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Trying Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and more!

A British comedy series to tickle one’s funny bones and make us guffaw with peals of laughter, Trying has a unique title and the backdrop of the series is actually hinted at by the self-explanatory title. It’s human nature, an inherent one that even though one can be bestowed with all the blessings in the world, we as humans still crave more, for that one thing that is missing. We all keep trying, despite failures. Trying Season 3 is awaited by many people.

Such are the deep scars and wounds of having the ill fate of being childless that they can be very painful at times. Overcoming them or grappling with the same can lead to either being overcome with grief and sorrow and drowning in that poignant emotion or finding true happiness in others and their happiness and joy. That is exactly what the whole series revolves around- how the couple tries and the several ways how they aim to be blessed with the world’s best blessing for a couple- a child. 

Trying Season 3 Cast

The series has a stellar cast with some amazing acting skills which they have put to use to garner critical success. While we do know that there will be a season 3, the release dates haven’t been confirmed. However,  the show makers have confirmed the leads and their respective characters.

The list of the cast and the characters they play respectively is as follows-

  • Rafe Spall as Jason Ross
  • Esther Smith as Nikki Newman
  • Imelda Staunton as Penny
  • Ophelia Lovibond as Erica
  • Oliver Chris as Freddy
  • Sian Brooke as Karen
  • Darren Boyd as Scott
  • Robyn Cara as Jennifer/Jen
  • Phil Davis as Vic
  • Paula Wilcox as Sandra
  • Marian McLoughlin as Jilly
  • Roderick Smith as John
  • Diana Pozharskaya as Sofia
  • Cush Jumbo as Jane
  • Navin Chowdhry as Deven

Trying Season 3 Release Date

The comedy series Trying aired its very first season on May 1, 2020, on Apple TV+. It received much acclaim and the audience’s interest and approval. Thus, the second season of the British comedy series was released in the same month next year; May 21, 2021. Each season consisted of 8 episodes with a running time of around 26-30 minutes. 

Such was the position feedback of the critics and the audience alike that it was with the release of the second season itself that the Apple TV+ declared the release of Trying Season 3. This news made fans ecstatic for they had been waiting for the news of renewal for a third season. While Apple TV+ hasn’t announced the exact dates on which season 3 would be aired, we all can wait for the same with bated breath and take their word for it. British comedy tickles all the right funny bones while making the audience bear witness to the ups and downs in the couple’s life.

Trying Season 3 Storyline

Trying Season 3 Storyline

While we wait for more updates about the third season of the British comedy series, let us brush up on the plot of Trying and get our basic storyline of the past few seasons right before we speculate and hope for the next season and what would happen.

Created by Andy Wolton and directed by Jim O’Hanlon,  the series revolves around the lovely couple, Jason and Nikki. They have all that they ever wanted, a happy married life, settled stable careers, and a big house. However, the needle which punctures this balloon of the perfect marital bliss for the couple is the fact that they are childless and thus, they want to fill that very void of loneliness in their married life.

They try their best to conceive, but when they fail after several options, the only option they are apparently left with is adopting a child. So they decide to do just that, adopt a child and give the young child a loving home. However, their struggles don’t just end there. They have to deal with hectic legal procedures, formalities, and other requirements which serve as huge hurdles in the way of their dreams of a child. They face a whole list of new challenges and surprises which  spring up on them during the whole adoption process

Trying season 3 will we get another season?

It’s no doubt that the series will be renewed for a third season after the successful run of its first and second ones. We can expect that the new season will have more comedy and chemistry, and make us roar with laughs and smiles.

The renewal announcement has cemented the plans for a third season, and we can keep our fingers crossed and expect Trying Season 3 to be up for release by the mid of this year for the announcement of the third season was made during the second season’s promotional events. The only thing left to be clarified is the exact release dates, which hopefully will be out sooner rather than later.

Trying Season 3 Trailer

As mentioned before, there haven’t been any updates from the show makers about the exact dates of the premiere of season 3. Thus, we can also conclude that the release of the trailer for the third season isn’t going to happen right away. Nevertheless, this has given way to speculations about the trailer release update and when we would get a glimpse of the much-awaited season 3. Rumour has it that we might come across the trailer of the new beginning which is the third season, by the end of May or June this year. We as the audience and fans can only wait for it with patience.

Where to watch Trying Season 3

This heartwarming British comedy series teaches us to be persistent and keep trying, to never lose hope and give up on our dreams. We should keep going on and never lose our resilience in the face of adversity. While we wait for the next season of this series, you can stream Trying and the previous two seasons on Apple TV+

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