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The Magicians Season 6 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More!

The Magicians Season 6 is an American fantasy. it is a television series. who does not like magic? we all love it right? yes, we do that’s why Harry Potter was our favorite show. The Magicians is also a fantasy creation exploring the aspects of the magical world.

The Magician series is based on a novel named the same, for adults by author Lev Grossman in 2009. the series aired on SyFy. the series was first placed in May 2015 and was released on December 16, 2015. Season 1 had 13 episodes in total. the series is produced by Michael London, Janice William, and Sera Gamble. the last season 5 premiered in January 2019.

The Magician is a story of a student who went to a magic school in New York. since the release of its last season, the audience is screaming for season 6. the series holds a huge fan base because of its creative plot. it holds an IMDb rating of 7.6/10

The Magicians Season 6 Plot


The Magician Season 6 Plot revolves around a boy named Quentin Coldwater who goes to a university in New York to learn magic. he discovers that the book which he used to read about the magical world in his favorite fantasy series, Fillory and Feather is real. concomitantly, his childhood friend Julia also wanted to join magic school but she was debarred from entering the school. after that, the girl starts searching for a magic school outside the university.

As the series progress, Quentin realizes that the magical world is more dangerous than he can ever imagine it to be. as the series progress Quentin realizes that to learn magic, he should learn different languages. as he reached the third year of his college, they are assigned a discipline but Quentin did not manifest that so he was put in a physical group with Alice.

In the fourth year, they are all sent to Brakebills South in Antarctica where they learned in silence. Alice and Quentin come into a relationship. during the summer vacation Quentin meets Julia and she reveals that even though she gave the exam for magic school but failed to clear it. after graduation, Quentin and the other kids move to Manhattan where they enjoyed doing hedonistic pursuits. one fine night when drunk Quentin sleeps with Janet after which Quentin and Alice broke up.

The magicians enter Fillory. eventually, they set to enter Ember’s Crown to take the crown of Martin Chatwin so that they can establish themselves as the new Kings and Queens of Fillory. Ember, the ram god of Fillory. Alice sacrifices herself to kill Martin. after 6 months, Quentin regains his consciousness in the care of Fillorian Centaurs. other magicians went back to earth as they thought Quentin will never come back. after going back to earth Quentin is depressed as he has lost Alice. he decided to go to Fillory to hunt down the Questing beast but it was unable to grant his wishes of getting Alice back to life.

Quentin decides to renounce magic as he realized that his power search has only caused problems and nothing more. later he joins a high-paying job in Brakebills but is still depressed. so he enters Fillory to become his king and later realizes that it was Alice’s own choice on the quest.

The Magicians Season 6 Cast


The Magicians Season 6 Cast is still very unpredictable after what happened at the end of season 5. we are expecting to see a few new characters along with a few old ones. we cannot guess the new characters but can surely give you a hint of all the old characters going to be a part of season 6

here is a list of few characters who are going to be seen in The Magicians Season 6-

Jason Ralph who is seen as Quentin Coldwater. he is the main character of the story so his presence is a must. he becomes the king of Fillory and starts ruling. Quentin also plays a character in other timeline where he is Penny-23.

Stella Maeve plays the role of Julia Wicker, Quentin’s childhood friend. she could not get admitted to the magic school but was later recruited ad hedge witches, which are self-taught magicians. Maeve also portrays the sister of the Monster at the End of the World, inhabiting Julia’s body, in season 4

Hale Appleman seen as Eliot Waugh who was Quentin’s senior at Brakebills.

Arjun Gupta seen as Willian “Penny” Adiyodi was Quentin roommate and peer.

Rick Worthy as Henry Fogg, the Dean of Brakebills.

Brittany Curran seen as Fen, is the Fillorian wife of Eliot.

The Magicians Season 5 Ending

Season 5 ending was planned long back when the season started. we kind of knew that we are going to destroy Fillory and the same had happened in season 5. Quentin enters Fillory and becomes the King. Eliot got the bracelet which allowed him to see Charlton for who he was, and Penny got a baby sling which ended up allowing him to travel. Alice dies. Julia becomes the head of Hedge witches, a place for self-taught magicians.

The Magicians Season 6 Release Date

as we said before, no announcement has been made for season 6 of the show The Magicians. the creators of the show have always come up with some surprise in every season, and that’s the reason we are still expecting them to come up with season 6. once any confirm statement is given about the new season, will update you guys. for now, all we expect in season 6 is to release soon. most probably it will come up by the end of 2023.

The Magicians Season 6 Trailer

The Magicians Season 6 is still not confirmed but as we say after every season we were unaware of the next season coming up, but it did. and the same goes for this as well. we are expecting season 6 soon. but the trailer is not yet released. once we get any confirmed news regarding the trailer, will update you, folks, soon.

Where to watch The Magicians Season 6

The Magician Season 6 will be available on Netflix, and the previous seasons will also be available on the Netflix

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