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Take Two Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More!

Take Two Season 2 is an American drama series. Take Two falls under the genre of Crime, Comedy-drama. This spellbinding series was created by Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller. The series premiered on American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in 2018. This exciting series has bagged the Leo Award in 2019 for best picture editing in a dramatic series.

The series, at present, consists of 1 season,  which has a total of 13 episodes and has successfully grabbed the attention of its viewers. The series has received an average rating of 7.1 on 10 from IMDB.

Since the release of the first season, the fans are eagerly looking forward to the release of Take-Two Season 2.

Take Two Season 2 Cast

Take Two Season 2 Cast
Take Two Season 2 Cast

There has been no recent news about the release of any new season from the creators of Take Two.  However, we can expect the cast members to remain somewhat the same as the season 1 of the series. Here is a list of all the characters who appeared in season 1 of Take-Two.

  • Rachel Bilson as Sam Swift. She plays the leading role as a central character in the series. Sam is a successful actress who has played the role of a detective in a famous TV Show, Hot Suspect. Her acquaintance with Eddie, a Private Investigator, changes her view over her new role as an investigator in an upcoming movie where she was assigned the role of an actress.
  • Eddie Cibrian as Eddie Valetik. Eddie is a Private Investigator in real life. He plays a significant role in the series as Sam’s greatest companion. Sam gains a lot of experience about her role as a detective after hanging around with Eddie.
  • Alice Lee as Monica.  She is Sam’s assistant and she is pursuing her PhD in Psychology.
  • Aliyah O’Brien as Christine Rollins. She plays the role as Detective Chris.
  • Jordan Gavaris as Mick English – a medical examiner.
  • Lamont Thompson as Zeus – Eddie’s former assistant.
  • Brian Markinson as Judge Noah B. Chambers
  • Heather Doerksen as Sydney – Sam’s Agent.
  • Colin Lawrence as Jay Elder
  • Eric Keenleyside as Harry Buttler
  • Micah Joe Parker as Tyler Rollins
  • Seamus Dever as Todd Garlin
  • Sara Canning as Melissa Larson
  • Greyston Holt as Dylan
  • Nicholas Coombe as Copper Winston
  • Rob LaBelle as Cam Adams
  • Hrach Titizian as Aram Nazarian

Take Two Season 2 Plot

Take Two Season 2 Plot
Take Two Season 2 Plot

Coincidence is one of the characteristic elements that make Take-Two so worth watching and enjoyable for its fans. The story primarily portrays the professional domain of two individuals, Sam and Eddie. It is a beautifully woven tale following the lives of two characters, where viewers can explore the underlying contrast between life on screen and life in real.

Sam Swift, who is an actress by profession, has gained much fame from her role as a cop in a TV series. However, her life takes a turbulent turn towards worse after the success of the series and she is taken for proper rehabilitation. But Sam is willing to get back on track with her career and therefore decides to take up the role assigned to her. She is asked to play the role of a private investigator in a movie. Preparation begins as Sam tries to concentrate more on the development of her role in the movie.

Sam happens to meet Eddie, a Private Investigator in real life and they both accompany each other to solve cases. This not only provides more experience to Sam in the field of her research for her role as an actor but also strengthens her bond of friendship with Eddie.

Take Two Season 2 Storyline

Take Two Season 2 Storyline
Take Two Season 2 Storyline

The storyline of Take Two deals deeply with the professional workplace of two characters who meet each other and accomplish their objectives together. The unexpected meeting results in a long-lasting impression of love and friendship in the minds of both the characters, Sam and Eddie. However the expected season 2 of the series is yet to come, but the viewers can expect the roots of Sam and Eddie’s relationship to grow more strong.

The genre of the series widely encloses deep personal feelings under the cover of the professional life of the characters. The journey through the series gets exciting and thrilling at every turn where there are mysterious happenings around the characters and challenges that they are required to face at every stage.

Take Two Season 2 Release Date

Take Two Season 2 Release Date
Take Two Season 2 Release Date

The character development in Season 1 of this Drama series has been a matter of great dissatisfaction among the viewers. Along with this, the unity of action in the plot has not been maintained according to the critics. The expectation of the viewers has not been satisfied and hence there was much negative criticism of the series among the audience.

However,  the fans are hoping for an exciting season two of the series. The ever-growing love between Sam and Eddie grabbed the attention of the viewers in season 1. After the release of the first season in 2018, the production company is in flux about the release of a second season anytime soon. Nevertheless,  there can always be a change in the decision and the fans must keep an eye on any further news regarding the release of season 2 of this exciting series.

Take Two Season 2 Trailer

Take Two Season 2 is yet to be released, and we hope that the wait for an engrossing season 2 won’t be eternal. Until then, we hope the viewers would enjoy watching the trailer of the series as well as the available episodes with fullest excitement.

Where To Watch Take Two Season 2?

Take Two Season 2 is yet to be released. However, viewers can watch Take Two season 1 by buying or renting the series from Amazon Prime website. The series is available in English with English subtitles. Apart from this, we do not have much information about any other streaming platform which is streaming season 1 of this series at the present moment.

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