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Siren Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Speculation and More!

Siren is an American TV Drama that debuted in March 2018. It comes under the genre of drama, thrill, fantasy, and mystery. Siren was created by Dean White and Eric Wald. There has been a total of three seasons of Siren till now. The last, third season was released in January 2019. Till then there have not been any further seasons. We expect that Siren Season 4 will release very soon.

This show has been very popular among the viewers since the first season. Siren is a worthy watch for those who believe in Mythical Beings. 

Siren revolves mainly around the story of a mermaid who is referred to as Siren throughout the show. It covers the story of a young siren, Ryn Fisher who went to a small coastal town to look for her abducted older sister. 

The Show was earlier named The Deep. Ever since, season 3, viewers have been eager to see the world of mermaids once again. This article will cover every detail you need to know about Siren Season 4.

Siren Season 4 Release Date 

Initially, the makers planned for Siren to end with 3 seasons. But looking at the popularity of this series, there are chances that the makers might consider giving it another new season. Fans are eagerly waiting to dive once again into the waters of Mermaids.

As of now, there is no official update regarding Siren Season 4. All we know is that the series got delayed due to the pandemic. 

There were even rumors that season 4 got canceled due to the production delays. Earlier it was set to release in November 2021 and now we are uncertain whether it will release or not.

Siren Season 4 Cast and Characters

Siren Season 4 Cast and Characters

It is obvious that whenever Siren Season 4 will return, it will be with the same cast and characters. The cast members of Siren are –

  • Eline Powell as Ryn Fisher. Ryn Fisher is the main lead role of this series, Siren. Ryn is a strange young mermaid who went on an adventure to find her elder sister who was accidentally abducted by some fishermen. Ryn was Ben and Maddie’s lover. She even mated with a merman from another colony and has a daughter named Hope. Ryn uses a melodious hypnotic siren song on humans as a defensive measure.
  • Alex Roe as Ben Powell. Ben was a marine biologist who helped Ryn when she first came to the imaginary coastal town. Ben got affected by the siren song of Ryn and later became her lover. To help Ryn, he even injected himself with stem cells of a partially transferred mermaid corpse and developed the abilities found in merpeople. At the end of season 3, Ben went missing in the ocean.
  • Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie Bishop. Maddie Bishop was also a marine biologist. Maddie was the girlfriend of Ben. Her father was the Sherrif at the coastal town. She later became the lover of Ryn/
  • Ian Verdun as Xander McClure. Xander McClure is a deep-sea fisherman who is curious to discover the truth about mermaids and mermen. He even joins the Sheriff’s Department in an attempt to save the ones who he cares about. In season 3, he was appointed as the new Sherrif of the coastal town.
  • Sibongile Mlambo as Donna. Donna was a powerful mermaid and the elder sister of Ryn. She was unintentionally caught by a fisherman and was taken to the military. She was killed by Xander. Her spirit helped Ryn to defend herself against her enemies.
  • Rena Owen as Helen Hawkins. Helen Hawkins was an eccentric woman who later discovered that she is from a family of merpeople/human hybrids. She was even contacted by spirits.
  • Tiffany Lonsdale as Tia. She was a strong and powerful mermaid from another colony. Her past was also illustrated in Siren. She was caught by humans when she was pregnant and she lost her unborn child as a result she went rage against the humans. She became the leader of her colony and went on a mission to eradicate humans. During season 3, Tia was killed by Ryn and the rest of Tia’s followers stopped fighting and considered of Ryn as their new leader.

Siren Season 4 Plot Speculation

Season 3 of Siren left a lot of unsolved mysteries that need an answer in Siren Season 4. Fans of siren are eagerly waiting for the new season to drop and unravel the mysteries. There is not any official synopsis of the plot but we can still speculate a few things based on the previous seasons.

The story of Siren revolved around the imaginary coastal town, Bristol Cove. There was a myth that mermaids lived in that town. Ryn went searching for her older sister who was abducted by some fishermen. 

While on her quest, she realized that her sister is dead. On her adventure, she formed bonds with some humans and even had a child with a human hybrid. Although she didn’t find her sister she fought many evils and discovered various dark secrets about the town.

In the third season, she fought Tia, who wanted to eradicate humans from Bristol Cove, and eventually became the leader of Tia’s followers. 

We can assume that the show might continue from where it hung in season 3. Ben went missing in the ocean at the end of the last season. So we can predict that the show might have a story that could be based on a rescue mission of Ben. 

Ryn has also become a leader. Siren Season 4 could explore more of her leadership and how she manages herself between her daughter and her followers. 

It is sure that whenever Siren will return with season 4, it will be a complete package of fantasy, drama, mysteries and thrill.

Siren Season 4 Trailer

We are unsure whether the Siren will return with a new season or not. It is then unreasonable to predict the release of the trailer. There has been no official word regarding the trailer release. So till then, we can only hope for the trailer to release soon.

Where can we watch Siren Season 4?

Until the release of the new season of Siren. You can re binge-watch the previous three seasons of this American television series. During three seasons, this series has a total of 36 episodes. Siren is available to stream on Hulu and you can even watch it on Amazon Prime Video through purchase options.

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