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Thirty Nine Episode 8 Release Date, Cast, and Important Updates

Thirty Nine is a melodramatic story of friendship, love, loss, and faith. Cha Mi-jo Chan young and Joo Hee have known each other since their high school days. The story keeps you hooked with unexpected twists in the story.

Thirty Nine episode 8 is one of the most awaited episodes as it would reveal a lot of hidden truths about their life. Preview of the 7 episodes of “Thirty Nine” makes the audience impatient as we see Chan-young and Jin Seok get into an accident. Joo Hee asks for help and decides to work at Hyun Joon’s Chinatown. Mi-jo has a great time with Seon Woo.

What Happened In Thirty Nine Episode 7?

Thirty Nine episode 7 Release Date, Cast, Expectations, and Much More
What Happened In The Previous Episode

Cha Mi-jo meets Seon Woo’s father for dinner. It does go well as he makes the conversation awful looking down at So Won. He passes vague statements about orphans till Mi-jo joins the conversation revealing she is an orphan herself and defends So Won. Mi-jo builds a great bond with So Won as becomes her Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto Number 2.

Seon Woo’s character is designed as the best boyfriend ever lives beyond the expectations, he does every possible thing to make Mi-jo feel better about herself and her life. Puzzles to video games, he explores all the fields for releasing stress.

Joo-Hee’s life is not as good as it seems to be as she faces a lot of criticism at work. She is usually very kind and approachable which puts her in a hard stop at times. A customer misbehaves with her, standing up for herself she decides to quit the job. She seemed very proud about herself at first but later was clueless as she had nowhere else to go.

Similar to Joo-Hee, Hyeon-jun was not living the best time of his life as his girlfriend was hesitant about his profession. He gets an offer from the Five-star hotel he once worked at, as the head chef. Hyeon-jun always wanted to be head chef at the hotel but he has different plans now. Joo-Hee and Hyeon-jun begin to spend more time together over drinks as they talk about life.

Chan-young faces a hard time telling her parents about her terminal illness. Everyone showers love on her as Jin-Seok decides to live with her till her last breath and manifests to die with her. Her friends plan a bucket list but Chan-young had different plans, she wants to spend the rest of the time finding Mi-jo’s real mother, ensuring Joo-Hee finds a decent man and stays happy for the rest of her life. Lastly, Jin-Seok does not get a divorce and hurts his son.

What To Expect In Thirty Nine Episode 9?

What To Expect In Thirty Nine Episode 9
What To Expect In Thirty Nine Episode 9

Episode 9 is gonna emotionally damage fans as Chan-Yong and Jin-Seok get into an accident while a glimpse of Mi-jo’s real mother is shown. Joo Hee discusses the plan to find Mi-Jos’s real mother, she did not seem to be impressed by the idea. when Joo-Hee inquires about it, her mom denies knowing anything about it. A scene later we see her searching for a few papers and can be concluded that she does know something about Mi-Jos’s real mother.

Thirty Nine Episode 8 Release Date

Thirty Nine Episode 8 Release Date
Thirty Nine Episode 8 Release Date

As of now, 6 episodes of the drama ‘Thirty Nine’ are released. The unpredictable story makes sure the audience are at the edge of their seat throughout the episode. The ‘Thirty Nine’ Episode 8 will air on 17th March 2022.

Where To Watch ‘Thirty Nine’ Episode 8?

Thirty Nine Episode 6 Online Streaming Details and where to watch
Where To Watch ‘Thirty Nine’ Episode 8

Thirty Nine is a South Korean television series by the JTBC channel. South Korean fans can enjoy the drama on the official network whereas international can view the drama on Netflix. The show releases two episodes every week, the days being Wednesday and Thursday. Thirty Nine Episode 8 will be airing on March 17, 2022, at 10.30 PM KST/ 8.30 AM ET at JTBC.

Pacific Time: 7 AM 
Central Time: 9 AM CT 
Eastern Time: 10 AM ET 
British Time: 3 PM GMT
European Time: 4 PM CET
Indian Time: 8.30 PM IST
Philippine Time: 11 PM in the Philippines
Japan Time: 12 AM PM JST
Australian Time: 12.30 ACST
Singapore Time: 11 PM PM

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