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Tales By Light Season 3 Ending Explained

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Season three of Tales by Light focuses on three photographers and the tales they believe should be told. Each story is split into two sections and is spread across six episodes. For the sake of this season’s assessment, we will examine each of these stories separately before outlining our ultimate conclusions about the entire season.

Tales By Light Season 3 Recap

Tales By Light Season 3 Recap
Tales By Light Season 3 Recap

The plot of “Children in Need” is very similar to one of those Feed the Children ads that were very popular in the 1990s. Given that we are following a photographer who is taking pictures for UNICEF, both candid and formal, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The International Children’s Emergency Fund of the United Nations (UNICEF) is a charitable organization dedicated to feeding, clothing, and providing emergency treatment to children who have been affected by war and are living in poverty.

Such a 60-minute piece of programming allows for a great deal of clashing ideas. This conflict, at the very least, is a sign that the show is doing something right and that the storytelling has some degree of success.
Where we struggle is the tension between the photographer’s position as a documentarian and the feeling (however slight) that some of what is being done is exploitative, especially when going deeper into the world of poor children and child labor in other (typically third-world) nations.

It is inspiring to watch children gather rubbish to sell to support their families. The sight of the same children playing on rubbish mounds as if they were bouncy castles may be much more impactful. That kind of scene, which differs from the kinds of things I’ve already seen time and time again in videos and images of people living in the extreme poverty common in countries like this, speaks to me about their ability to persevere despite their surroundings.

The emphasis of “Paradise in Peril” is radically shifted (no pun intended) to an examination of underwater ecosystems and how humans affect them. These are among the best episodes of the show, largely due to the gorgeous sights that are on exhibit. The diversity found beneath the water, where there are hundreds of different types of fish, coral, and other organisms is mind-boggling. We’ve known this forever. While snorkeling in Mexico, we witnessed it. But seeing new versions and reliving the experience again and time again through video and photography is a true journey.

Tales By Light Season 3 Ending Explained

Tales By Light Season 3 Ending Explained
Tales By Light Season 3 Ending Explained

Tales by Light’s final batch of episodes in this season focus on the Wardaman people, one of Australia’s Aboriginal tribes. You’d be right at home with us if the name of that tribe sounded completely foreign to you, as it did to us as we observed. This is a subject that has been extensively discussed in several documentaries in the past. Most of those on the History channel are incredibly bad or boring.

The tone is appropriate for both the subject matter and the style of photography and videography. While there are undoubtedly many talks taking place where these tribesmen reside, it is the buzz of the natural environment that resonates and nearly compels us to move there.

Although it is presented to us as straightforward television, it is strange to watch because the events being seen and recorded are terrible and historic. Even for such small populations around the world, the loss of culture, language, art, and history may be unavoidable, but the least that the contemporary world can do is provide them with the opportunity to have their histories preserved through this medium.

Where To Watch Tales By Light Season 3?

Tales By Light Season 3 and other episodes are available on Netflix.

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