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Thirty Nine Episode 6 Release Date, Cast, Expectation, and Much More

Thirty-Nine is an ongoing South Korean drama by JTBCs and is available on Netflix. Thirty-Nine is directed by Kim Sang Ho who has dramas such as Age of Youth 2 and Ping Pong Ball. The script was written by Yoo Young Ah who wrote Encounter and My Annoying Brother.

Thirty-nine is the comeback drama of one of the most versatile and loved actresses Son Ye-jin after her best “Crash Landing on you”. Thirty-nine is one of the most anticipated dramas with great reviews and ratings within the release of a few episodes. Son Ye-jin shares the screen with Jeon Mi-do, an amazing actress from the hospital playlist, and Kim Ji-Hyun.

Thirty-nine is a visual emotional roller-coaster. The drama keeps you involved by twists passing every episode. Three people meet by an accident during their high school years and stick by each other as they grow old. Until one call ruins, everything and one among them is terminally ill. Do they lose hope? or do they make the best of the time left with them?

Thirty Nine Episode 5 Recap

Thirty Nine Episode 5 Recap
Thirty Nine Episode 5 Recap

Rachmaninoff Piano Concert number 2.

The episode begins with childhood glimpses of Mi-jo. We see a middle-aged woman doing laundry, sitting on the floor, while the room is filled with melodious music. A little girl wakes up as she hears the music and unknowingly starts comforting her. She has a little chat with the lady who turns out to be her mother. Later in the episode, Mi-jo lets out her emotions as she expresses how she could never fit in and find a place that comforts her and had a hard time adjusting at “home”.She was adopted twice before she found her home as everyone thought she was arrogant and cold. None could understand her fear of abandonment.

So won gets mad at Seon Woo as he creates a scene at the bar. Mi-jo and her friends witness the situation but decide to slide by . Seon Woo has a hard time seeing her sister working at a hostess bar. Mi-jo comforts him and builds back a healthy connection with his sister. As we anticipate things falling in place, Seon Woo’s father appears. He dislikes So won as she is adopted, probably being the reason why she left the house, living miserably.

Chan-young and Mi-jo seem deeper than it seems to be as they begin to express their feelings to each other. Chan-young decides to inform her parents about her terminal illness. She wasn’t successful at it as she burst into tears, fearing her death. Jin-Seok stays firm on his decision of taking divorce and staying by her side as long as she is alive.

Joo-hee being the sweetest of all decides to surf through the internet to make a bucket list for Chan-young. She cooks up a medicinal soup as she borrows Hyun-Joon’s kitchen for a night. Hyun-Joon has a hard time with his girlfriend and talks about it. Joo-hee decides to comfort him and help him rebuild his connection instead of hitting on him which pisses her friends off.

Chan-young discloses her bucket list. She wants to spend the rest of her life gifting everyone missing pieces of their life. Chan-young decides to find Mi-jo’s real mother and Joo-hee love of her life. She wants to ensure Jin-Soek stays married and leads a happy life without her. Doing everything possible for her parents.

Mi-jo and Seon Woo are officially seeing each other now. She gets along with So won creating a happy atmosphere until Seon Woo’s father shows up and starts yelling at him for seeing his sister. So won appeared too terrified by the encounter and wanted to run away again.

Chan-young decides to be the happiest terminally ill person in the world.

Thirty Nine Episode 7 Release date & time

Thirty Nine Episode 7 Release date & Time
Thirty Nine Episode 7 Release Date & Time

Thirty-one has successfully delivered 6 great episodes depicting a deep and strong bond of friendship and love. Episode 7 of Thirty Nine will be airing on March 3, 2022, at 10.30 PM KST/ 8.30 AM ET at JTBC.

The show airs on Netflix at :

Pacific Time: 7 AM 
Central Time: 9 AM CT 
Eastern Time: 10 AM ET 
British Time: 3 PM GMT
European Time: 4 PM CET
Indian Time: 8.30 PM IST
Philippine Time: 11 PM in the Philippines
Japan Time: 12 AM PM JST
Australian Time: 12.30 ACST
Singapore Time: 11 PM PM

Thirty Nine Episode 7 expectations

Thirty Nine Episode 7 Expectations
Thirty Nine Episode 7 Expectations

The last episode did not end on a happy note. Mi-jo is expected to build a deeper connection with So won and reveal more about her childhood. Chan-young would start working towards her bucket list while Joo-hee might realize her feelings towards Hyun-Joon.

Thirty Nine Episode 6 Online Streaming Details and where to watch

Thirty Nine Episode 6 Online Streaming Details and where to watch
Thirty Nine Episode 6 Online Streaming Details and where to watch

Thirty-Nine is a television series broadcast by the JTBC channel. The drama can be enjoyed on the original platform in South Korea. International fans can view episode 6 of ‘Thirty-nine’ on Netflix.

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