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Roar Release date, detailed synopsis, Cast, and Much More

Roar is an upcoming web series, already popular among people after the trailer was released. It is based upon a book of short stories written by Cecilia Ahern which is titled “A Story for Every Woman”. The book contains a total of 8 short tales with the metaphorical representation of feminist apologue, so the series has been filmed with 8 episodes in one season, each episode of the series portrays different women with different struggles that a woman goes through in the real world. At the beginning of every episode, the woman in the main lead is shown screaming as a roar and a flower coming out of her mouth.

Roar portrays the feminist roar in the society hence, the name suggests. Generally, people prefer a series being as long as it can be stretched for them to binge-watch for a longer time, this show could be disappointing as the episodes are not more than 30 minutes long, also, the characters in each episode are entirely different and not connected with any preceding episode.

Although it is easier to binge-watch the series in only one day. The series has been voted in the best pick of the week list as number 1, as it is a comedy genre but very different from a normal web series. It has caught people’s attention greatly.

Roar Release Date

Roar Release Date
Roar Release Date

Roar has been announced to release on the 15 of April 2022 on Apple TV Plus

Roar Cast

Roar Cast
Roar Cast

There are a handful of great and talented actresses who starred in the show. Nicole Kidman, an academy award winner who recently starred in Nine Perfect Strangers, plays Robin in Roar, Robin is shown in the trailer as the person who eats photographs from the photo album.

Meera Syal, a British comedian, and artist known as one of the best Asian personalities in the U.K, plays the role of Anu, and she is shown returning her husband to the store he was bought from. Cynthia Erivo, best known as an academy award winner for the role of Harriet Tubman in Harriet, plays Ambia, the character is a mother who bites off her own skin.

Betty Gilpin, highly recognized for Nurse Jackie also Glow, plays Amelia, she is shown as being forced by her husband to sit as a trophy on the trophy shelf built by her husband. Merritt Wever, seen in Tiny Furniture plays the role of Elisa in Roar, she starts dating a duck in the series.

Alison Brie, previously Screen Guild Award winner popularly known for her role in Community, playing as Becky in a roar, she is a ghost in the series trying to find the criminal who murdered her. Issa Rae plays Wanda, who is slowly disappearing in the show. And lastly, Fivel Stewart, recognized for her role in Atypical, plays as Jane in the show, the character who loves horse and horse riding.

Roar Trailer

The series was announced to start the shooting in 2018, after almost 4 years the series is finally released on 15 April 2022. The trailer showed us a gist of the concept of the show. It shows the various stories from the book of Cecilia, each tale being devoted to women’s empowerment in the most humorous manner.

Where can you watch Roar?

Roar is an Apple Tv original web series, the company supported and announced the release of the show. As of now, it can be watched only on Apple Tv Plus, the Apple TV app, and Apple studios.

What is Roar all about?

What is Roar all about
What is Roar all about

Roar at present is one of the most trending topics on the internet right now. Roar is basically based on short story books by Cecilia Ahern, she believes her books are fairy tales of realism. Now that the book is being released as a show, the show emphasizes the regular phenomena that occur in most women’s lives, and in the end it also shows how the women fight these struggles. The show seems to be a sensitive topic but the show is presented in such a manner that it brings a smile to the viewer’s face. There are 8 episodes in total with 8 different stories, Robin is shown eating photographs.

Anu in the show tries to return her husband to the store, this portrays the arranged marriage culture in Asia. Ambia is shown working and handling three kids at the same time portrays the effort of a woman not being appreciated enough in society, Amelia is shown as a trophy in the show, which portrays how husbands in the society consider their wife as a showing off the trophy, Elisa in the show starts dating a duck portrays how she is ignored by men.

Becky becomes a ghost in the show trying to find the culprit portrays the lack of help a woman receives, Wanda slowly disappearing portrays how insignificant women’s words are considered, Jane in the show who loves horse riding portrays how women can do things which a man can as well. Roar does not degrade any person or any gender, it portrays what a woman in this era goes through and how women are brave enough to fight through it.

Who are the creators of Roar?

Roar has been created by Liz Flahive, who was the writer of Nurse Jackie and Homeland, also received Outer Critics Circle award for John Gassner playwriting and, Carly Mensch, she has worked together Liz Flahive in writing GLOW and also contributed in captain marvel, she was previously nominated for Writers Guild of America Award for best comedy series. She is also an author with three successful published books.

Roar is also a contribution of Liz and Carly together with a sophisticated series of dialogue. The creators also received help from Halley Feiffer, Janine Nabers and Vera Santamaria. Several production agencies who contributed are the show Blossom Films, Made Up Stories, Greenlight Go Productions, Per Capita Productions, and Endeavor Content.

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