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The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More!

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The Gymnastics Samurai is a Japanese series. it is an animated television series about Gymnastics. the series was produced by MAPPA. MAPPA is a Japanese animation studio located in Tokyo. it was founded by Madhouse and producer Masao Maruyama. The show is known as Taiso Samurai in Japanese. The show is directed by Hisatoshi Shimizu and the plot is created by Shigeru Murakoshi. The first season was aired on 11 October 2020.

In a very short period, it has gained a huge fan base as it is a sports-related animation series that is very rarely produced these days. Season 1 has 12 episodes and was concluded in December 2020. After that, the fans are waiting for season 2 of the show. the debut drama received a positive response from the audience. the show holds a score of 7.29 on the MyAnime list.

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The Gymnastics Samurai season 2 plot

The Gymnastics Samurai season 2 plot
The Gymnastics Samurai season 2 plot

The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Plot revolves around a guy named Jotaro Aragaki. he is a Gymnast. His nickname is Samurai because of his style. he was a former Olympian but still could never get a gold medal. He suffered a shoulder injury just after the death of his wife. due to the shoulder injury, he was advised to take retirement from gymnastics by his coach Noriyuki Amakusa. while considering retirement, he takes his daughter Rei to Edo Wonderland. In Wonderland he meets a Ninja named Leo. Leo goes to drop them at their home and befriends them. later when he was announcing their retirement at a press conference, he decides to continue pursuing his career in Gymnastics.

The Gymnastics Samurai season 2 cast

The Gymnastics Samurai cast is commendable. the creators have chosen every character very minutely. we are not sure about who will be seen in season 2 but one thing we are sure about is that a few characters surely going to be seen in season 2 because without them it is incomplete.

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Jotaro Aragaki is nicknamed “The Samurai” because he is a gymnast. he is the main character of the story and the whole story revolves around him. he belongs to Yotsube sports. due to his shoulder injury, he was advised to take retirement from Gymnastics.

Leonardo Sturges nicknamed “The Ninja” was a former ballet dancer. he meets Jotaro and Rei at the Edo Wonderland where Jotaro took his daughter while he was considering to take retirement from gymnastics. later Leo befriends them and goes to drop them home.

Tetsuo Minamino is a 17-year-old gymnast nicknamed ” The Bandana Princess” she is considered to be the upcoming star. she gets disappointed when she gets to know that Jotaro is thinking to take retirement from a gymnast.

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Noriyuki Amakusa is a long time gymnastic coach and a good friend of Jotaro.

Rei Aragaki is the daughter of Jotaro. she is in 4th grade but seems to be very mature. after the death of her mother, she manages to takes care of the house when Jotaro is away.

Tomoyo Aragaki is the mother of Rei and wife of Jotaro Aragaki. she dies at the start of the series.

Mari Aragaki is Jatoro’s mother and the grandmother of Rei Aragaki.

Bigbird Aragaki is a South American bird. she is Aragaki’s pet. Bigbird can speak and seems to have a basic understanding of the Japanese language.

Naohika Nakanomori is called as “Tecchan” and is Tetsuo’s coach.

Atsushi is a young gymnast and holds a good reputation for being good at the Pommel horse.

Hiro Okamachi was a gymnast who won both the All Japan Championship and the NHK cup. he goes to Shirando University.

Britney is the one who treated Jotaro and helped his shoulder injury to get better. she is an acupunturist.

it does not stop here. there are a few more new characters who are going to be seen in season 2 to add spice to the show

Ending of The Gymnastic Samurai season 1

The Gymnastic Samurai season 1 end was fantabulous. it had everything that an ending deserves and all that as an audience we like to see. it was a sports animation series and it did justice to the title of the show. Jotaro finally decides to continue pursuing his career in Gymnastics. Rei is also seen as a powerful character without whose impact the series had been incomplete. Rei is the connecting link between Jotaro and Leo. she gets them together in the final battle of the story. Leo served as a motivation in Jotaro’s life after the death of his wife.

the end forms a web where everyone is motivating and encouraging each other which justifies the theme of the show, ‘we are better when we are doing things for people. Jotaro is victorious in the end. the end ties up all the loose ends of the story and that is why it is a must-watch show.

The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Release Date

The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 is still a mystery for all of us. there is no news about its renewal but we are expecting to get a surprise from the creators of the show. after the huge success of season 1, we are expecting a brand new season soon. According to the previous release date of season 1, we can expect to see season 2 of this sports anime by the end of 2023.

The Gymnastic Samurai Season 2 Trailer

there is no official announcement for the renewal of the show, The Gymnastics Samurai new season. season 1 was commendable, and after its huge success audience is waiting eagerly for season 2 as well. no trailer has been released by the makers of the show. once they confirm the release of season 2, we can expect a trailer soon.

Where to watch The Gymnastic Samurai Season 2

originally sports anime is a cable television series and can be watched on cable television. it is also available on online streaming platforms like Funimation. or justwatch.

stay tuned for more updates regarding your favorite shows. till then go and enjoy The Lords of the Rings: The Rings of Power

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