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The Big Conn Release Date, synopsis, Cast, and More

The Big Conn is a documentary series based on a true crime that occurred in the U.S. The story is based on the largest scam case in American history, the story revolves around Eric C. Conn, who was a lawyer, and through his obvious good skills he was able to scam the U.S government and steal about 550 million dollars from the security deposit of the country. The pun with respect to his name refers to him being a con and fraud while also being named Conn, the documentary has 4 episodes in total making it a miniseries that can be binge-watched easily.

The incident occurred in 2009, as of now the real Eric C. Conn is imprisoned but yet after 12 years since the scam his clients are suffering from the losses, recently about 500 clients came forward for their compensation and wrote a letter to President Biden on 5 of May 2021 after the documentary series was announced to be released. It seems like the people were suddenly reminded of their trauma and wanted to solve this issue even though it was quite late.

The Big Conn Release Date

The Big Conn was announced to be released on the 6 of May 2022 by Apple TV Plus.

The Big Conn Cast

The documentary does not particularly involve a set cast, the original footage of the series of incidents was used in the making of the documentary series. This makes the series much more realistic and accurate since viewers are able to hear and see the true nature of Eric and the pain the victims went through because of his crime. Ella Franzee was used in the series along with Jackson Janowicz, both are small-time actors or interested in the film industry.

What is The Big Conn all about?

The documentary series is based on true events, hard to believe but Eric was actually able to fool the U.S government and the clients who came to him. He was from Ashland Kentucky hugely known for being a competent lawyer in Appalachia and people trusted him due to his reputation. The very first scam he played was to call himself Mr. Social Security and broadcasts himself through advertisements, posters, and even on the billboard. People seemed to believe him since he was a lawyer and it is possible for him to secure such a position in the office of government.

After this, he received a great number of clients for tax management and people who were struggling with their low income. Eric scammed them all to entrust their money with him and the poor people with the hopes of gaining something to live with ended up losing everything. Even after this he played another scam wherein, he announced he was the first lawyer to visit the space, as ridiculous it may sound the people bought this fact and were thrilled by such news. He also owned a brothel which was Halloween-themed, this also contributed to people believing he was doing things for the betterment of the town along with all the rich things he owned and jobs he provided.

The documentary focuses on the victims of the scam and how they felt about Eric from beginning to the end along with how and what are the more tricks he played on the innocent people and how he was able to collect such ransom amounts.

Who are the creators of The Big Conn?

There are two creators of the documentary, James Lee Hernandez, is a visual effects artist, TV creator, and director, he has contributed to the movies Four Chaplains, Polaroid, Sticks Together, Second Chance, and The Sixth Minute, he was previously nominated for the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Picture Editing for a Nonfiction Program.

Brian David Lazarte is a producer and editor best known for working along McMillions, Sonic Highways, and Part of Me. He has contributed his works in the movies Frank Advice, Living in Technicolor and Under the Gun, he was previously nominated for the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Picture Editing for a Nonfiction Program as well.

The executive producers are Peter King, and Matt Kaye along with Shannon Pence is the co-executive producer. The production companies involved are McMillion$ and FunMeter.

The Big Coon Trailer

The trailer of the series or documentary to be specific was released on 21 April 2022, in the trailer, we can see a few scenes wherein how people were scammed and through what measures, a few people are shown speaking about what happened to them and how Eric was able to pull such a scam and flee.

Where to watch The Big Conn?

The Big Conn can be streamed on Apple TV Plus after the miniseries have been released.

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