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Sekirei Season 3 Release Date, Characters, Trailer, Plot, and More!

Sekirei is an animated television series adapted from a Japanese manga of the same name written by Sakurako Gokurakuin. Seven Arcs produced this anime adaptation directed by Keizō Kusakawa. The first season of Sekirei aired from July 2008 to September 2008. This anime show returned with a new season in July 2010 and wrapped up the storyline in September 2010. Even after more than a decade, fans are still anticipating the release of Sekirei Season 3.

Sekirei was centred on the character Minato Sahashi. Minato failed his college entrance exam twice in consecutive years. He was considered a failure by society. But the life of Minato changed when he met a girl with special powers called ‘Sekirei’. The show then portrayed the transition in the life of Sekireri from being a failure to a guy who could decide the fate of the world.

The story of Sekirei concluded with almost 25 episodes and the makers didn’t consider continuing the show. It’s been more than a decade but there is no ray of hope for Sekirei Season 3. This article will cover every detail and information you might need related to the release of Sekirei Season 3.

Sekirei Previous Seasons Recap

The show is set in 2020 in Tokyo. Tokyo was designated as Shinto Teito in Sekirei. It is based on the theme of supernatural powers and romantic comedy. The first season embarked on its journey with the introduction of the main lead.

It revolved its story around a 19-year-old boy Minato Sahashi who is extremely intelligent. Somehow, he failed his college entrance exams twice in consecutive years. His self-esteem and confidence were doomed after that incident.

The day he failed his second test, he met a girl named Musubi who landed in front of him out of the sky on top of him. Minato was baffled seeing her drop from the sky and was curious to know more about her. Musubi comforted Minato and told him about herself. 

Minato soon discovered that Musubi was a ‘Sekirei’. Sekirei had supernatural powers and their genetic coding was different from that of humans. The anime television series then made us familiar with Sekirei and took us to the backstory of the origin of Sekirei.

Musubi told Minato that she was there to choose Minato as her ‘Ashikabi’. Minto didn’t understand any of her words. Ashikabi is a human with a unique DNA trait. Ashikabi could empower the Sekirei and it was their fate to serve them. Ashikabi could make his bond with a Sekirei by kissing her and it allowed them both to emerge their powers and eliminate enemies in battles.

Musubi introduced him to the ‘Sekirei Plan’. The Sekirei Plan was a kind of game. The Sekirei and their respective Ashikabi fought for survival until the last one remained. The purpose of this game was not revealed in the first two seasons of Sekirei.

Sekirei Plan was organised by Hiroto Minaka, the chairman and founder of a powerful and mysterious corporation. Minato other than Musabi, bonded with five other Sekirei who chose him as their Ashikabi. Minato was seen balancing between the battles of the Sekirei Plan and their partners’ competition throughout the show.

Sekirei Plan was divided into discrete stages. The first season initiated the first stage. In the first stage, the Skeirei was released in Tokyo and were ordered to find their Ashikabi so that they can be winged. This stage ended when most of the Sekirei were winged.

The second season started with Stage Two of the Sekirei Plan. In this stage, no Sekirei or Ashikabi could leave the city of Tokyo. The remaining Sekirei who remained unwinged were supposed to be winged by the Ashikabi and it ensured every Ashikabi and Sekirei were bonded. It also involved the battles between different Sekireis with their Ashikabis.

Sekirei Season 3 Cast and Characters 


The official cast for Sekirei Season 3 is not yet officially announced but we suspect that most of the characters in Sekirei Season 3 might be retained from the previous seasons. The characters that we expect might return are – 

  • Minato Sahashi
  • Musubi 
  • Kusano 
  • Matsu 
  • Tsukiumi
  • Homura
  • Kazehana
  • Miya Asama
  • Chiho Hidaka 
  • Uzume
  • Yukari Sahashi 
  • Shina

Other than these characters, a few of the Sekireis and Ashikabis may also mark their return in Sekirei Season 3. 

Sekirei Season 3 Plot Speculation 


The second season of Sekirei concluded in September 2010 and since then there has been no further progress in the storyline of this Japanese anime television series. 

Sekirei Season 2 marked the end of Stage Two of the Sekirei Plan and ended at the moment when the Third Stage was about to start. There are chances that if this anime television series continue, then it might show us the Third Stage of the Sekirei Plan. 

We also don’t know the purpose behind the organization of the Sekirei Plan. It could also answer the reason behind Sekirei Plan. 

The third Stage of the Sekirei Plan involves a series of battles between Ashikabis. They fight to possess Jinki. Jinki are the eight artifacts found on the Sekirei Spaceship. If a Sekirei or Ashikabi possess all the eigh Jinkis then he or she can terminate all the Sekirei if he or she wishes to. 

The Ashikabis who secured at least one Jinki in Stage Three were eligible to advance to the further level of the game, the Sekirei Plan.

Sekirei Season 3 Release Date

The fans still believe that Sekirei Season 3 might hit their screens but unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. The makers have not officially announced anything related to the release of the third season of this anime television series.

We don’t have any official information related to the release of Sekirei Season 3. There are fewer chances that this anime show might continue. The makers could have considered a new season looking at the fame and popularity but they didn’t. We can assume that Sekirei Season 3 is possibly canceled. 

Sekirei Season 3 Trailer 

As of now, there is no news regarding the trailer release of Sekirei Season 3. We will update you once there is any kind of official announcement regarding the trailer release.

Where to watch Sekirei?

Funimation had the rights of Sekirei but it expired in 2017 and the streaming platform didn’t renew it. Currently, Sekirei is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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