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Rake Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Rake is an Australian TV series presented by Essential Media and Entertainment that debuted in 2010 on ABC1 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It features Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver Greene, a rakish Sydney lawyer who defends a typically corrupt defendant. The series is currently available on Netflix in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Poland, the United States, and Thailand.

It was originally available for Streaming on Netflix in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Thailand. The 5th and last season began filming in October 2017 and aired on August 19, 2018. Season 5 of Rake ended last year, and it appears like season 6 is now on the way (each of season 3, 4 and 5 were declared to be the last).

Writers were creative in shifting Cleaver’s setting, with that of a national legislator appointed through a focus on social media and strange choice arrangements, as they had been in season 3. This posed several difficulties, the much more notable of which was satirizing Australian politics in the aftermath of the Prime Ministers’ movement in 2010 and the dual nationality problem that ultimately forced the vice-Prime Minister to re-contest his position. The final episode is particularly pleasant, owing to the fact that it almost totally reverts to the connecting boundaries.

David and Cleaver have such a terrific battle over Wendy (see, in the frame of reference of a sequence in which individuals get severely beaten a great deal, you could do something good with intentionally small stakes conflict), and afterward eventually very pleasingly join forces to deceive a judge in the country’s best interests, rather than have Cal McGregor, in turn, deceive the others in his character. Heaps of fun, however, the final episode’s regression to prior seasons’ topics and personalities exposes the last season’s inadequacy in comparison to the others.

Rake season 6 Cast

Rake Season 6 Cast
Rake Season 6 Cast

At the beginning of the series, there was a disappointment and lack of excitement from the audience since there were no famous actors starring in the series. Although Richard Roxburgh is pretty famous and popular for his role in Moulin Rouge and Sanctum, he plays the role of the protagonist, Cleaver Greene in the series. Russell Dykstra is an Australian actor who first gained popularity from Rake, he plays the role of Barney Meagher in the series.

Matt Day, is an Australian actor, who previously worked in a few movies and tv shows such as Kiss or Kill and Dating the Enemy, he plays the role of David Potter in the series. Danielle Cormack, is an actress from New Zealand best known for her works in Xena: Warrior Princess and Cynthia Ross in The Cult, she plays the role of Scarlet Engles in the series.

The other cast members include Caroline Brazier as Wendy Greene, Adrienne Pickering as Melissa, Kate Box as Nicole Vargas, Robyn Malcolm as Kirsty Corella, Geoff Morrell as Joe Sandilands, and Rhys Muldoon as Lincoln Lincoln.

Rake season 6 Storyline

Rake season 6 Storyline
Rake season 6 Storyline

In an interview following the first season, Roxburgh noted that the series’ core will shortly be perfectly described as its inventiveness and potential to take necessary steps, and that “you don’t want people to Flogging over a Dead thing.” With these statements, he broke the hearts of many supporters who had recently discovered the series as their favorite. However, to everyone else’s astonishment, a season 2 was shortly released to appease the crowd.

There have been so many occasions when it has been stated that the latest episode may be the final one to screen, but there is still an unexpected aspect in store for all. Despite the fact that much of Rake maintains an anthology format, with one legal trial per episode, the show’s major focus is already on the characters – notably Greene themselves – continuously. Greene, like Sherlock Holmes and Hugh Laurie’s House M.D., is an unempathetic intellectual character who seems to be self-destructive, which makes Rake all that much more compelling.

The series’s cancellation had generated really a commotion, with lead actor Richard Roxburgh at the centre of the story (acting as a representative for the film studio whenever he stated certain remarks). Put another way, Rake as well as its team has intimated that this season could be the end. As early as the second season, quoted from the media, Roxburgh stated in an on-set interview that the show should be kept short and sharp, be canceled before losing its edge, and only do three episodes before the plot was finished.

Rake season 6 Creators

The series has been developed by Peter Duncan, he is an English actor and television representative. He has previously been the presenter of Blue Peter and also made several documentaries related to family travel in the early 2000s. further, he has directed as well as starred in Jack and The Beanstalk.

Richard Roxburgh and Charles Waterstreet, he is an Australian author and producer who previously worked on Precious Bodily Fluids and Repeating the Leaving, he is now working on a new project, The Sydney Morning Herald. The series has been written by Andrew Knight, he is an Australian producer and writer widely known for his works in Jack Irish, Ali’s Wedding, Hacksaw Ridge, and The Water Diviner, along with Peter Duncan.

The producers of the series include Ian Collie, a writer, and producer who previously worked on Sunshine and Mr. Banks, along with Peter and Richard Roxburgh. The executive producer is Miranda Dear. The production companies involved are Blow by Blow Productions, Essentials Media, and Entertainment, and distributed by ABC Television.

Rake season 6 Release Date

As of now, there is no decision given by the producers or the production companies regarding the announcement of season 6, although there were a few hints in the interview with Peter Roxburgh for now, season 6 is canceled.

Rake season 6 Trailer

As of now Rake Season 6 has been canceled and there is no trailer for Rake Season 6. The trailer for Rake’s previous season is given below.

Where to watch Rake Season 6?

The previous seasons can be watched on Amazon Prime Video, Spectrum On Demand, and Acorn TV. Season 6 of the series will also be available to watch on the same OTT platforms if it is decided to be released.

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