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Remarriage And Desires Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Are you an avid K-drama viewer? Then it’s safe to assume that you’re as eager as we are for the Netflix original series Remarriage and Desires season 2. Since the announcement and trailer release, the series has been a hot topic among all K-Drama lovers. And as the release date draws nearer, it’s getting harder to wait. Directed by Kim Jung-min and scripted by Lee Geun-young, Remarriage and Lust is presented by the K-drama industry that once again reveals something irrelevant to modern society.

A different kind of story, this drama series is a satire of Korean society, exposing the desires prevalent in the remarriage market, and offering a glimpse into a marriage between the ultra-rich and the upper class. Check if there is a second season and what the series is about. And if you’re wondering the same thing, the good news is that you’ve landed on the right article.

Remarriage And Desire Season 2 Cast

Remarriage And Desire Season 2 Cast
Remarriage And Desire Season 2 Cast

The South Korean television series Remarriage and Desire is directed by Kim Jong Min. The story of the series was written by Lee Geun Young and produced by Image9Tiger and Tiger Studio. The main cast and characters of Netflix K-drama are –

  • Kim Hee-sun as Seo Hye-Seung: An upper-class housewife in Gangnam
  • Lee Hyun-Joo as Lee Hyun-Wook: Head of a corporate organization
  • Jeong Eu-Gene as Jin Yoo-hee: Strong partner’s legal adviser with a desire to rise to the top
  • Cha Ji-Yeon as Choi Yoo-sun: Agent of Rex, a domestic marriage agency
  • Park Hoon as Cha Seok-Jin: A teacher quarreling with Choi Yoo-sung over his father’s huge fortune

Remarriage And Desires Season 2 Plot

Remarriage And Desires Season 2 Plot
Remarriage And Desires Season 2 Plot

To be perfectly accurate, Season 1 of Remarriage and Desires will include a total of 12 episodes. We’ll go through the introduction and the tropes, but we can do a few things about the show’s trailer. As the name suggests, this show is about remarriage. The remarriage of a man who is very rich and doesn’t trust women at all. This is due to his divorce from the woman who made his life hell.

The show is also about desire. There is the businesswoman’s desire to think that the whole idea of ​​marriage is a business. But there is also a very particular desire of women to get married.

The show is set in a very high-class company. Season 2 of Remarriage and Desires also resides within the same elite and rich strata. how they treat women, how they treat women in general. This show is about powerful women who take their stories into their own hands. The second season is also a pretty and sophisticated beautiful symphony.

Remarriage And Desires Season 1 Story

Remarriage And Desires Season 1 Story
Remarriage And Desires Season 1 Story

Until more details about Season 2 are revealed, it’s important to know what to expect and what to expect from Season 1. We are pleased to announce the details of Season 1 of the series. The premise of the upcoming K-drama series Remarriage and Desires follows the story of a dating agency Rex, which caters to and serves the upper echelons of society.

Through this agency, a divorced woman who has lost everything after living as a middle-class wife plots revenge against her ex-husband. and aims to improve its position. In particular, this competition is made clear by marrying someone listed in the “Black” stratum, which makes up 0.001% of the total population.

Remarriage And Desires Recap

Remarriage And Desires Recap
Remarriage And Desires Recap

The show’s first season hasn’t been released yet, so we can recap the exact storyline…but we can predict a few things from the show. As we already know, the show is based on an affluent society, with a dating agency called Rex. Based in Rex, a proprietary matchmaking agency that caters to the upper echelons of society, ambitious souls hope to elevate their status by marrying or joining the ranks of the elite.

They aim to catch someone from the highest group, the “black” demographic, which comprises the top 0.001% of the population. Through exclusive recruitment agencies, women aspire to marry desirable single men and rise to the top of society. That’s all there is to know about the show’s first season.

Remarriage And  Desires Season 2 Release Date

Remarriage And  Desires Season 2 Release Date
Remarriage And  Desires Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Remarriage and Desires, a series based on revenge, lust, and satire, will soon be released on Netflix. The trailer has already sparked a lot of speculation, theories, excitement, desire, and anticipation for season two. The trailer for the series is so captivating that viewers are hoping for a second season.

However, so far there have been no news or announcements regarding the second season. We’re here to let you know as soon as any updates come out, so you’ll know where to get the details. Stay tuned for news about the release of Season 2 and get ready for the vengeful rides, fame, luxury, and scandal of Season 1.

Where To Watch Remarriage and Desires Season 2

If you’re looking forward to watching this series, remember that it’s only available on Netflix.  Ring your reminder bells on Netflix now so you can stream it the moment it’s released.

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