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Severance Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, And More

The latest updates for Severance Season 2 are here, read on to find out everything you need to know about the show!

Severance is an American sci-fi psychological thriller series. The series was created by Dan Erickson and directed by the famous actor Ben Stiller and director Aoife McArdle. Severance was the unexpected TV streaming sensation of 2022, a laugh-out-loud office-based comedy-drama combination with a deadly sci-fi thriller twist. It ended on such a startling cliffhanger, with so many unresolved issues, that Severance season 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited returns on the television calendar.

Severance, Apple TV Plus’s first big hit, rolled credits on the final episode of season one in April 2022. The cast and crew are beginning to offer information about what to anticipate when the program returns to our screens.

Severance Season 2 Cast

Severance Season 2 Cast
Severance Season 2 Cast

Given that nearly every character’s storyline was left unresolved at the end of Season 1, it seems reasonable to presume that all of the key actors will return for Season 2. There have been no formal casting announcements as of yet but we expect the following faces in the second season-

  • Adam Scott as Mark Scout
  • Zach Cherry as Dylan George
  • Britt Lower as Helly Riggs
  • Jen Tullock as Devon Hale
  • Tramel Tillman as Seth Milchick
  • Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey
  • Michael Chernus as Ricken Hale
  • John Turturro as Irving Bailiff
  • Yul Vazquez as Peter Kilmer
  • Michael Cumpsty as Doug Graner
  • Christopher Walken as Burt Goodman
  • Patricia Arquette as Harmony
  • Nikki M. James as Alexa

Severance Season 2 Plot

Severance Season 2 Plot
Severance Season 2 Plot

Severance follows Mark, an employee of Lumon Industries in the Macro data Refinement division. Following the death of his wife Gemma, he enrolls in the titular severance program, which causes his perspective of existence to be divided into two: his “innie” only remembers a working life with his colleagues, while his “outie” has no recollection of anything to do with work. He works with Dylan, Irving, and Helly R, the latter of whom is a new employee who is struggling with the transition, even attempting suicide.

Season 1 ended with one of the most dramatic cliffhangers in the past decade: Helly R discovered she’s Helena Eagan, the Lumon heir; Irving arrived at Burt’s door after their romantic connection in Lumon, only to discover he’s already in a relationship; and we last saw Dylan being wrestled to the ground by Milchick. According to Erickson, this foray into the outer world will have ramifications in Season 2.

At the Severance Comic-Con panel, creator Dan Erickson said only that Season 2 will focus on “filling out the universe a little bit more, and with this adjustment to reality, what the repercussions would be.” When asked if the episode will clarify what’s up with the goats, Erickson simply said, “Yeah.”

“We’re going to continue to really focus on the connections between these people, and we’re expanding the universe,” Erickson said in another interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“While the first season was an ensemble piece at work, it was obviously much more centered on Mark on the outside. We wanted the viewer to see Mark’s life through his eyes, and on the outside, he has no idea who Helly, Irving, and Dylan are; his entire context for them is work.”

Severance Season 2 Storyline

Severance Season 2 Storyline
Severance Season 2 Storyline

“We’ll be showing all of the people on the outside in Season 2. They, like Mark, have their reasons for obtaining this treatment, and they’re all in some state of recovering for one reason or another.”, Erickson said.

Not much is known about the exact storyline of the second season but we can expect to see a continuation of the first season.

In an interview with Variety, Erickson hinted, “There’s a question of who was targeted first: Was Mark targeted because of his friendship with Gemma, or was it the other way around?” And it is something we will see in later seasons, but not this season.

“That’s the key question: what makes Mark unique?” Is it true that he has something unique about him or is it more about Gemma, and he was drawn in? This season, none of those questions have been solved, but we will get to them.”

Severance Season 2 Release Date

Severance Season 2 Release Date
Severance Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Severance has been announced; even before the season 1 conclusion, the show’s success guaranteed that Apple ordered a fresh set of episodes without delay. Ben Stiller has always planned for the program

“It’s incredibly wonderful to see the reaction from fans of the program – and the degree of fan participation. Bringing Severance to television has been a long journey. Over five years ago, I read Dan’s pilot “In a statement, Stiller remarked to be a “multi-season” tale.

Season 1 alone took 11 months to film, and with scripting already started as of July 2022, we wouldn’t anticipate season 2 of Severance to premiere until late 2023 at the earliest, with a 2024 return more likely. According to our estimations, that corresponds to the current filming schedule, which runs from October 2022 to May 2023.

At the time of writing, there is no official release date for Severance Season 2. Given that the first season was released in February of this year, Season 2 should arrive sometime in 2023, if not early 2024, but we’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

However, there have been a few hints: in April, Ben Stiller, who directs many episodes, responded to a fan’s Twitter, stating, “It took us a couple of years to create S1.” I hope you can persevere!”

Severance Season 2 Trailer

Severance Season 2 Trailer
Severance Season 2 Trailer

No official trailer for the second season has been released yet. You can watch the first season’s trailer online for the time being. The official trailer for Severance was released by Apple TV on 18 Jan 2022 on Youtube. The trailer already has 4.4 million views and continues to be discovered by new fans.

Where To Watch Severance Season 2?

The second season will most likely release on the same platform as the first season. The first season is currently available on Apple TV+.

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