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The First Lady Release date, the story of political women

The first lady is an upcoming web series that portrays the political and personal life of an American political scenario going on in the white house. The show focuses on the lives of Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelts, and Betty Ford during the presidential period of their husbands. The women during the period went through extreme pressure of being the perfect lady for them to be eligible as the first lady of the United States.

The concept of the show is to make sure the life of a woman going through the stage of supporting their husband and the contributions made by them is being shown to the world in the best cinematic manner. The series first shows the senior-most first lady among them i.e, Eleanor and then Betty, then Michelle respectively. The series is predicted to be of great success and expected to have another season with Reagans, Carters, Johnsons, or even the Wilsons.

The First Lady’s Release date

The first lady has been announced to premiere on 17 of April 2022 on Showtime. The series seems to release one episode per week.

The Trailer of the first lady

The official trailer of The First Lady was released on 17th February 2022. The trailer provides a gist about the women involved and their political aims and the cautious steps they take for each decision.

Where can you watch The First Lady?

The First Lady can be watched only on the official site of showtime as of now, it is further notified to release on Netflix and Hulu.

The cast of The First Lady

The cast of The First Lady includes majorly three women playing leads. Viola Davis, seen in “The Suicide Squad” and “How to get away with a murder” was previously BAFTA awarded as best actress in supporting, playing the role of Michelle Obama in the show. Michelle Pfieffer is best known as the most prolific actress during the 1980s to 1 decade, she plays the role of Betty Ford in the show. Gillian Anderson, recognized from Sex Education and The Crown, she plays the role of Eleanor Roosevelt, she is shown to be as much help as she possibly can in order to take correct decisions.

Further, the other cats are Kiefer Sutherland playing the role of Franklin D. Roosevelt, previously winner of the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award. O-T Fagbenle, recognized from Black Widow, now playing the role of Barack Obama. The supporting characters are Dakota Fanning playing Susan Elizabeth, Lexi Underwood playing Malia Obama, Saniya Sidney as Sasha Obama and Regina Taylor playing Marian Shields.

What is The First Lady all about?

The First Lady consists of 10 episodes in total, these episodes show the struggles of the three first ladies who overcame personal, societal, and political struggles alongside their presidential husbands. The issue of the decisions taken unofficially in view of American leadership is shown. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the first among the first ladies in the white house who stood up to make decisions and contribute to making policies.

She was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd president during the year 1933 to 1945 which is until his death. Eleanor contributed greatly with respect to poverty and civil rights, she believed in women’s independence in a male dominating world. Betty Ford, wife of Gerald Ford who was posted as POTUS during the year 1974 to 1977.

Betty was extremely indulged in the equal rights issue in the states and also promoted raising funds for cancer. She also opened up an association for people fighting alcoholic behavior, the association was called Betty Ford Centre for addiction.

Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama the 44th president during the year 2009 and 2017, she initially was a lawyer in Chicago and later becomes the first lady, in the series shows the constant racism she received from the public especially before taking the stand for the first lady and how she handled the situation for her and her husband. The show reveals the passion for honest substances and the passion for political obligations and power.

The creators of The First Lady

The show was directed by Susanne Bier, best known for her work in Brother and The Night Manager. She has been noted to create movies and series in a most honest manner with practically no false content. Along with creator Aaron Cooley, he also contributed to The First Lady as a beginner in the industry. A few production agencies that are involved are JuVee Productions, Welle Entertainment, Gaspin Media, and Lionsgate Television.

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