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Royalteen Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Plot, And More

Netflix has just announced the release of Royalteen and all rom-com fans are going crazy for it. Rom-com, teen drama, and cliché love stories are everybody’s favorite. They are lightweight stories that help us smile and forget about our problems for a while. Be it about girls who wear pink on Wednesday or about a princess switching her royal life for everyday life with a girl who looks just like her, or if it’s about a normal boring girl whose secret letters somehow get posted to the receivers, these movies have always made us smile, willing us to come back for more.

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If you are a sucker for romance then, Royalteen, an upcoming Norwegian romantic teen drama movie might be the right choice for you. Royalteen is a Norwegian movie based on The Heir, the first book in the YA series Royalteen written by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen. Per-Olav Sorensen and Emilie K. Beck directed this drama romance film. It is produced by Janne Hjeltnes and written by Ester Marie Grenersen and Per-Olav Sorensen. The run time of the film Royalteen is 1h 47m. It stars Ines Høysaeter Asserson and Mathias Storhøi in the lead roles.

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Royalteen Storyline

Royalteen Storyline
Royalteen Storyline

Royalteen is a romance film that talks about overcoming your fears, taking responsibility for your actions, facing anxiety head-on, and breaking the internet. It’s about romance and secrets. Lena is a new student who befriends and falls in love with Kalle. Kalle, also known as Karl Johan is the prince of Norway.

Royalteen Cast

Royalteen cast
Royalteen cast

The cast of Royalteen includes:

  • Ines Høysaeter Asserson As Lena. Ines is best known for her roles in Harajuku and Heirs Of The Night.
  • Amalie Sporsheim As Ingrid. Amalie is best known for her role in Radebank.
  • Elli Rhiannon Muller Osbourne As Margrethe. Elli is best known for her roles in Hope and Utoya: July 22.
  • Veslemoy Morkrid  As Lise Karlsvik. Veslemoy is best known for her roles in Okkupert and Here Is Harold.
  • Fillip Bargee Ramberg As Fanny. Fillip is best known for his roles in Snowfall and Amalie on Mathea.
  • Mathias Storhøi As Prince Kalle.
  • Kirsti Stubo As Dronningen. Kirsti is best known for her roles in The Greatest Thing and Opium: Diary Of A Madwoman.
  • Sunniva Lind Hoverstad As Renate. Sunniva is best known for her roles in Mortal and Julestjerna.
  • Petter Width Kristiansen As Pappa. Petter is best known for his role in Gaten Knut Hamsun.
  • Christian Ruud Kallum As Ove. Christian is best known for his roles in Novemberoslo and Home For Christmas.
  • Pal Richard Lunderby As Speaking Journalist. Pal Richard is best known for his roles in Olympiatroppen and Kasko.
  • Carmen Andrea Høilund As Guro.
  • Martin Grid Toennesen As Prince Kalle’s Bodyguard. Martin is best known for his roles in Magnus and The Regulars.
  • Var Sørensen Grønlie As Astrid. Var is best known for her role in Home For Christmas.
  • Niels Halstensen Skaber As Gunnar. Niels is best known for his role in Snofall.

Royalteen Plot

royalteen plot
Royalteen Plot

Lena is a newbie who meets the Norwegian royalty Karl Johan when they are made seating partners in a class. Karl, known as Kalle among his friends, is the Prince of Norway. Both of them become friends and gradually develop romantic feelings for each other. Weighed down by their duties: Kalle who has to carry the weight of a nation on his shoulders and Lena who is burdened by falsehoods; they are worried that their relationship might put them in a difficult situation.

Kalle is a party prince which means he is a frequent figure in various gossip rags and rumor blogs. One such blog was run by Lena herself until she was exposed brutally. But, apart from that secret blog, Lena hides another secret: the reason why she left her hometown.

While Lena is clumsy in social situations, Kalle is extremely smart inviting a lot of chaos.

Royalteen Release Date

Royalteen Release Date
Royalteen Release Date

Royalteen will be released on Wednesday, 17th August 2022. A movie about a middle-class girl and a royal prince, this film promises quite a few things to its viewers. Inspired by the book, The Heir, the movie also has a lot of book readers’ expectations to exceed.

The trailer was released a few weeks ago, showing Lena and Kalle along with their friends and family. The movie surely is dramatic, with dialogues like the girl saying “are you calling me a whore?” and “some old business”. It also involves a lot of online drama with pictures getting leaked and the cliché storyline of teenagers being tired of who people assume them to be and who they are actually.

Where To Watch Royalteen?

Royalteen is a Netflix original that will be premiered on Netflix. The movie shows perfectly how teenagers with power and privileges behave, inviting problems and pain. Who to trust when everybody seems to be against you? You don’t. The movie Royalteen will be available on Netflix starting on 17th August 2022.

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