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Rebellion Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

The Rebellion is an Irish – English language miniseries produced by the joint venture of Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Sundance TV, released on Netflix in 2016 which is followed by a second part named Resistance also known as Rebellion season 2. The two-part mini-series was Presented by Irish playwright and radio dramatist ‘Colin Teevan’ who is a familiar face to the theater of the Irish and the United Kingdom through his work ‘Kafka’s monkey’. Rebellion Season 3 is also a long-awaited series, read to know more.

The first part of the series which is named ‘The Rebellion’ follows the story of the Easter Rising of 1916 and the second part of the series named ‘Resistance’ also known as ‘Rebellion Season 2’ on Netflix. These two parts of the season are made under the genre of Historical fictional drama and a TV series in honor of honoring the 100th anniversary of both events which had a remarkable position in Irish history of independence. 

Rebellion Season 3 Storyline

The Rebellion Series can be divided into two parts the first season is plotted in the year 1916 and directed by Finnish director ‘Aku Louhimies’ who is known for many historical, as well as feature films such as ‘The Unknown Soldier’ and ‘The Frozen Land’ and the second season, revolve around the events in 1920 directed by the crew includes ‘Catherine Morshead’ who has directed episodes for series like ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Doctor who’.

Both of the events are connected as well as the second season is considered a follow-up of events that happened in 1916, Bloody Sunday. The season itself begins as a commemorative depiction of the aftermath of World War I which happened from 1914 to 1918 were the United Kingdom and the Irish which were also a part of the UK at that period of time. 

Rebellion Season 3 Storyline
Rebellion Season 3 Storyline

The war has shattered the lives of people in Ireland, which led to a scarcity of food and necessary equipment as well as hardness in living and meeting all the corners of life. Though this situation which pointed all the way to the necessity for an Independent Irish land and people who silently acted for this need as well as worked for it behind the shadows in all these years came to the forefront of the politics.

The Irish Citizen Army and Irish Republican Brotherhood became the carrier of the beacon of Irish Nationalism and therefore these institutions became the image of Irish Nationalism by working in secret and in public in London, Dublin, and Belfast. Their struggle for independence and their guerilla warfare against the United Kingdom for this independence is what the series The Rebellion is about.  

Rebellion Season 3 Plot

The series starts with the event which happened on a Sunday of April in 1916 this rising rebellion was initiated by the members of the Irish Republican Army against the British rule prevalent in Ireland. The aim behind organizing such an armed uprising was to establish an independent Irish Republican nation. It happened on the Easter day of 1916 and thus this event became known as the ‘Easter Uprising’ this uprising was considered the most important and first-ever armed conflict which happened in the history of Ireland.

The first season of the series follows the events related to this Easter Uprising and other associative events through the perspective of a group of friends from Dublin, Belfast, and London and their narration of the roles which they were held in the uprising and how these events changed their life totally. Although this event existed only for a short term and happened with the support of the Irish Citizen Army, Irish Republican Brotherhood, and other Irish volunteers including women, the Britishers had suppressed this uprising with all forces.

The second season of Rebellion which is also known as ‘Resistance’ is a continuation of the 1916 Easter uprising, although the Britishers had suppressed the event still it helped in sharpening and showing a clear way to the Irish dream of an independent nation on their own.

The event was set during the Bloody Sunday which happened in 1920 – A Sunday of 1920, Dublin was confronted with an assassination which was followed by a massive firing by British officials at a football match that took lives including 2 children. The series revolves around the before and after circumstances and aftermath of this event. The show depicts fictional characters with familiar faces which are associated with the Irish War of Independence.  

Rebellion Season 3 Cast

The cast of Rebellion includes many familiar faces to the English audiences such as Charlie Murphy as Elizabeth Butler, Brian Gleeson as Jimmy Mahon, Michael FitzGerald as Harry Butler, Sarah Greene as May Lucy, Barry Keoghan as Cormac McDevitt, and Gavin Drea as Michael Collins, head of IRA intelligence wing and etc. 

The second season includes the returning of characters who were part of the first season which includes Michael FitzGerald’s Harry butler, Gavin Drea’s Michael collins, Brian Gleeson’s Jimmy Mahon, and other new characters including Tom Bennett’s Mark Sturgis, David Wilmot’s Patrick Mahon, Natasha O’keefe’s Agnes Moore, Simone Kirby’s Ursula Sweeney and many more.

Rebellion Season 3 Release Date

The creator Colin Teevan, he said in an interview that he thought of making Rebellion as a season drama series that covers all the events of the Irish civil war that happened during 1921-22. This civil war follows the anti-treaty rebels against pro-treaty comrades led by the IRA chief of intelligence Michael Collins who was shot dead by a sniper during the same period of time. 

But according to the latest reports, there are no discussions around the corner regarding the third part – Rebellion season 3, which might take time. Apart from the latest information given by Colin Teevan in 2019 about the new season might be regarding the IRA leader’s murder. 

Rebellion Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Rebellion Season 3 isn’t available as of now but you can watch the trailer of season 1 here.

Where to watch Rebellion Season 3

Both seasons of the Rebellion series are available for streaming on Netflix.

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