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Tales Of The Walking Dead Release Date, Plot, Trailer, And More

Tales of the Walking Dead is an American Anthology TV series created by Channing Powell and Scott M. Gimple. Tales of the Walking Dead is the fourth TV show of the Walking Dead franchise; the show is a spin-off to “The Walking Dead” which is based on the series of comic books written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Channing Powell, Gale Anne Hurd, and David Alpert are the show’s executive producers.

The show’s theme is to show the survival of different characters after an apocalypse. The show perfectly blended Horror and Drama. Your experience with Tales of the Walking Dead will likely depend on which episode you see, as it does with most anthologies. But despite some fragmented plot and an odd, excessively upbeat mood, the performances are engaging enough to make up for them.

Tales Of The Walking Dead Cast

Tales Of The Walking Dead Cast
Tales Of The Walking Dead Cast
  • Olivia Munn as Evie
  • Terry Crews as Joe
  • Matt Medrano as Brian
  • Parker Posey as Blair
  • Jillian Bell as Gina
  • Samantha Morton as Alpha/Dee
  • Anthony Edwards as Dr. Chauncy Everett
  • Poppy Liu as Amy Zhang
  • Jessie T. Usher as Davon
  • Danny Ramirez as Eric
  • Marvin Laviolette as Todd
  • Embeth Davidtz as Amanda
  • Kersti Bryan as Sandra

Tales Of The Walking Dead Plot

Tales Of The Walking Dead Plot
Tales Of The Walking Dead Plot

Each brand-new Tales of the Walking Dead episode features a brand-new ensemble of people and is set in a brand-new setting. Additionally, it occurs at various moments in the timeframe of the series, ranging from the beginning of the apocalypse to years and years into the future, outside of the timeline of the main show. However, the show deals with the post-apocalyptic survival of Humans. The six episodes showcase six different stories after the apocalypse.

Tales Of The Walking Dead Storyline

Tales Of The Walking Dead Storyline
Tales Of The Walking Dead Storyline

Each Paragraph explains each storyline depicted in the show.

Joe, a lonesome man who has been hiding out in a bunker since the end of the world, leaves his haven to travel 700 miles to meet with an old online buddy. Joe is forced to kill Sandra in self-defense and is saved by Evie. Evie persuades Joe that there is more to life than confining her reanimated corpse in the bunker, and they continue their adventure.

Receptionist Gina and her boss Blair, two rival office workers at an insurance company, are locked in a time loop at the start of the apocalypse and must cooperate to save their loved ones and flee Atlanta. The time loop is finally interrupted after they unite to save a sizable group of fleeing civilians from a herd and confront their fears, however, Gina proposes that, instead, they may be going through a shared delusion.

On the communal riverboat where they remain after the end of the world, Alpha, then known as “Dee,” tries to protect her daughter Lydia but becomes envious of Brooke, a neighbor who Lydia seems to enjoy and trust more. The Whisperers, who are being headed at the time by a woman by the name of Hera, discover Dee and Lydia. Later, Dee kills Hera and transforms Hera’s face into her walker mask to become the Whisperers’ leader.

Dr. Chauncey Everett, a recluse scientist and nature documentarian, joins a stranger named Amy as she searches the Dead Sector in the Wiregrass region for the survivors she was separated from. Everett begins labeling his fresh specimens for study, including the now-dead Amy, but he hesitates when he sees his old acquaintance.

Davon awakens in a small Maine hamlet strapped to Amanda’s dead body, suffering from a head wound and partial amnesia. After putting Amanda to sleep, Davon has a dream in which Amanda accuses him of murder. Garen clears Davon as Arnaud is exposed by Davon in front of the town. In retaliation, the furious parents feed Arnaud to their victims, and the abhorred Davon flees the area.

Eric and Idalia decide to try to find sanctuary at Doa Alma’s residence. She consents to feed them and allow them to remain the night, but she is sure that they must depart the following day. The two are motivated to stab each other and end up being caught in tree branches and strangers’ walkers.

Tales Of The Walking Dead Release Date

The first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead premiered on the 14th of August, 2022, and concluded with the sixth episode premiered on the 11th of September, 2022.

Tales Of The Walking Dead Trailer

The trailer for Tales of the Walking Dead is available on Rotten Tomatoes TV’s YouTube channel and Prime Video India’s official YouTube channel, released for fans in India.

Where To Watch Tales Of The Walking Dead?

Based on 29 critic reviews, the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports a 74% approval rating with an average rating of 5.95/10 and on IMDB, 6.0 out of 10 for Tales of the Walking Dead. The show is available to binge on AMC+ for foreign users and Prime Video for Indian users.

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