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Someone Has to Die Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More!

Someone Has to Die Season 2 is a Spanish-Mexican streaming Television series. The show is a mini TV series that belongs to the thriller genre. The show in spaning means as Alguien tiene que morir. Manolo Caro creates the series and it is written by Fernando Perez, Monika Revilla, and Manolo Caro.

The show’s executive producers are Rafael Ley, Carlos Taibo, and Maria Jose Cordavo, and the company producing the was is Noc Noc Cinema. The franchise sold its streaming rights to Netflix. The show has released season 1 which only had 3 episodes as I said before it’s a mini-TV series. Someone Has to Die was released worldwide on 16 October 2020 and all the episodes were released at once only. The show did not receive favorable reviews. The show has a score of 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

The show Someone Has to Die Season 2 deals with homophobia, conservatism, family, and change against a backdrop of 1950s Spain. This was Caro’s first Non-Comedic work that was entirely made in Spain.

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Plot

Some has to Die Season 2 is a three-part Spanish limited series, that is a tragedy through and through. The series is set in the 1950s in the city of Francisco when Franco’s authoritarian rule was there in Spain. The story follows an upper-class regime family, to be more precise, the family’s scion. Gabino returns from Mexico to his family in Spain when his father Gregorio calls him. Gregorio is a deputy director of a special prison for gay, lesbian, and transgender folk, and not only that, but he also is an authoritative conservative, but overall, a despicable man.

Gregorio is only a product of how he was raised. He is like this because of the way he was raised and treated when he was a kid. It is said that kids learn everything from their parents, the saying goes all correct for Gregario. but the real villain in the story is someone else. Yes, you are heard right, Gregario is not the actual villain but Amparo who is a family Matriarch is the real villain in the story.

Gabino meets his friend who is a ballet dancer in Mexico after coming back. His friend accompanied him while he was returning back. The name of his friend was Lazaro. Initially, when people saw them, they suspected them to be more than friends but Lazaro is a straight man and is just a friend of Gabino. They suspected Lazaro to be gay which was not true, but Gabino was in love with him. And this is the start of the tragedy. The woman he’s supposed to marry, Cayetana, finds Lazaro attractive and even tries to seduce him.

Alonso Cayetana’s brother is also gay but he’s a closeted man, which makes him act out against Gabino. The only positive thing about all of this is Gabino’s mother, who is the only person who understands Gabino’s plight, falls in love with Lazaro. The series is a tale of endless tragedies, one over the other, all jumbled up in what was possibly the most regressive age in all of Spain’s history. The three-part series ends with Cayetana catching Mina and Lazaro having sex. Gregorio is caught between the shame of having a gay son and an adulterous wife. Gabino is ashamed of the activities shown by his wife.

But he decides the latter is worse. When he forces Gabino to shoot them, Alonso intervenes and kills Gregorio. Later Amparo kills Alonso. She then shoots Lazaro in the foot and finally in the chest, blaming all the misfortunes in the family on him. Finally, Gabino is left to confront her. After all this, Gabino confronts his mother and reminds her that she is the one who killed his grandfather and manipulated him to forget about it during his childhood. Gabino kills her mother.

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Cast

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Cast

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Cast is somewhat going to be similar to season 1 along with the addition of a few new characters. We are not sure about who all are going to join the second season of Someone has to die as new characters but we can tell you about the main characters from season 1 who will be seen in season 2 for sure. we are here with a list of people who will be seen in season 2-

Carmon Maura is seen as Amparo Falcón. He is the family matriarch and is also seen to be playing the role of the main villain in the story.

Cecilia Suarez is seen as Mina Falcón. She is the mother of Gabino and also the only one who understands Gabino’s feelings toward Lazaro.

Ernesto Alterio is seen as Gregorio Falcón

Alejandro Speitzer is seen playing the role of Gabino Falcón. He is the main character of the series who seems to be gay and the entire story revolves around him.

Issac Hernandez seen as as Lázaro. He is his friend of Gabino and also the one with whom Gabino falls in love.

Ester Exposito is seen as Cayetana Aldama. She is the wife of Gabino and catches mina having intimate scenes with Lazaro.

Someone Has to Die Season 1 Ending Explained

Someone Has to Die Season 1 Ending Explained

Someone Has to Die Season 1 ended with Ctettrena catching mina having sex with Lazaro. Gabino is ashamed of the fact that he has an adulterous Mother. Gregario feels sad about the fact that his wife is having an extramarital affair with Lazaro and also feels bad about having a gay son. Gabino confronts his mother about his childhood secret and killed her. Alonso kills Gregario and inturns gets killed by Ampara. Someone Has to Die Season 1 ends with Gabino and Mina both staring at the corpse of the man they loved – Lazaro.

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Release Date

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Release Date

Someone Has to Die Season 2 release date is not confirmed yet. The creators have not given any clue related to the release of Someone Has to Die Season 2 but as the series was a limited series, we are expecting season 2 to release soon. Once we get any updates, will update you all about the same.

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Trailer

Someone Has to Die Season 2 Release Date is not yet confirmed and that is why we do not have any official trailer for season 2. Once the season 2 renewal is confirmed, we can expect a trailer within a month or so.

Where to Watch Someone Has to Die Season 2?

Someone Has to Die Season 2 is available on Netflix. Go and watch now this short Spanish series.

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