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They Call Me Magic Release Date, Time Plot, Cast, and More

Who doesn’t remember the famous basketball player Earvin Magic, Johnson? The famous basketball NBA player. He once was an inspiration to many wannabes basketball players. Now, Apple Tv has come up with a docuseries (Documentary Series) about him.

The series won’t just give us a glimpse of his life but also we will get to see the insight into what happened on the basketball team. The series will show us how Earvin Johnson got the title of Magic.

They Call Me Magic Release Date 

Magic Johnson’s fans can’t wait to know their ideal life journey. The series will have 4 episodes and is all set to release on 22 April 2020. Apple has not announced how they are going to release the series. Perhaps they will release it at once or weekly. 

They Call Me Magic Cast

The series is about Earvin Johnson’s life, and we’ll be seeing his family and friends as part of the series.

The main casts are-:

  • Earvin Magic Johnson
  • Cookie Johnson, Earvin’s wife
  • EJ Johnson, Earvin’s Daughter
  • Larry Bird, a professional basketball player
  • LL Cool J is an American rapper and Earvin’s Friend
  • Snoop Dogg is an American rapper and Earvin’s Friend
  • And some other known faces. 

What is They Call Me Magic about?

The Docuseries will be in the form of interviews, the series will be a ride to Earvin’s personal and professional life. And we may be able to see what Earvin was like, before becoming the Magic. And not just a basketball player but also an icon that the whole world admires.

Earvin was forced to retire because of contracting HIV but he fought his best and played until his official retirement. The series will also consist of intimate interviews that will reveal stories we never knew before. The fans will get to hear the magic himself about his experience and if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know she will?

They Call Me Magic Trailer

They call me a magic trailer that gives a glimpse of his life. With magic telling his story, the trailer also reveals some unseen pictures of the living legend.

They Call Me Magic Plot

They call me the magic plot is all about Earvin and his NBA journey and his struggle with HIV and still being able to play till his official retirement.

Where you can watch they call me magic

The magic will be available on the Apple Tv Plus. The subscription starts from 4.99 $ per month.

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