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Where was Rambo IV Filmed? – Synopsis

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Rambo IV is an American film released in the year 2008, the film has been directed by and written by Sylvester Stallone. The film is based on the novel First Blood and the protagonist of the novel is John Rambo, the novel has been written by David Morrell. The film is the sequel to Rambo 3 and has included several actors from the previous film. The casting members of the film include Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden, Rey Gallegos, Jake La Botz, Maung Maung Khin, Tim Kang, Graham McTavish, Paul Schulze, and Ken Howard.

This part of the movie has been dedicated to Richard Crenna, who passed away in 2003, he played the role of Colonel Sam Trautman in the previous parts of the film. Rambo IV revolves around Rambo who is the leader of a group of mercenaries and leads them all to Burma in order to rescue Christian missionaries who were abducted by the local infantry. The main plot of the film involves the Myanmar war wherein John Rambo is stuck in the palette of jungles.

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Rambo IV was released in 1997, it was shown that Rambo had lost his right to the company franchise he owned and it was taken over by the Miramax Films after Carolo Picture went bankrupt. There was supposed to be a fourth movie filmed by Miramax but since Stallone discouraged the idea it was dropped. Rambo has received several reviews upon its release, some good, some bad, mostly neutral towards the plot, cinematography and actors. Nevertheless, Rambo IV was a classic film in its era creating a whole new version of action films with great creativity involved.

The casts involved in the film are Sylvester Stallone playing the role of John Rambo in the series. He is an American actor and director widely famous for his role in The Lords of Flatbush and also the classics Rocky and Rocky Balboa. Julie Benz played the role of Sarah in the series. She is an American actress widely popular for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel as well as Dexter.

Rambo IV Filming Locations

The filming of ‘Rambo IV’ took place in Thailand, Myanmar, the United States, and Mexico. Shooting began on January 22, 2007, and wrapped up on May 4, 2007, as per reports. The crew behind this picture wanted to follow in the footsteps of the series of films, which always put themselves in the heart of growing international tensions. Stallone desired his character to go somewhere they wouldn’t typically see on television because they had already handled geopolitical hotspots like Vietnam and the Middle East.

As a result, Stallone contacted the United Nations to gather more details about conflicts around the world, and Burma piqued his interest because he knew little about the state. He additionally attempted to make the film compellingly gory because they were on a short budget and smothering individuals in synthetic blood was cheaper. The production staff, on the other hand, would be hammered severely by reality. Let’s learn more about the film’s production and location.

Rambo IV in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Numerous sequences were shot in Thailand, particularly in Chiang Mai (also known as Chiang Mai or Chiangmai), a beautiful medieval city in Thailand’s north hilly areas. They mapped out the forests surrounding the city and set up different scenarios accordingly. Furthermore, the snake field sequences were shot at Mae Sa Snake Farm, which is situated in Chiang Mai’s Mae Raem (Mae Rim) area. Visitors might be interested to hear that the farm’s genuine staff were involved in the shooting process. However, it appears that the plant is no longer operational. In particular, it’s possible that Chiang Rai and Bangkok were traveling to film a few episodes.

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Rambo IV in Salween River, Myanmar

Because the majority of the movie is set in Myanmar (Burma), the crew shot scenes on the Salween River, which divides Burma and Thailand. The fact that the turbulent country, often to the surprise of the actors and crew, was far worse than the first-hand tales Stallone and the crew previously overheard. All of the routes were severely mined, so the only way to get inside Burma was up the valley, according to the principal actor in an October 2007 interview.

“I saw the aftermath — survivors with legs cut off and all kinds of landmine injuries, maggot-infested wounds, and ears ripped off,” Stallone recalled. They were also threatened with death, barely escaping Burmese army bullets. Burma experienced one of its strongest pro-democratic riots in August and September 2007, weeks after the team departed from the country, resulting in a humanitarian catastrophe.

Rambo IV in Bowie, Arizona

Rambo grew up in the little unorganized settlement of Bowie, and it holds a special place in his heart. It is mentioned in four of the five films. When Murdock examines Rambo’s qualifications in the first film, viewers understand that he hails from Bowie. Rambo’s home, though, shouldn’t be seen until the third film, whenever he goes to his hereditary family farm. As a result, it’s likely that certain scenes from the fourth film in the series were shot there. Bowie is about 3 hours south of Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city.

Rambo IV in Palmdale, California

Rambo marches more toward the horizons near the end of the film. The precise scene was filmed in California, especially in Palmdale town. To film the sequence, the crew secured a plot near Elizabeth Lake Street in town. The town’s fringes, which are situated north of LA in Los Angeles County, are home to a diverse range of species.

Rambo IV in Mexico

Moreover, certain sequences were shot in Mexico. This was not, though, the last time the everyman fantasy protagonist visited Mexico, since the fifth installment of the trilogy, ‘Rambo: Last Blood,’ was also shot there. Despite the presence of violence and corruption, as in any other country, the old Mayan and Aztec homeland has withstood the test of time. Mexico today is a unique combination of the old and the new. Mexico is among the top off-grid tourism attractions, with enormous expanses of beaches, impenetrable forests, and enchantment of history.

Where To Watch Rambo IV?

You can watch Rambo IV on HBO Max, fuboTV, and Netflix.

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