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The I-Land Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot Speculation and More!

The I-Land is an American science-fiction thriller television series created by Anthony Salter and produced by Neil LaBute, Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev. The first season of The I-Land was released in September 2019 on Netflix. It got an average reception from the critics but the audience of this specific genre liked this show. They have been anticipating the release of The I-Land Season 2 since the release of the first season of this American Television Series.

The story is set in a fictional theme. A group of ten people wake up on a deserted island and have no memory of their past. They eventually started splitting up due to their differences. It is soon discovered that they are in a simulation world created by a computer and are there for a rehabilitation simulation for the crimes they committed. This show was a delight-worthy watch for those who like scientific dramas. 

The first season of The I-Land premiered on Netflix in 2019 with just seven episodes. It comes under the category of a mini-series. The average runtime of each episode was around 35 to 45 minutes. The craze of the simulation world made the fans curious for The I-Land Season 2. This article will cover every detail and information you might need regarding the release of The I-Land Season 2. 

The I-Land Season 2 Plot Speculation 

The I-Land Season 2 Plot Speculation
The I-Land Season 2 Plot Speculation

The show started with an interesting mystery. Ten strangers woke up on an unknown deserted tropical island with no memory of their past. The desert was completely inhabited. 

They had no memory of who they were and how they got there. Each of the ten had a name printed on their cloth tags. Initially, the group decided to ally together but their difference in priorities caused them to clash. 

One of them, Chase wanted to investigate the island. She was curious to find out more about the island and wanted to unravel the mystery, of how they got there. However, she was not widely supported by the other members of the group and some of them even wanted to get intimate with her forcefully. 

As the show proceeded, one of the ten, Brody was found dead. Broad was always suspicious of Chase and the two didn’t get along well. This was why Chase was assumed and was found accountable for the death of Brody. 

Chase then unexpectedly woke up in a futuristic prison. There she discovered that the island was nothing but a simulation created by a computer. She and the other nine people were violent crime prisoners and were on the island as a rehabilitation simulation. 

Their minds were put in the simulation created by the computer to test their behaviour and how well they get along. It was created to make the ten get rid of their old behaviour. 

The island simulation had some rules for its proper functioning and working. Anybody who died in the simulation also dies in real life. This was because their minds were put on the island. If the mind senses an injury then the physical body will also feel the same injury even though it was just imaginary. 

Death causes a huge trauma to a body and even stops its functionality. So if the mental sense of a person encounters death then he may also die in reality. This is how Brody died in the simulation as well as in reality. 

Two prison marshal avatars were also released in the island simulation which caused the group to fight and split up. Moreover, the memories of the prisoners seemed to be returning which caused further clashes between them. The confusion and complication between the group eventually caused them to split. 

The show then took up a high note and ended its story through a series of twists and turns. It showed us, how the group managed their survival in the simulation world even after their complications.

The official synopsis or brief of The I-Land Season 2 could give us a sneak peek of the storyline of the upcoming season however it is not yet released. We suspect that the new season could explore some more bits of the simulation world. It could also focus on the backstory of the ten members. 

The I-Land Season 2 Cast and Characters 

The I-Land Season 2 Cast and Characters
The I-Land Season 2 Cast

The official cast for The I-Land Season 2 is unknown but we can assume that most of the characters might reprise their roles from the first season. The cast and characters who we expect might return to The I Land Season-2 are – 

  • Natalie Martinez as Gabriela Chase. Chase came from the military department and was accused of her own mother’s murder. She was married to Cooper and he was the one who framed her in her mother’s murder case. 
  • Kate Bosworth as KC. She was a waitress who was imprisoned for murdering her two sons. She was abused by her husband and had an extramarital affair with a man from Chicago. She and her husband had a rift in which they came to a conclusion that the two might get divorced however, her husband claused that she could never see her sons again. 
  • Ronald Peet as Cooper. He was the husband of Chase. He was also from a military background. Cooper accidentally killed his mother-in-law and framed Chase for the murder. However, both of them were imprisoned for the crime.
  • Kyle Schmid as Moses. He planned a gas pipeline explosion and was arrested after he killed several workers at the pipeline site.
  • Sibylla Deen as Blair. She was a nurse who practised euthanasia and killed many of her patients.
  • Gilles Geary as Mason
  • Anthony Lee Medina as Donovan
  • Kota Eberhardt as Taylor
  • Michelle Veintimilla as Hayden
  • Alex Pettyfer as Brody

The I-Land Season 2 Release Date 

We don’t have any precise detail regarding the release date of The I-Land Season 2. It may release once the show has been renewed by the makers for a second season. Until then, we can only hope for it to release soon.

The I-Land Season 2 Trailer 

As of now, there is no trailer for The I-Land Season 2. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of the first season of this American thriller mini-series and can speculate on a plot for the new season.

Where to watch The I-Land?

The I-Land was officially premiered on Netflix. We expect that The I-Land season 2 might also mark its release on Netflix only. Till then, you can re-watch The I-Land on Netflix exclusively.

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