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We Never Learn Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot Speculation and More!

We Never Learn is a Japanese anime series based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Taishi Tsutsui. We never learn is also known as Bokuben in Japanese. The anime television series adaption was made by Studio Silver and Arvo Animation and aired for two seasons in 2019. Fans of this anime are eagerly waiting for We Never Learn Season 3 to release. 

The series is centred on a character named Nariyuki Yuiga who is a high school student. Yuiga was given the task to tutor three females in his class who gradually developed feelings for him. 

Yoshiaki Iwasaki directed this series inspired by the manga. It ended with two seasons but it wasn’t enough for the fans. We will cover everything you need to know about We Never Learn Season 3 in this article.

We Never Learn Season 3 Release Date 

This Japanese show ended within a timestamp of just 8 months. The makers stated that season 2 was the finale and there won’t be any further seasons. The fans and the author of the manga were unhappy with this decision.

What we saw in the anime series was not the original plot of We Never Learn manga. The makers have a lot of material that they can source from the novel and give it further seasons but they concluded it way ahead. The ending we saw in We Never Learn Season 2 was different from the ending of Manga. 

We are uncertain whether the makers might consider giving it a further season but there are possibilities that We Never Learn Season 3 might happen because of the plenty of content available to the makers. Till then we can only hope for the new season of this Japanese anime series to release soon.

We Never Learn Season 3 Cast and Characters

We Never Learn Season 3 Cast and Characters

We will see the same cast and characters in We Never Learn Season 3 that we saw in the previous seasons. The existing cast and characters include – 

  • Nariyuki Yuiga voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka. Nariyuki Yuiga is a third-year student who comes from a poor background. Yuiga needs to obtain a VIP nomination from his school that could guarantee him a scholarship which waives him from the fess at universities. He was given the nomination but was assigned a task to complete in order to avail of the scholarship. He had to tutor three female classmates and help them get into the universities of their choice. Eventually, the three girls develop romantic feelings for him.
  • Fumino Furuhashi voiced by Haruka Shiraishi. Fumino is also a third year student and a classmate of Nariyuki. She was one of the girls Nariyuki was supposed to teach. She was a genius in the field of arts and literature. She wanted to pursue a degree in the field of astronomy. Her father is a mathematics professor but she doesn’t have good skills in the same subject. Due to this they even have a complicated relationship after the death of her mother. She fell for Nariyuki but tried to suppress her feelings for the sake of her friends. In the end, Nariyuki and Fumino struggle to confess their feelings for each other but eventually become a couple.
  • Rizu Ogata voiced by Miyu Tomita. Miyu was another girl whom Nariyuki Yuiga was supposed to tutor. She had a good command in the field of science and mathematics. But she wanted to pursue psychology at her university because she found it difficult to understand emotions. She wanted to overcome her weakness and took it as her career. Rizu and Nariyuki were a couple as well. They helped their friend to reconcile with her parents.
  • Uruka Takemoto voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro. She was the third girl whom Nariyuki was assigned to tutor. She was a swimming freak. She dreamt of becoming an Olympic athlete and wanted to earn a scholarship from the athlete quota. Unfortunately, she did poorly in her academics and was assigned to be taught by Nariyuki to develop her academic skills. She had a crush on Nariyuki from middle school but never confessed her feelings. She left for Australia for her swimming career and before leaving she confessed her feelings to Nariyuki. Several years later she returned as a world-famous swimmer and Nariyuki proposed to her.
  • Mafuyu Kirisu voiced by Lynn. Mafuyu was a teacher at Ichinose Academy. She was determined to make her students succeed in their futures. She deeply cared about her students. She formerly was an aspiring skater but retired after being motivated to pursue a career in teaching. Nakiyuki shifted to an apartment next to Mafuyu’s. Nakiyuki became her colleague after he started teaching at Ichinose Academy. The two ended up marrying each other.

We Never Learn Season 3 Plot Speculation

We Never Learn Season 3 Plot Speculation

Fans are impatiently waiting for We Never Learn Season 3 to release. However, we don’t have any kind of official synopsis that could give us a sneak peek into the third season of this Japanese Anime.

There are more than 150 chapters in the original manga from which this series is adapted. There are a lot of storylines that the makers could adopt from the manga. We are uncertain what will be the new plot of We Never Learn Season 3. It ended on a good note in season 2. Although it was a framed ending they need to alter the storyline of the Manga a bit to give it a start again. 

We Never Learn Season 3 Trailer 

The official renewal status of We Never Learn Season 3 is still not confirmed. We don’t know whether the third season will happen or not. It is irrational to predict the trailer release before any kind of announcement is done. 

We can only wait for the makers to officially announce something regarding We Never Learn Season 3. We can see the trailer only once the production, scripting, and filming are done. Till then we can only hope for the We Never Learn Season 3 trailer to drop soon.

Where to Watch We Never Learn Season 3

We Never Learn Season 3 Streaming Platform

We are not sure when the next season of this Japanese anime will release. Till then you can watch the first two seasons of We Never Learn. The two seasons are available to stream on Hulu, Funimation Now, Crunchyroll, Hidive and VRV.

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