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Salvation Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot Speculation and More!

Salvation is an American science-fiction suspense drama television series. The series is set on a fictional theme related to the discovery of an asteroid. It was announced in 2013 and premiered three years later in July 2017. The show was renewed for a second season and was released in June 2018. Till then there has been no further season for Salvation. Even after four years since the release of the second season, fans are still anticipating the makers to release Salvation Season 3.

The show mainly covers the story of an unexpected discovery that shook the entire world. An asteroid was discovered that was supposed to hit the Earth in just six months. It showcased the attempts and theories of various groups and individuals to dodge the catastrophe. 

The first season of Salvation premiered on CBS with 13 episodes and the second season also premiered on the same broadcasting channel with the same number of episodes. There have been a lot of rumours regarding the release of Salvation Season 3. This article will cover every detail and information you need regarding the release of Salvation Season 3.

Salvation Season 3 Release Date 

Most of you might be hoping for the release of Salvation Season 3 but unfortunately, CBS cancelled the series after two seasons on November 20, 2018. Since then, there has been no development related to Salvation Season 3 and it is unlikely that we might see Salvation Season 3 released. 

The show concluded with just 26 episodes and there are no plans of taking it further. The story of the fictional asteroid won’t continue. It ended with the last episode of Salvation Season 2.

Salvation Previous Seasons Recap 

Salvation Previous Seasons Recap

The show opened up with a character, Liam Cole who discovered an asteroid headed towards the Earth. He informed it a billionaire scientist, Darius Tanz who later spoke to the secretary of the United States Government’s defense. He told Darius that the government is already aware of it and plan to keep it a secret.

Darius was told that the government has a plan to defend the asteroid but Darius and Liam believed that it won’t work. Darius is determined to find a way of defending the Earth from the asteroid. Liam moved to his hometown to visit his girlfriend but somehow returned to help Darius.

The series then progress on the note of finding a strategy to avert the astronomical incident. It then traveled through a lot of twists and turns and the second season finally revealed that the asteroid was not an asteroid at all. 

Salvation was a binge-worthy watch for those who love to watch science-fiction drama. It gave us a lot of knowledge of astronomical theories and succeeded in building the audience’s interest in astronomy-related affairs.

Salvation Season 3 Cast and Characters 

Salvation Season 3 Cast and Characters

Although Salvation Season 3 is not happening but if it ever happens then most of the lead characters would be retained from the previous seasons. The members of Salvation Cast and characters are – 

  • Santiago Cabrera as Darius Tanz. Darius was a billionaire scientist and the founder and CEO of Tanzy Industries. He was stunned by the fact that an asteroid is headed toward Earth and poured all his knowledge into finding the strategy to avert it. 
  • Jennifer Finnigan as Grace Barrows. She was the secretary of Pentagon Press. She had a complicated relationship with Harris Edwards, Deputy Secretary of the United States Government Defense. Grace also knew that the government took the asteroid lightly and its plan would fail. After the failure of government’s plan, she helped and worked with Darius to find a way to prevent the asteroid collision.
  • Charlie Rowe as Liam Cole. Liam Cole was an MIT graduate student who discovered the asteroid. He was the only one out of the government who predicted the asteroid’s impact on Earth. He told Darius all about the asteroid and worked together on an Electromagnetic Drive that they hoped could change the direction of the Asteroid.
  • Jacqueline Byers as Jillian Hayes. Jillian was a writer of science-fiction-based books who live in Boston. She later got involved in the planning of Liam and Darius.
  • Ian Anthony Dale as Harris Edwards. He served as the Deputy Secretary of the United States Government Defense and later became the secretary of the defence department. He knew everything about the asteroid collision and chose it to keep a secret.
  • Rachel Drance as Zoe Barrows. Zoe was the daughter of Grace.
  • Shazi Raja as Amanda Neel. She was a reporter who was working on the mystery related to Darius and Harris’s secrets. She later discovered the asteroid but was assassinated before she could write anything about it.

Salvation Season 3 Plot Speculation 

Salvation Season 3 Plot Speculation

Salvation concluded with the first two seasons and the makers don’t have any plans for the release of Salvation Season 3. It is unlikely that we might see Salvation Season 3 premiering but if somehow the makers consider it giving a new season looking at the fame then the story will continue from the same point it left in the second season.

It was revealed at the end of the second season that the asteroid was not an asteroid at all. The show concluded on that note. Salvation Season 3 could answer us with some more facts about the asteroid but making a third season only to portray some facts about an asteroid won’t be reasonable. Salvation Season 3 could happen only if there is a new story related to the astronomical threats to the earth.

Salvation Season 3 Trailer 

Since the makers have canceled Salvation Season 3 so we won’t see a trailer for the new season. It will be released only when CBS renews this show for Salvation Season 3. After the renewal, it has to go through various processes until the release of the Salvation Season 3 Trailer.

Where to watch Salvation?

The first two seasons of Salvation are available to stream on Netflix. You can also watch it via purchase options on Amazon Prime Video

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