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The English Game Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and More!

The English Game is a six-episode British historical sports drama Television miniseries presented by Netflix on 20th March 2020. Fans of this drama are eagerly waiting for the release of The English Game Season 2. Britain is known for their craze of Football and football fans, even though still now various professional teams and a dedicated national team.

The series was developed and created by a renowned English author of award-winning bestseller novels, actor, producers, director, and conservative peer of the House of Lords as well as an academy awardee for the screenplay, ‘Mr. Julian Alexander Kitchener Fellowes’ is the mastermind behind several TV Shows and movies such as Downtown Abbey, Gosford Park, Romeo Juliet 2013 adaptation and the tourist are some of them. The miniseries is directed by Birgitte Stuermer and Tim Fywell who is known for ‘I Capture Castle’ and ‘Ice Princess’ etc.   

The English Game Season 2 Based On True Incident?

English Game Season 2_ What is the title about_
The English Game Season 2 What is the title about?

The series is based on real incidents modified with some fictional additions and cuts that happened in the football history of England which is in a way quite surprising and the storyline of the series develops by showcasing a gradual picture of the transition of  Football from an amateur sport to a professional sport. The series also talks about the revolutionary origin roots behind the modern association of football in England. Earlier Football was a kind of sport that is way more physical – by pushing and pulling and forcing the others with anger, which is changed more in nature of the rules and laws of the game.

And these were a part of the game and one should abide by this rule. This transition of the series from a way too old to a new generation game is what this series is showcasing. The series has following and mentions many relevant topics such as race, color, and classes which were prevalent then in England. At all this show is a mirror to the English version football game which talks about various issues of the game as well as surrounding societal issues.

The English Game Season 2 Plot

The plot of English Game Season 2
The plot of The English Game Season 2

Set in 19th century Scotland and England, exactly in the 1880s when Football was becoming a popular sport and widely spread through the streets and elite households. This was the time when a Scotland native mill worker, Fergus Suter who came to England to play football. The football at that point of time was a rich men’s game and commoners who were played in that time were had to undergone several bullying and attackings from those professional and elite men.

Even though in the games, these attackings were allowed to do so. During this time in England, there were mainly three popular teams were actively participated in football matches of England, Etonians, Old Etonians, Darwen FC and Blackburn.

From these the Old Etonians, Blackburn and Darwen FC’s players were mill workers and other factory workers. And these teams were owned by mill and factory owners. They are not playing for money unlike the rich-elite club Estonians rather they play as a part time also as a matter of pride without taking money. These players from rich club has to play against there part time footballer who has to go for work in mills and who even had no enough time to practice or money to afford to buy shoes for playing.

There is a FA Cup tournament where all these teams and players has to come down and play. There comes Fergus Setur and he became the first ever fully paid footballer and he became a player in Darwen FC and later he became a part of Blackburn, because he needs money to help rescue his mother and sister from an alcholic and abusive father who made his family’s situation worse. 

While playing the game he made some strategical and helpful changes which made the game into the current stage. This renovated football strategy of him were first used by him in a match between Blackburn and Old Etonians in the final match of FC Cup. Honestly, he changed the face of football and the Blackburn team. And his story about his games and his family is what that is exploring very much in the series.  

The English Game Season 2 Cast

English Game Season 2 Cast
The English Game Season 2 Cast

The cast list of the British miniseries is consist of various familiar faces to spectators who portray the main characters such as Edward Halor as Aurther Kinnaird, Kevin Guthrie as Fergus Suter, Charlotte Hope as Margret Alma Kinnaird, Niamh Walsh as Martha Almand, Craig Parkinson as James Walsh, Joncie Elmore as Ted stokes, Peaky blinders fame Kate Philips as Laura Lyttelton and James Harkness as Jimmy Love and many more.   

The English Game Season 2 Release Date

English Game Season 2 Release Date
The English Game Season 2 Release Date

The British mini drama which stolen the hearts of football fans and lovers where helped in creating a 19 century vibe and atmosphere but the series is not entirely based on the history rather there are some tweaks and changes in storyline. It was one of the best of Netflix in the category of Sports-Historical drama at that time but didn’t helped much in the case of releasing a new season as a matter of fact. 

According to the latest reports from the reliable sources near to the creators and netflix authorities they are not in talks for a further season which makes us to believe the fact that unfortunately, the series is not returning for a second season. But now the TUDUM events were happening as well as some other series released at the same time as English Game are getting new seasons which is somehow giving hope for an announcement regarding a new season. Which can be expect in the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.   

The English Game Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for The English Game Season 2 is not available but you can watch the trailer of The English Game Season 1 here. 

Where To Watch The English Game Season 2?

The first season of the series is available to stream in English audio with subtitles on Netflix. We don’t have any information about the streaming platform of The English Game Season 2. 

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