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Shades Of Blue Season 3 Ending Explained

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In the 2016 NBC crime drama Shades Of Blue, Jennifer Lopez (Hustlers) played New York officer Harlee Santos. A crooked detective named Harlee is detained by the FBI and coerced into cooperating as an informant against his mentor and buddy Lt. Wozniak. Although Shades Of Blue had great ratings during its first season, reviews were varied, and interest among viewers steadily dwindled.

Shades Of Blue Season 3 Ending Explained

Shades Of Blue Season 3 Ending Explained
Shades Of Blue Season 3 Ending Explained

The Shades of Blue season 3 finale gave viewers a satisfying, touching conclusion even though the program didn’t quite live up to its full promise. In the season finale “By Virtue Fall,” Harlee is at the hearing against the dishonest Captain Ramsay after finally shooting the nasty FBI agent Stahl in the previous episode (Bruce McGill, The I-Land). The only problem is that Cole, the member of the Intelligence Unit who is expected to give the devastating testimony, does not appear. Harlee delays the hearing and discovers Cole departing the city on a ship, but despite persuading her to do the same, she decides to see it through.

Wozniak sets up a meeting with a cartel ally and tapes an accusatory dialogue between him and Ramsey during this time. Harlee plays the recording for the police commission after receiving it from Wozniak. The most dramatic scene in the Shades of Blue season 3 finale occurs when Ramsey asserts that the chat is merely a component of an undercover investigation. The hearing is effectively ended when Harlee admits to accidentally shooting an innocent dock worker and then covering it up.

The conclusion of Shades of Blue then fast-forwards to show Ramsey being slain by Wozniak during a prisoner transfer. In the last scene, Wozniak leads Harlee to her cell, where she settles in with a serene expression after finally eliminating the department’s corrupt officials and atoning for her wrongdoings. Wozniak is also charged with monitoring Cristina, Harlee’s daughter, while she is incarcerated. With Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta once again turning in great performances, the Shades Of Blue season 3 finale offered the program a befitting send-off.

In the suspenseful series finale, long-kept secrets are exposed as Wozniak and the cast scurry to support Harlee as she calls a police commission to stop Ramsey. Uncovering treachery is Harlee. Cole tries to stay out of reach of Ramsey. Wozniak tries to reach a compromise with the intelligence division. Wozniak organizes the team to launch a perilous and audacious attack on the intelligence unit, but Harlee’s unexpected clash puts the whole plan in jeopardy.

There is no feeling of relative closure for Harlee Santos. Currently deceased, Stahl passed away during a conflict that took place inside her house. One thing was generally clear throughout the episode: From the moment he walked into her home, there was a reasonably good chance that he would not survive. In all honesty, we’re not even convinced he ever intended to escape alive. He was probably searching for a conclusion. For either her or him. He was chosen by Harlee with a little assistance from Cristina.

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