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The Great Passage Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More!

The Great Passage (Japanese: Fune Wo Amu) is a popular Japanese Television series, which falls under the category of anime. The well-received TV series has been adapted from the novel “Great Passage”, which is written by Shion Miura. Fans of this show are eagerly waiting for The Great Passage Season 2.

The series, originally directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi, came out on Television in 2016 and went on to win the New Face Award at the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival. The series successfully portrays the work culture in Japan, while simultaneously highlighting the sole purposes of a human’s life. The story explores the virtues of sincerity, friendship, and responsibility through the characters,  where the interplay of knowledge and wisdom plays a significant role in parallel.

The title of the series can be translated from Japanese to English as “Weaving A Ship”. As we start our journey through the series, we can uncover the true symbols lying beneath the image of a ‘Ship’. The story revolves around the compilation of a dictionary named ” Great Passage” at the dictionary editorial department at Genbu. Matsumoto, an elderly professor, who works as an advisor for the compilation of the dictionary rightly points out – “Compiling a dictionary requires patience and attention to detail, an indulgence for words but not overly so, while also having a wide perspective.”

It is through the collective efforts of a veteran editor, Kouhei Araki (who decides to retire because of his wife’s illness), Mitsuya Majime, and Masashi Nishioka, that the Genbu editorial department comes up with the new dictionary called ‘The Great Passage’.

The dictionary has been symbolized as a ‘ship’ that can cross the ‘Ocean of Words’. Here, it is important to notice that words are important to express one’s feelings and therefore, communicate properly. Hence, the struggle to compile a dictionary unites every character and evidently brings out the underlying traits of each character.

This article will cover all the details and information you might need regarding the release of The Great Passage Season 2.

The Great Passage Season 2 Cast

The Great Passage Season 2 Cast
The Great Passage Season 2 Cast

The official cast for The Great Passage Season 2 is not yet revealed. We suspect that the new season might retain its characters from the first season. The characters whom we expect to return in The Great Passage Season 2 are –

  • Tetsuo Kanao as Kouhei Araki. Araki is a veteran editor at Genbu’s editorial department. He has worked for many years and has put in a lot of effort in compiling the dictionary, “The Great Passage”. However, he decides to retire to support his ill wife and promises to find a perfect successor for his position.
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Mitsuya Majime. Majime is the central character of the series. Initially, Majime is seen to be an employee in the sales department at Genbu Publishing. He has immense knowledge of words and their application and he often uses his knowledge to interpret the ‘mood or air’ of any situation. He was chosen for the position of editor at Genbu Publishing by Araki for his expertise in knowledge of words. Majime finds it difficult to express his feelings in front of people, therefore faces a hard time confessing his love for Kaguya. Later, he takes help from Nishioka to write a love letter for Kaguya. We find Majime becoming the Chief Editor of the Dictionary Editorial department in the later episodes.
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Masashi Nishioka. Nishioka is one of the editors of Genbu Publishing. He becomes a very close friend of Majime and advises him from time to time. However, he was transferred from Editorial Department to the Public Relations department.
  • Maaya Sakamoto as Kaguya Hayashi. Hayashi is the granddaughter of Take, Majime’s landlady. She aspires to become a chef and when Majime confesses his love for her, Hayashi responds in favor. Majime and Hayashi marry in the future and she opens her own restaurant.
  • Yoshiko Sakakibara as Kaoru Sasaki. Besides being a cordial and polite person, Sasaki works as the Secretary of the Dictionary Editorial Department.
  • Yoko Hikasa as Midori Kishibe. Midori plays a vital role in the publishing of the Dictionary
  • Chiwa Sato as Remi Miyoshi. Remi is involved in a secret affair with Nishioka. They were schoolmates in the past. Later, Remi marries Nishioka.
  • Mugihito as Tomosuke Matsumoto. An elderly professor and advisor to the Dictionary editorial team. Matsumoto is wise and has contributed to the publication of several dictionaries with Araki.
  • Ikuko Tani as Take. Take is Majime’s landlady. She is a gentle and kind lady, besides being the grandmother of Kaguya, whom Majime marries.

The Great Passage Season 2 Plot Overview

The Great Passage Season 2 Plot
The Great Passage Season 2 Plot

The Great Passage echoes the power of words. The anime series is set in Japan, where Matsuya Majime, a sales worker at Genbu Publishing House, is very sincere about his work and very organized by nature. Araki, a senior editor at a Dictionary Editorial company discusses with Matsumoto, an experienced advisor, about his retirement from the position of editor for the long-term illness of his wife but swears to find a perfect successor for his position.

Meanwhile, Araki comes to know from Nishioka about Majime, whom Nishioka finds a little weird for his approach towards a simple word -‘ air’. He tells Araki about their brief interaction and Araki decides to meet Majime. On seeing Majime’s skills at organizing tasks and his strong grip over words, Araki is pleased and resolves to hire him for the position of Editor for the Dictionary Editorial House. Majime starts working, and puts his efforts into compiling and publishing “The Great Passage”. He also becomes a close friend with Nishioka in the meantime and both share their life situations with each other.

The series also explores the struggle and perseverance of every character at a microcosmic level. The struggle to build a ship (compile a dictionary), that can cross the Ocean of words (encapsulate deep human emotions). In a parallel, Majime, as an individual, however, is not good at expressing his own feelings. The irony in the plot brings out a deep contrast between an individual’s personal character and his professional approach to work.

The united efforts of Majime, Nishioka, and Hikasa results in the successful publication of “The Great Passage”. The series is a celebration of human relationships, the bond of trust, and love, and more importantly, the expression of one’s feelings. The plot might, however from the surface level, appear to be revolving around the compilation of a dictionary to express the deepest of emotions, but symbolically, it portrays a human’s difficulty in expressing the deepest feelings, and therefore he needs to strive to cross the vast ocean of words with a ship of his own general emotions.

The Great Passage Season 2 Release Date

The Great Passage Season 2 Release Date
The Great Passage Season 2 Release Date

After the release of The Great Passage Season 1 in 2016, which was premiered on Fuji TV, by Zexcs Studio The Great Passage Season 2 was expected to come in 2018, but not much was informed to viewers about the second season by the direction or the production team. However, we hope the wait is not eternal and there would be some positive information about the release of The Great Passage Season 2 real soon.

Where to Watch The Great Passage?

The first season of The Great Passage is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the streaming platform of The Great Passage Season 2.

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