abandons his teammates. He attacks Arata and even joins forces with the people he is supposed to be stopping to save his wife. Kei loses his mind and completely disregards the justice that is being applied to him in a world where the concept of justice is continually questioned.

However, there is a remote chance that he is currently working on something considerably bigger. He most likely joined the Bifrost to study their long-term strategies and eventually overthrow them. But all of this can seriously harm his complexion. We won’t likely ever see him again as an Inspector because he made a bargain with the Bifrost to sell his soul to the devil. But we’ll have to wait and watch how the sequel plays out.

Nearly all of the important characters in this season’s earlier episodes had death warnings, but in the end, everyone survived. However, the finale’s cataclysmic event—the post-credits scene, of course—changes everything. In this image, a crane is ready to crush Yayoi as she is seen in a crashed car. She appears to be a victim of one of Azusawa’s schemes, based on appearances.

Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending explained
Psycho Pass Season 3 Ending Explained

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