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Undone Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and insight

Undone is a psychological animated drama, it is basically created with rotoscoping. The show is Amazon Prime’s first original series, the first season of the show was released in September 2019 and after almost 3 years season two is releasing. The show revolves around Alma Winograd Diaz, she is 28 years old and living in San Antonio, Texas, bored with her daily life. She gets into a car accident and after she wakes up to see different illusions, thinking it as a dream she ignores in the beginning until she sees her dead father.

She realizes that she has been traveling through time and the things she saw were not mere illusions. She speaks to her father, he tells her his death was not an accident but a murder. So in order to solve her dead father’s murder mystery she begins to travel through time. In the process, people start to think she is going crazy and needs medical attention, but Alma is determined to change everything wrong in her family. Initially, the show received a lot of hate from several viewers and so amazon wanted to make the second season with a huge plot.

Undone Season 2 Release Date

Undone Season 2 has been announced to release on 29 of April 2022 by Amazon Prime Video.

Undone season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the series suggests a new plot for the story, the nature and theme of the story remain the same except the characters and the dimension of this concept of time travel have been increased along with the details.

Undone Season 2 Cast

Undone Season 2 Cast
Undone Season 2 Cast

The Main Cast

The main characters of the series are played by Rosa Salazar, a Canadian-American actress featured in NBC series Parenthood and also Murder House, now playing as Alma Winograd Diaz. Angelique Cabral, an American actress popularly known as Colleen Brandon Ortega in Life in Pieces, she also starred in Friends with Benefits and the Perfect Family, now playing as Becca Winograd Diaz in Undone as the younger sister of Alma.

Constance Marie Lopez, an American actress starred in popular series like George Lopez, Switched at birth and the movie Selena, now playing as Camila Diaz as the mother of Alma and Becca. Bob Odenkirk, an American actor, writer and comedian popularly known for his roles in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as Saul Goodman and Jimmy Mcgill, he is now playing as Jacob Winograd, the deceased father of Alma and Becca.

The Other Casts

Siddharth Dhananjay, an Indian but Los Angeles actor began his fame career after he became famous on the internet for his rap videos, he starred in Patti Cake$ and Bloodshot, now playing the role of Sam. The other casts of Undone include Alma Martinez as Rosario, Giorgie Luck Vasquez as young Becca, Holly Fain as Geraldine, Kevin Bigley as Reed Hollingsworth, Luna Marie Katich as young Alma, Renee Victor as Abuelita Fabiola and Sheila Vand as Farnaz.

What to expect in Undone Season 2

What to expect in Undone Season 2
What to expect in Undone Season 2

Undone entirely is absolutely different from any other shows or movies, the animation is made with respect to real actors on the screen rotoscoped in an oil painting animation. In the season 1 Alma is shown reliving her moments from the car crash but slowly starts to communicate with her deceased father, after he tells her he was murdered she tries to change things from the past to bring her father back to life. She confesses her situation to Sam and also acts extremely weird around her family, this raises concern but it does not stop her.

In the season 2, trailer suggests that her younger sister Becca slowly started gaining the same power as her, they show us the illusions Becca sees of her mother but in the state of denial she refuses to believe she is as same as her abnormal sister. Alma suggests they travel through time and change things for the good, but travelling through time is not as easy as it seems to be, the quest for the girls was to open up a mysterious door. Altogether, the season shows us how the sisters will solve the mysterious murder of their deceased father and how they can escape from their family trauma in order to live a peaceful and better life.

The creators of Undone season 2

The creators of Undone season 2
The creators of Undone season 2

The creators of Undone season 1 as well as 2 are Kate Purdy, she is an American writer and producer, she is best known as the writer of the animated comedy series BoJack Horseman, also previously nominated for Writer Guild America Award for best animation and, Raphael Bob Waksberg, an American comedian, actor and writer, he along with Kate Purdy contributed in the animated series BoJack Horseman by Netflix. He has also contributed to the documentary of 2012, The Exquisite Corpse Project.

Noel Bright, as film producer and Steven A. Cohen also contributed to the making of Undone. Undone was directed by Hisko Hulsing, a Dutch director and animator, who previously won several awards such as the Grand Prize for Junkyard and the Grand Prize at Shanghai Television Festival. The production companies involved are Hive House Project, Amazon Studios, The Tornante Company and Bover vs. Raptor.

Where to watch Undone season 2?

Undone season 1 as well as season 2 can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, as of now the season 2 has been released on WonderCon Panel on 2 of April 2022.

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