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Sekko Boys Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More

Here is the compilation of all the information available on Sekko Boys Season 2. It’s pretty rare to search out anime series that don’t show normal stories concerning completely different supernatural worlds and heroes fighting against evil. One such series that is extremely black and comical was introduced in 2016 and was known as Sekkou Boys.

During this show there was nothing supernatural or heroic, as a result of its format is sort of a parody, and that’s because the forged square measure performed terribly uncommon characters. The project was a discovery for several anime fans not conversant in such series, however, that they had come back to like this program. Therefore, when the last episode was conferred on BS11 channel, the audience began to raise the question of Sekkou Boys season 2.

Sekko Boys Season 2 Storyline

Sekko boys storyline
Sekko boys storyline

Sekko Boys is an explicit anime created by Liden Films. It was directed by Tomoki Takuno & written by Michiko Yokote. It’s a brief anime with a runtime of 7-8 minutes per episode. The show premiered on Gregorian calendar month eight and finished on March 25, 2016. Sekko Boys received one manga adaptation further. it’s titled patch idol cluster of Gods and Heroes that came out on Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2016. The manga is written and illustrated by Nanai Takana.

Sekko Boys Season 2 cast

Sekko boys cast
Sekko boys cast

The actors talented their voices to the most characters of Sekkou Boys square measure the subsequent ones:

Shiho Kokido, presenting Miki Ishimoto;

Jun Fukuyama, United Nations agency plays the role of Hermes;

Tomokazu Sugita, voicing St. Giorgio;

Daisuke Ono, acting as Mars;

Shinnosuke Tachibana, presenting Medici, and a few others

Sekko Boys Season 2 Genre

Sekko Boys Season 2 Genre is drama.

Sekko Boys Season 2 Plot

Sekko Boys plot
Sekko Boys plot

The main character of the program is Miki Ishimoto, a lady United Nations agency wont to study in conservatoire for a protracted time and through her learning typically engaged in drawing statues, getting down to hate any sculptures. However, she was bowled over once she, finding employment during a company, discovers that the celebrities of the pop scene are literally statues fabricated from minerals. At the identical times, these characters have identical star habits of self-satisfied personalities, and this makes them utterly indistinguishable from trendy performers.

The series may be a parody of contemporary show biz and ridicules all its vices that square measure thus obvious these days. The cypress Boys square measure a gaggle of 4 rock formations that remodel into outlandish idols: St. Giorgio, the military saint and cluster leader, the particular celebrity Medici of history, Hermes, the terribly lovely and versatile genius, the god of battle, and also the sincere Mars concerning love. Paddy Ishimoto, their college-educated feminine manager, portrays their makes attempt to induce into the industry.

Sekko Boys Season 2 Release Date

Sekko Boys season 2 release
Sekko Boys season 2 release

The possibility of this anime obtaining a renewal is on the brink of zero. The series itself is forgotten by the creators and lots of fans. Hence, revitalizing it’d be quite a gamble for the manufacturers. Liden Films Studio has already declared its busy schedule with four additional new shows. So, even though the fans do hear concerning the comeback of Sekko Boys, it can’t be expected before 2024. But, we are going to still say that the fans shouldn’t get their hopes very high because the harsh truth is that the show is already nearly as good as canceled.

Sekko Boys former Season Recap

Sekko boys recap
Sekko boys recap

The Sekko Boys may be a series of 7-minute comedy shorts that parodies idol anime. The first character is Miki Ishimoto, a 22-year-old operating adult United Nations agency may be a new manager at Holbein diversion, associate idol firm. In my opinion, the plot of this anime features a ton of space for improvement.

Sekkou Boys tells the story of a statue-based idol cluster. St George, Mars, Hermes, and Medici, further as their reluctant manager Ishimoto Miki, square measure the foremost protagonists. every sculpture features a temperament that’s loosely supported by the famed figure it’s supported. The absurdness of getting an associate idol created out of sculptures is mocked with tons of humor. The animation within the anime is very normal, and I’d rate it as average.

Hoshizora Rendezvous, the show’s final song, had associate Idol-Esque tone and slot in well with the remainder of the show. Overall, I didn’t notice any element of the show to be significantly unforgettable, however, it’s fun. whereas the film is primarily a cheerful comedy, it additionally features a message concerning learning to induce at the side of and appreciate those around you. It makes Maine need to visualize a real idol anime thus I will compare them.

Sekko Boys Season 2 wherever to watch?

You can watch Sekko boys on Crunchyroll.

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