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Train To Busan 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and More!

Train to Busan was critically acclaimed as it brought something previously unexplored in the zombie genre, compared to other movies and series which explored the genre earlier. Are you looking for a thriller to spice up your long and tedious weekends, so we are here with Train to Busan 3 release date.

Here’s a fan favorite and cult classic in the genre of zombie movies. Imagine a scenario in which you were trapped inside a train with your loved ones and other passengers when a viral infection suddenly led to a zombie outbreak; crazy. Well, this is the plot of Train to Busan, a movie released on July 20, 2016.

Train To Busan 3 Storyline

Train To Busan 3 Storyline
Train To Busan 3 Storyline

The prequel to this series, Seoul Station, which premiered on August 16, 2016, is an animated film featuring a gruesome and cruel story. Central to its plot is a runaway young girl and her boyfriend as they try to escape the imposing reality of a virus outbreak. It is the beginning of infections, and the virus outbreak near the station overwhelms residents.

Even those guarding themselves in quarantine are eventually overtaken by the large numbers of “the bitten” or zombies. Train to Busan, which premiered in 2016, is a South Korean action horror film. It features a mass zombie infestation and its effects on the passengers, and the viewers quickly establish a connection with the characters involved. Said characters are well written, and their personalities are brought out in the interactions throughout the 2016 version. The little girl struggling with family issues, the inadequate father, and many more add to the drama and emotional impact of the movie.

Train to Busan 3 Cast

Train to Busan 3 Cast
Train to Busan 3 Cast

Train to Busan

  • Gong Yoo as Seok Woo
  • Jung Yu Mi as Sung Kyung
  • Ma Dong Seok as Sang Hwa
  • Kim Soo An as Seo Soo Ahn
  • Kim Eui Sung as Yong Suk
  • Choi Woo Shik as Young Guk
  • Ahn So Hee as Kim Jin Hee

  • Dong-won Gang as Jung Seok
  • Lee Jung-hyun . as Min Jung
  • Re Lee Re Lee as Jooni
  • Hae-hyo Kwon as old man KIM
  • Min-Jae Kim as Sergeant Hwang
  • Kyo-hwan Koo as Captain Seo
  • Do-yoon Kim  as Chul-min

Ye-Won Lee as Yu Jin

Train To Busan 3 Plot

Train To Busan 3 Plot
Train To Busan 3 Plot

Train of Busan also features zombies who believe in relentless pursuit rather than lounging around and moving slowly, as seen in many other franchises. Their features make them all the more frightening, and the director makes full use of this action by introducing a scene in the dark where they are stationary and trying to locate their prey.

The plot emphasizes action scenes and captivating visual graphics. Even Peninsula, which by other standards was a car wreck, stood up to have superior graphic quality among films. Still, the unique part of Train to Busan was a deeper look into how societal structures are maintained and affected through more challenging times.

Train To Busan 3 Release Date

Train To Busan 3 Release Date
Train To Busan 3 Release Date

There has been no official notice concerning the new movie yet. It was evident in 2020 that no sequel would be airing for a few years, but as time passed, fans have again begun to speculate whether a new addition would come. There is no official release for the same yet, so it is safe to assume no new version of this movie will be upcoming. This uncertainty may disappoint dedicated fans, but the first movie and its preceding animated sequel have great rewatch value. They can be enjoyed as a new experience again.

Train To Busan 3 Previous Movie Recap

Train to Busan 2, called Peninsula, was released. It takes place years after the virus outbreak, which started in the Train to Busan, has spread throughout the world, leading to a dystopian aesthetic. “The scale of Peninsula can’t compare to Train to Busan. It makes it look like an independent film,” said Yeon Sang-ho, the proud director, in an interview with Screen Daily, this was before the release of this film, and it wasn’t reflected in the film’s reception. It was highly criticized and condemned as it is full of all the clichés and tropes one can expect to see in a zombie movie.

Compared to the depth of the thrilling amalgamation that was Train to Busan, its successor fell short by no less than a mile. However, fans still excited for the series are hoping to see a better presentation in the sequel to Peninsula if one is ever released. The movie’s name represents the fact that all political authority in the region of Japan has faded away, leaving only the landscape as it is, in the form of a peninsula.

The movie tries to emphasize the reality of loss but falls short of the possibilities that could’ve been explored. It fails to take inspiration from or succeed in the legacy of its predecessor. Another movie released in 2022, #Alive is being compared with it due to their similar characteristics. However, the 2 have no other correlations.

Train To Busan 3 Famous Dialogues

Train To Busan 3 Famous Dialogues
Train To Busan 3 Famous Dialogues

“Dad, you only care about yourself. That’s why mommy left.” – Soo-an
“Good riddance. Always giving to others instead of to yourself. Why did you live like that? What was the point? What a load of crap.” – Jong-gil
“This is the lever and this is the brake… use it only when it’s not dangerous, all right?” – Seok Woo
“Hey, arsehole. Felt good to see your kid thanks to me? Are you grateful or what?” – Sang-hwa
“Why is your ringtone so tacky?” – Seok Woo
“What’s wrong with it? How do I change it?” – Sang-hwa
Will someone come to rescue us? – Seong-kyeong

Train To Busan 3 Genre

The movies fall into thriller, action, horror, zombie, drama, disaster, adventure, and mystery genres based on classification.

Where To Watch Train To Busan 3?

Train to Busan is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and MX Player, and we are expecting that Train to Busan 3 will be available on the same platforms.

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