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Traitors Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot Speculation and More!

Traitors is a British spy drama produced by Netflix for Channel Four. The show takes you back to 1945 in London, the period after World War II. This drama was created by Bathsheba Doran and has only one season till now. It comes under the category of a mini-series. After the release of the first season in 2019, the audience expected the release of Traitors Season 2. 

The show is set on the theme of crime and thrill. A woman in London is hired by the Office of Strategic Services to discover a Soviet spy in the Cabinet Office. It takes you back to the period after World War and while focusing on the main story, it also depicted the hardships faced by the people after World War II.

Traitors initially aired on Channel Four in the United Kingdom and was later released on Netflix. It’s been three years since the release of the first season and the audience is expecting the makers to release Traitors Season 2. This article will cover every detail you need to know about Traitors Season 2. 

Traitors Season 2 Release Date 

The show gained popularity amongst the audience but unfortunately, we are unlikely to see this show get renewed for Traitors Season 2. Traitors was meant to be a mini-series and ended with only a single season. 

Without any official detail, it is unreasonable to predict the release date of Traitors Season 2. We may see Traitors Season 2 only when Channel Four renews it for a new season but that’s unlikely to happen. But looking at the fame and popularity it gained, the makers might consider giving this spy drama a new season.

Till any official announcement, we can only hope for Traitors Season 2 to release soon. 

Traitors Season 2 Cast and Characters

Traitors Season 2 Cast and Characters

If the story of this spy drama continues, then we are certain that it might retain the same cast and characters from the first season of this spy drama. Traitors Season 1 cast and characters include – 

  • Emma Appleton as Feef Symonds. Feef was a young and naive upper-class civil servant who worked at the Cabinet Office. She was recruited as an agent by the Office of Strategic Services to discover a Soviet spy in the Cabinet Office. She began her career as an agent during the World War but was disappointed after the war ended within a short span because her career as a secret agent in the war ended too soon.
  • Keeley Hawes as Priscilla Garrick. Priscilla was a senior civil servant at the Cabinet Office. She always stood for the rights of women and promoted women for vast opportunities.
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Thomas Rowe. Rowe was a senior American agent handler at the Office of Strategic Services. He believed in the soviet agents and their policies as a threat to the United Kingdom.
  • Luke Treadaway as Hugh Fenton. Hugh Fenton was a labour party member of parliament for a constituency in Derbyshire.
  • Greg McHugh as David Hennessey. David was a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Housing. He was determined and passionate about his job and believed in socialist principles.
  • Edward Bluemel as Barrie Clifton. Barrie was the friend of Hugh Fenton.
  • Brandon P Bell as Jackson Cole.Jackson was an American soldier who was posted in the United Kingdom. He was a professional army driver and worked as a chauffeur for the American agents.
  • Richard Goulding as Jerry Roxborough. He was one of the colleagues of Feef.
  • Mat Fraser as Andrew. Andrew was a civil servant at the Cabinet Office.
  • Cara Horgan as Rae Savitt. Rae was a typist at the Cabinet Office.
  • Matt Lauria as Peter McCormick. He was the love interest of Feef. He had his wife and kids back in America but lived as a bachelor in the United Kingdom.
  • Jamie Blackley as Freddie Symonds. Freddie Symonds was the brother of Feef. His character was depicted as delusional. The relationship between Freddie and Feef was pretty complicated and they both were different on their own terms.
  • Phoebe Nicholls as Frippy Symonds.Frippy was the mother of Feef and was addicted to alcohol.

Traitors Season 2 Plot Speculation 

Traitors Season 2 Plot Speculation

Traitors Season revolved around the character of Feef Symonds. It illustrated to us the aspects of a spy operation. It also depicted the impact on lifestyle after the end of World War II. It completely dives you into the era of history. 

Feef began her career as an agent during the times of World War but she was disappointed due to the ending of World War II within a short timestamp. She wanted to explore her career as an agent but it didn’t last too long. She was then recruited by an American agent who later became her love interest.

Peter McCormick, the love interest of Feef wanted her to discover the soviet spy in the British Government. The show then took up an adventurous note. Feef was at a point where she could trust nobody. 

It was amazing to watch an agent find another spy agent of a different alliance. Traitors has portrayed the story in a well-organised manner and we expect that season 2 will be up to the marks of the first season. 

Though there is no official synopsis or information regarding the brief of Traitors Season 2 we can still assume a storyline based on the previous season. We can expect that Traitors Season 2 might navigate us into a new case that Feef has taken up. It would be based on the same timeline during the 20th Century. 

Traitors Season 2 Trailer 

Since Traitors is not renewed for a new season so we can’t predict the release of the Traitors Season 2 Trailer. The trailer will be released once the scripting, production, casting and filming are done. We can only hope for the Traitors Season 2 Trailer to release soon.

Till then, you can watch the trailer of Traitors Season 1 and can predict the storyline of Traitors Season 2.

Where to watch Traitors Season 2?

Traitors was initially aired on Channel Four and was later available to stream on Netflix. So, we can assume that Traitors Season 2 might also release exclusively on Netflix.

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